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Living with Spirituality in the Home Bible Blueprints for Good Homes.

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1 Living with Spirituality in the Home Bible Blueprints for Good Homes

2 Spirituality & the Home Spirituality is defined as follows:   “of or relating to sacred matters”   “concerned with religious values” As with all aspects of a Christian’s life, we must make our families focus on spiritual -   Educate all in God’s truth regarding all things   Use every opportunity to instill Bible values   Provide atmosphere conducive to godliness   Exemplify the life of Christ daily before others   Show priority given to spiritual over material   Help one another get to heaven

3 We Must Show Priority of God’s Will to Self Will

4 Family Not For Us, But For God Case of Abraham shows priority given to God   God had confidence in him to teach (Gen. 18:19)   Readiness to offer Isaac made point clear (Gen 22) Hannah sought son to serve God (1 Sam. 1-2)   When provoked by Peninnah, Hannah worshipped   Prayed for son to give in service to the Lord   When son given, she gave to the Lord (1:27-28)   Her love for Samuel did not fade (2:18-21) God has first call on things (1 Kings 17:8f)   First cake was for man of God, rest ate afterward Contrast with Lot’s decision (Gen. 13:10-13)

5 We Must Seek & Encourage Association with God’s People

6 Godly Associations & Blessings Principle of good & bad associations (Deut. 7) Shunammite woman & Elisha (2 Kgs. 4:8f)   Woman recognized Elisha as “holy man of God”   “Constrained him to eat bread”   Made a place for Elisha to stay whenever near   Son given & resurrected through Elisha Proverbs speak of this point repeatedly   2:20Son urged to “walk in way of good men”   13:20Walk with wise men to be wise Alliance of Jehoshaphat & Ahab (2 Chr. 18-21)   Rebuke: Helped wicked & loved haters of God   Had an effect on his son, Jehoram (21:5-6)

7 We Must Exemplify Morality & Train Children in Morality

8 Immorality Destroys the Home Sexual impurity assaults foundation of home   Adultery (Prov. 6:20-35; Matt. 5:27-32; 19:9)   Fornication (Gen. 34; Prov.5; 1 Thess 4:1-7)   Incest (Lev. 18:6-18; 20:11-12) Immodesty, lust & lasciviousness aid ruin   David looked on Bathsheba with lust (2 Sam 11)   Lustful dance enticed Herod (Mark 6:22)   Immodesty opposes good home (1 Pet. 3:1-6)   “Wantonness” is progressive evil (Rom. 13:13)

9 Are We Teaching Godly Morals If We... Do not live same message of chastity we teach? Fail to require proper separation of men & women?   Private or questionable meetings of opposite sex   Unchaste touch, dancing or other public displays Let young people go to dances & proms? Wink at social drinking which tears down restraint? Allow swimsuits, shorts, skin-tight clothes, etc? Establish no rules for clothing in our homes? Excuse revealing formal wear & dress clothes?

10 Set In Order From The Beginning Nakedness not shameful before sin (Gen. 2:25) When shame recognized in sin, man sought to cover nakedness (3:7) First clothing attempted was insufficient to cover nakedness (3:10) God’s covering “clothed them” (3:21) Note this must be seen as setting original order just as so with marriage

11 “Aprons” - Man’s 1st Attempt Hebrew: hagora - “girdle, belt, loincloth” Greek (LXX): peridzoma - a compound of “around” plus “life” A covering for “loins” (Jer. 13:1-4) Below hips and above waist uncovered Equivalent of modern shorts or miniskirt Completely naked before apron & still called “naked” by inspired record after apron

12 “Coats” or “Tunics” Hebrew: kuttonet - “a tunic… generally with sleeves, coming down to knees, rarely to the ankles” (Gesenius, 420; Harris, I:459; BDB, 509) Greek (LXX): chiton - garment covering shoulders to knees, sometimes longer (Gen. 37:3) Original ISBE (“Dress”) says chiton “resembled the Roman tunic, corresponding most nearly to our long shirt, reaching below the knee always, and, in case it was designed for dress occasions, reaching almost to the ground” (I.S.B.E., II:877). Later says chiton of peasantry was shorter like modern kamis or Syrian fellah which is to the knee.

13 Ancient Coats or Tunics (Egyptian)

14 Ancient Coats or Tunics (Hittite)

15 Ancient Coats or Tunics (Hebrew)




19 What Would Be Equivalent Covering In Our Time?

20 Cover Like Coat or Tunic?





















41 Teaching & Learning Spirituality Is A Serious Responsibility Serious for husband & father as head Serious for wife & mother serving as example Serious for grandparents who seek to establish and encourage the keeping of a good name Serious for child & sibling as one who learns, grows, sets path & provides example to others We either help our family towards heaven or hell - which am I doing? We will all answer before God for our actions

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