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Whistle-blowing Presented by ~ Lisa A. Wines.

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1 Whistle-blowing Presented by ~ Lisa A. Wines

2 Definition of Whistle-Blowing
One who reveals wrong-doing within an organization to the public or to those in positions of authority. One who discloses information about misconduct in their workplace that they feel violates the law or endangers the welfare of others. One who speaks out, typically to expose corruption or dangers to the public or environment.

3 Types of Whistle-Blowing
Internal Whistle-Blowing When an individual advocates beliefs or revelations within the organization. External Whistle-Blowing When and individual advocates beliefs or revelations outside the organization.

4 Characteristics of a Whistleblower
Altruistically Motivated Utilitarian Uninterested in Altering Their Behavior Allows Own Attitudes and Beliefs to Guide Them Often are Well Educated and Holds Professional Positions

5 Effects of Whistle-Blowing
Forced to leave organization/demotion Credibility ruined Family, health, and/or life in jeopardy Outrage and divisiveness of people directly or indirectly involved Physical or psychological isolation Organization experiences loss of money, restitution, productivity, and positive reputations. Incarceration

6 Protection Laws The Whistleblower Protection Law ~ 1989
The Whistleblower Act ~ 1994

7 Delineations of Ethical & Professional Responsibilities
ACA TCA LPC SBEC The association is to clarify the nature of ethical responsibility held by members. A licensee shall not make any false, misleading, deceptive, fraudulent, or exaggerated claims about licensee’s services and services of the mental health organization. The Texas educator shall comply with standard practices and ethical conduct toward students, colleagues, school officials and parents. The association is to establish principles that define ethical behaviors that all members should adhere to. A licensee shall discourage a client and others whom the license does not control from effectiveness of services, practice, qualifications, associations or products. The Texas educator should respect and obey the law, demonstrate personal integrity, and exemplify honesty The Code of Ethics will serve as the basis for processing ethical complaints initiated against members of the association. The Texas educator should exemplify just and equitable treatment.

8 A Closer Look ACA TCA SBEC
H When a Counselor possesses doubt as to whether or not a Counselor is acting in an ethical manner take appropriate action. D.1.C Counselors must alert their employers to conditions that may be potentially disruptive or damaging to the counselors professional responsibilities or that may limit their effectiveness. b.1.A,B,F /b.2.B, D,F,G The educator shall not knowingly engage in deceptive practices, misappropriate, divert, use monies for personal gain, or falsify records or coerce others to do so. The educator shall not harm others by making false statements, interfere w/ political or professional responsibilities, use coercive means of special treatment, or retaliate against any individual who has filed a complaint.

9 Case Study of Jeanie

10 Erin Brockovich

11 Editorial Cartoon

12 Resources Ahern, K. & McDonald, S.(2000). The professional consequences of whistle-blowing by nurses. Journal of Professional Nursing, 16 (6), Berenbeim, R. (2002). Improper corporate behavior. Vital Speeches of the Day. 68 (10), 305. Green, A. D., & Latting, J. K. (2004). Whistle-Blowing as a form of advocacy: Guidelines for the practitioner and organization. National Association of Social Work, 49 (2), Martin, B. (1999). Whistleblowing and nonviolence. Peace & Change, 24 (1), Radack, J. (2003). The government attorney whistleblower and the rule of confidentiality: Compatible at last. Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, 17 (1),

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