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CARROLL COLLEGE HELENA, MONTANA Mission, Core Themes and Achievement Indicators.

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1 CARROLL COLLEGE HELENA, MONTANA Mission, Core Themes and Achievement Indicators

2 Seven paragraphs Approved by Board of Trustees in 1978 Revisited by community in 1998 & 2002 Carroll College Mission

3 Liberal arts learning community Catholic values and traditions Dual goal: Vocation and Enlightenment Open to diversity of people and thought Carroll College Mission Elements

4 Carroll College Core Themes Manifest Academic Excellence Embody Catholic Identity Integrate Community Life Exemplify Stewardship

5 Core Theme Mission Academic Excellence “dedicated to providing for its students the means for their full realization of a dual goal of vocation and enlightenment” Carroll College

6 Core Theme Mission Catholic Identity “standing fast by the teachings of the Catholic Church” Carroll College

7 Core Theme Mission Community Life “providing for the intellectual, imaginative and social awareness of its students” Carroll College

8 Core Theme Mission Stewardship “rededicates its spiritual, academic and social resources to the service of the citizens in Montana, its home, and of the worldwide family of humanity” Carroll College

9 Manifest Academic Excellence Achievement Indicators Program Review Outcomes-Based Curriculum Capstone Assessment NSSE Workload Efficiency Faculty Development and Productivity

10 Embody Cath0lic Identity Achievement Indicators Resource Allocation Program Evaluations Relationship with Diocese Participation Numbers  Campus Organizations  Service-Learning  Retreats  Service Trips

11 Integrate Community Life Achievement Indicators NSSE Student Satisfaction Inventory Student Life Annual Survey Faculty/Staff Partnerships Numbers of Events Participation in Events Student Involvement Numbers Housing Occupancy

12 Exemplify Stewardship Achievement Indicators Enrollment Endowment Fundraising/Development Budget and Planning Faculty/Student Ratio Staff/Student Ratio Fiscal Indices

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