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Positive Youth Development and Empowerment: Increasing Opportunities for Youth Led Health Promotion and Education Tuesday, April 1 st, 2:15 PM PROJECTMPROJECTM.

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1 Positive Youth Development and Empowerment: Increasing Opportunities for Youth Led Health Promotion and Education Tuesday, April 1 st, 2:15 PM PROJECTMPROJECTM PEACEPROJECTPEACEPROJECT NMPHA and NM CARES National Health Disparities 2014 Joint Conference  Panel Discussion:  Carlos Flores - Coordinator, New Mexico Department of Health – South Valley Male Involvement Project  Adrian Baca- Service Learning Intern, South Valley Academy  Omar Torres- UNM Student, Young Men’s Project, Advocates for Youth  Christopher Ramirez- UNM Men of Color Initiative, Men of Color Alliance

2 Why Youth Led Programs? Research in peer education effectiveness has occurred primarily in reproductive health education programs, and has shown that peers working with other youth increases engagement of youth in the messages being communicated. Recent research in other areas of peer education effectiveness has shown promising results, but has also highlighted the apparent lack of study of peer education and its impact on other youth Anecdotal Notes: Youth are intrigued and pay attention to peers who exude confidence and a command of specific health information, and attend to messages shared through music, poetry, rap, and other hip hop formats.

3 How Does SVMIP Recruit Youth and Identify Men for the Project? Educational Programs in the Schools (2007) Service Learning Interns (2009) Video Projects (2009) Peer Mentors/Educators (2010) Project to Engage Artists to Create Energy 4 Change (P.E.A.C.E. 4 Change) Poetry, Rap, Arts Programs (2011) Students With A Goal (S.W.A.G.)- Athletic Tournaments, Male Youth Summit, Arts/Poetry Programs (2012) Exemplify Rap Group (2012)

4 In 2004, research cited high rates of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, youth violence, and high risk behaviors In 2005, MIP began Project M discussion groups at South Valley Academy on health issues, promotion statewide In 2007, MIP began life skills curriculum in local schools

5 Peer Educators/Interns work with students to provide health information; they receive training in adolescent health topics and help to facilitate middle school and high school groups Original Peer Educators/Interns, 2008

6 Adrian Baca: Service Learning Intern Our Project encourages school involvement, project work, involvement in community service, and ongoing community involvement after high school. Adrian is in the beginning phase of his internship with the project Adrian Baca, above, is a 10 th grade student at South Valley Academy. He is a rapper, originally became interested in MIP because of the rap program, but is now an intern who is helping with health promotion and outreach.

7 Adrian Baca: History of Project Involvement Male Youth Summit 10/2012: First involvement in the arts workshops, performed in the poetry/rap workshop Poetry Roundtable 3/2013: Attended and presented rap at Atrisco Heritage Academy Poetry Slam Fiesta 4/2013: Performed rap songs and assisted with program Summer Service Learning Internship, 2013 All City SWAG Music Showcase 7/2013: Assisted in carrying out program and performed in Showcase Male Youth Summit 10/2013: Assisted, Performed Began 2 nd Service Learning Internship, Fall, 2013

8 Adrian Baca: Current Work With Internship -Outreach and Promotion with SWAG Tournaments -Has worked to build Poetry/Rap program at South Valley Academy -Nicotine Prevention Project -Presented his project at South Valley Academy -Presented Nicotine Prevention Project at All City SWAG 3 on 3 Basketball Tourney, March 8

9 Adrian Baca Rap It Up: Quit Smoking Tobacco kills Tobacco production damages the environment. And tobacco exacerbates poverty

10 Omar Torres: Advocates for Youth’s Young Men’s Project The Young Men's Project, a national project, of which Omar is a member, is a council composed of young male leaders and activists from across the country who seek to engage and mobilize their peers on issues related to sexual and reproductive health. Omar, in the black shirt, sits with his national partners in the Young Men’s Project

11 Omar’s Original Training Began as a Peer Educator Students and Peer Educators work on Media Projects, 2010 Peer Educators and Partners Present on Media Development 2009

12 Omar has worked in participatory education, experiential activities and has presented at many youth led programs Omar works with Peer Educators to discuss issues identified from community surveys, spring semester, 2010 Omar Torres, Peer Educator, facilitates session at Organizing for Youth Conference, 2011

13 Omar has always had a passion for poetry and rap Omar, Second from Left, Participates in the 1 st Annual Poetry Slam Fiesta at Rio Grande High School in May, 2011 Omar Joins Students Who Share Their Love of Hip Hop at the NASW Conference, February, 2013

14 Fall, 2012: Three students who had participated in poetry and rap as high school students came together to establish Exemplify. Community Service : Exemplify rap group performs in the schools with positive messages, supports other rappers, provides mentoring. Exemplify Rap Group Omar performs at the Resistance, Unity, and Hip Hop Show, October 2013

15 Create a healthy relationship through CONSENT and communicating with your partner Presented at All City SWAG 3 on 3 Tournament, March 8, 2014

16 Christopher Ramirez: UNM Men Of Color Initiative, Men of Color Alliance Partners Who Share a Vision of Enhancing Support for the Health, Wellness, and Education of Students of Color Christopher Ramirez has worked at the UNM Campus to increase retention of students of color and to organize students of color in building a community of students who are committed to supporting each other in higher education. Christopher approached the Male Involvement Project to collaborate on youth programs at the UNM Campus and to bring middle and high school students on campus to meet students from the Men of Color Alliance

17 Campus Collaborators: UNM Men of Color Initiative Men of Color Initiative: Students from the Men of Color Alliance at the University of New Mexico pause for a photo Men of Color Alliance: Inaugural Retreat, Fall, 2012, with Lead Organizer, Christopher Ramirez, at far right of photo

18 Above, students attend Poetry Workshop at Male Youth Summit, October, 2012 Programs which MOCI has helped to sponsor Spring, 2013, SWAG 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Finalists at UNM

19 Through the Students With A Goal (SWAG) and MIP’s P.E.A.C.E. 4 Change, Events Have Been Held at UNM and at the National Hispanic Cultural Center Student Performances at the Music Showcase, after music performance workshops, held throughout the day Above, teams finalists, below individual finalists, in the 3 rd Annual Poetry Slam Fiesta, April, 2013

20 Integrating MIP Youth With UNM MOCA and Centro De La Raza Peer Educator/Fellowship Program Juan Gonzalez, Who Began With MIP in 2010 in West Mesa DJ Program, Is Now An Intern Assigned to Work With SWAG Events Juan Facilitates Art Mural and Activism Workshop at 6 th Annual Male Youth Summit, October, 2013

21 2013 Numbers from Male and Youth Engagement Educational Programs 2013 Male Participants Female Participants All Participants 2013 Educational Programs Five Male Only Events 288 Males0288 Eleven Coed Events 540 Males554 Females1094 Total828 Males554 Females1382 Students

22 2013 Numbers from Male and Youth Engagement Poetry/ Arts Events MalesFemalesStudents Who Perform Community Service Students Total Conference Presentations ( 3) 568429169 Art, Hip Hop Workshops, Male Youth Summit (6) 25810837403 Poetry/Rap Performance, Showcases (11) 22551789Duplicated: 71 124056 Total25691981Duplicated: 71 784628

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