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EMAS Eco-Management Audit Scheme In the Middle East Solomon Ioannou.

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1 EMAS Eco-Management Audit Scheme In the Middle East Solomon Ioannou

2 Why EMAS?

3 Who participated?

4 Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts Who were the “guinea pigs”?

5 …and who were the technical advisors? The first in Cyprus, EMAS verified Environmental Consultancy

6 Approach followed Think Globally – Act Locally Biodiversity Energy Waste Climate Change Hazardous Waste Heritage

7 Deliverables Two Environmental Reviews Initial Environmental Review Environmental Programme Environmental Objectives Environmental Targets Internal Audits Management Reviews

8 Objective: Turn 2% of the garden area into a habitat of the endangered Tamarisk tree ( m 2 ) Biodiversity ObstaclesConstructive perception not in one space ugly tree where can I find it? plant it sporadically so it does not show much

9 Objective: Guests shall become aware of good visiting behavior while at archeological sites (# pax) Cultural Heritage ObstaclesConstructive perception what kind of information will it be? where can I find such information? provide awareness info in a brochure in each guest room

10 Climate Change Objective: Reduce CO 2 emissions by replacing burners with LPG ones ( # of burners ) ObstaclesConstructive perception noneit is in our facilities upgrading programme anyway, so we will go ahead as planned.

11 Water Objective: Untreated pool backwash water shall not be discharged into the ecosystem ( m 3 ) ObstaclesConstructive perception technically that would be expensive to pump it upwards towards the treatment plant one solution is to create a septic tank

12 Waste ObstaclesConstructive perception Who will be the recycling company? Culture issues, how can we enforce it on our staff? Management’s decision to go ahead Objective: Reduce waste by 5% (kg)

13 EMAS verified Will be the first in the Middle East

14 Thank you

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