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Marketing 101 Principles of Effective Marketing and Core Techniques.

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1 Marketing 101 Principles of Effective Marketing and Core Techniques

2 Agenda Differentiation Listing Presentation Confidentials Increasing Commissions Direct Mail

3 Differentiation Brands - Companies, People, Products, Services, Countries, Anything Influenced by Man Each Stand for Something Different –America – China –ReMax – United Country No Two Brands Are Identical –The Olsen Twins –Coke and Pepsi Buyers and Sellers Choose Brands They Perceive as Unique and Better –They Will Pay More for a Better Brand

4 Differentiate Write Down Every Reason A Seller Should Choose You to List Their Property vs Your Competition Write Down Every Reason a Buyer Should Let You Represent Them vs Your Competition Now Rank Those Reasons in Priority Order –Ask Others to Rank Them Too Try to Understand What the Common Theme is for The Top Three Combined This is Your Key Point of Differentiation and Reasons to Believe

5 Communication Strategy Now that You Know Your Key Point of Differentiation and Reasons to Believe… …You Must Communicate It …Constantly

6 Listing Presentation

7 Listing Presentation Kit 1.Why List with United Country –Local Office and Agent 2.Marketing Plan –Local Marketing Plan 3.Pricing Strategy –CMA –Est. of Net Proceeds 4.Real Estate Coaching 5.Take A Ways –Listing Agreement –References –Referral Form 6.CD –Customizable Templates

8 Listing Presentation Additional Home Office Support Materials  Catalog(s)  1928 Catalog  National Advertising Example  Advertising Broadside  List of Confidentials (or Special Confidentials)  Niche Marketing Expert Brochure  #1 Franchise Flyer  Postcard Examples  Referral Form  Home Warranty Flyer  Home Mortgage Flyer  EMS Flyer

9  Local Marketing Plan  Include Examples  Office History and Point of Difference  Agent Bio  Listing Agreement  CMA  References  Laptop  Websites; Office, National Specialty  Google Search Demonstrations  Peak Performance Marketing Listing Presentation Support Materials You Provide

10 Listing Presentation I want to thank you and all of the other folks at the Home Office for the powerful start in our new affiliation with United Country Real Estate. My wife & Business Partner Ali and I completed the United Power Class. We got home and got some much needed rest and I started making a few listing calls on Monday. It kind of took off on me I made eight or ten listing presentations by phone and in person this week resulting in 7 new listings and securing another two extensions; I attribute this directly to United Country Real Estates Listing presentation and the many differentials setting us apart from everyone else. The Total amount listed this week is $ 6.5 + Million. Sincerely, Rich Cloutman Broker

11 Listing Presentation Niche Marketing Listings Leverage the Specialty Marketing Intranet Groups 18 Current Specialty Groups and Growing (Recreational Property, Equine, Bed and Breakfast, Lakefront, Farm and Ranch, Developers, …) Niche Sites Include  Niche Expert Listing Brochures  Power Point Listing Presentations  Specialty Websites  Niche Buyer Lists  Advice from Experts  Case Studies  News Articles  Niche References  Relevant Strategic Partners

12 All – The home office team, like many of you, are involved in dozens of listing pursuits monthly. Providing counsel to our agents when needed is critical. Measuring what role we should play is also critical. This requires a quick assessment of the feasibility of the opportunity and importance of the listing. Engagement will range from a quick “here are some ideas for you” or “go to the intranet resource center for X and Y” to “we are going to directly support you in the listing presentation process for this large or important opportunity”. We do not have unlimited resources so knowing how much time and resource to apply to a given pursuit is vital. With a 24 hour turn, Kevin tuned our capabilities deck that will blow the seller away and we are having a listing webinar in support of our local agent pursing this $10 million + deal that is being heavily competed for. Any UC office that plays the cards of UC should win 100% of the listings they pursue AND can back it up by delivering marketing/technology that is far superior to any competitor…period. We have changed the real estate game and elevated the ante for the entire market. We will have 10 years before independents and other national franchise systems figure it out and even then they can not bring to bear what we do as a coordinated company. Dan Duffy CEO - United Country Real Estate Listing Presentation Bring Your Home Office Team on Must Win Deals

13 Listing Presentation Use EMS to Win Big Listings Show an Important Seller you can offer everything their highly valuable property needs; Custom Property Website Custom High-end Property Brochure Custom Property Print, Radio or TV Advisements Custom Postcards and Emails Special PR Campaigns Custom Marketing Plans Custom Listing Presentations Anything they would hire a local advertising company to do, but remind them we only do real estate. Even if it is never used…it works!

14 How to Use Them Confidentials

15 We spend and have spent millions each year since 1925 advertising UC Agent listings. When a potential buyer responds to any ad, they either call the Home Office or you. When they call the Home Office we capture their name and as much information as they will give us… …they are now a Confidential

16 Confidentials There are Multiple Sources of Confidentials An estimated 20-50% go directly to you so are not captured as confidentials, but were generated by the machine.

17 Confidentials You have over 300,000. They have asked us to help them with their real estate needs We do not buy “names”, 100% come from UC advertising. None of your competitors have anything like this. Tell everyone about them. Property Owners (Listings) Current and Former Clients Your Family and Friends Your Circle of Influence (business associates, community leaders, etc.) Do you have a sample printed out at every listing presentation?

18 A = Inquired About a Specific Property in Your Office B / A = Originally an A at a “Like” Office, Sent to Your Office as a B B = Inquired About a General Type of Property (eg “Horse Farm”, “Ranch”) C = Requested a Catalog A 40% B / A 30% B 26% C 4% 35% Bought the Property They Inquired About 65% Bought Another Property From the “A” Office Originally an “A”, But Sent as a “B” to Another Office, then Purchased Only 17% of All Inquires, But 4% of Sales Sales by Confidential Type

19 Confidentials - What to Do With Them Call A confidentials immediately - consumers want you now. − Over 60% of RE Clients will work with the first agent to contact them. Use Peak Performance to automatically market to all you confidentials. Sell Your Area – Especially to B and C Confidentials − Mail them Lifestyle Brochures Build a Relationship that will Last a Lifetime

20 20 Dollars Invested for Dollars Earned ___ Confidentials a day x __ days a week = _____ names a year ___ response rate = ____ responses ____ of those that responded turn into a deal = ___ deals ___ deals x _______ = _____ million dollars in sales volume ____ million x ___ = _________ Gross Commission Income (GCI) Production and postage = ___ x ______ = _______ Net return = _________ - _______ = _________ *Potential Income* 2055,200 2%104 25%26 150,000$3.9 3.93%$117,000 $15,200$5,200 $117,0005,200$111,800 26

21 21 Working the Confidentials Makes You Money 20 5 100 5,200 2% 104 5% 5 150,000 $ 780,000 3% $ 23,400 $ 1.00 $ 5,200 $ 18,200 350% 20 5 100 5,200 2% 104 10% 10 150,000 $1,560,000 3% $ 46,800 $ 1.00 $ 5,200 $ 41,600 800% 20 5 100 5,200 2% 104 25% 26 150,000 $ 3,900,000 3% $ 117,000 $ 1.00 $ 5,200 $ 111,800 2150% 20 5 100 5,200 2% 104 2% 2 150,000 $ 312,000 3% $ 9,360 $ 1.00 $ 5,200 $ 4,160 80% Confidentials per day Days per Week Total Confidentials Total Conf per Year Response Rate Number Responses Percent that Buy Deals Avg Selling Price Total Sales Value Commission Rate GCI Production and Postage Total Production and Postage Net Return % Return

22 Want to Increase Your Personal Income by 20% or More Doing the Exact Same Thing You Did Last Year?

23 Increase Your Commissions 1% If Your Home Office Team Cannot Put You in a Position to Increase Your Commissions 1%, We have Failed You. Really… We Have Failed You. I’m Not Kidding. We Work Everyday to Help You Provide Superior Services to Your Clients that No Other Realtor Has. Nothing Can Impact Your Bottom-line Faster and More Dramatically – Nothing. Are You Worth It? I Once Thought My Realtor Was.

24 A Concept on Commissions All Realtors in this area charge 5%. What You Get Yard Sign Local Website Local NSP Ads I Too Charge 5% for Those Services (By the way, seller, you can do them all yourself) Now You Can Elect to Get Enhanced Marketing on Your Most Valuable Asset, If You Want, Only From Me, Because I Am The Best RE Marketer Do You Want…  Access to my database of buyers?  Very nice emails of your property to these buyers?  Leverage my exclusive catalog marketing?  Put your property on hundreds of leading websites?  Provide a simple website just for your property?  Leverage our national newspaper advertising?  Leverage my national magazine advertising?  Leverage my Lifestyle Brochure marketing?  Postcards of your property to my buyers? These optional services cost 1% more, but if you don’t want it, no problem.

25 A Concept on Commissions Do You Want…  Niche Expertise and Support  Access to Every Consumer Name or Business in the US  Public Relations  Access to my 20 person marketing team  Home Warranty  Home Mortgage  1031 Services  Strategic Partnerships to help sell your property  Auction Services  Property Tracker Services  EMS Custom Property Websites Custom Property Brochures Custom Property TV Ads Custom Anything These optional services cost 2% more, but if you don’t want it, no problem.

26 Realtor Telephone Office Location Yard Signs Local NSP Ads Local Internet Site Home Mortgage Home Warranty Fliers Virtual Tours Oldest Local Office Purchased Lists Postcards Online Bidding 700 Offices National Network #1 Horse Property #1 Website Exclusive Catalogs Largest Integrated Network Confidentials EMS Natl. Adv. of Listings Increase Listings Increase Commissions 10% 4% 7% Commission Rates A Concept on Commissions

27 Direct Mail

28 UC Direct Mail Principles Stay “Top of Mind” and Stand Out from the Rest (Differentiate) 1.Use Your FREE Lifestyle Brochures –Sell Your Area (esp to Bs and Cs) 2.Do 1 Postcard –It Works, It’s Easy, It’s Cheap –Everyone Will Read It 3.Use the Letters in Peak Performance and on the Intranet –There is One for Every Occasion

29 Who Do You Mail To Your Names –Past Clients, Family, Friends, Circle of Influence –Step 1 – Do You Have A Written List? Confidentials Radius Lists –Found on the Intranet Purchased Names –Very Targeted Names All Adults and All Businesses in America and Canada –Found on the Intranet

30 Marketing 101 Principles of Effective Marketing and Core Techniques


32 In Solomon ’ s email below he states "how are there record hits when the confidentials receive keep going down in both quantity and quality?". See the facts below. I would discuss this with him. Additionally his confidentials should have been down 12% because his listings were down 12% (428 in 2008, 378 in 2009). The decrease in listings is a huge factor as you know. Especially in this market where nation wide the listings to sale ratios grew from 4 listings to 1 sale in 08 to 5 listings to 1 sale in 09. This was a year when offices that grew their listings grew and those that did not declined in about 98% of the cases. So, with fewer listings you get fewer leads and fewer sales – especially in the current market. If each listing gets x amount of confidentials, the fewer listings would lead to fewer confidentials, but instead he received over 200% more confidentials! All the new websites and advertising strategies made this happen. That is what we have been seeing in record internet traffic stats. Please discuss this information with Solomon. This may really help him get a clear strategy for growth in 2010. Thanks for the info Jayne Ann and Judy. Feel free to pass this to Solomon. Take care, Mike From : Jayne Ann Conklin Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2010 3:39 PM To: Mike Duffy; Ashley Herman Subject: RE: Technology Fee document Mike, From strictly a volume perspective, there is a profound increase in the number of confidentials provided to Solomon ’ s offices. The data looks like this …. Willow Springs 08 2526 Willow Springs 09 6318 an increase of 250% Mountain Grove 08 2660 Mountain Grove 09 6736 an increase of 253% I also checked the possibly variance in type of confidential (perhaps they received more B ’ s in 2009 than 2008). However this is not the case. The percentage of A,B, C confidentials remained unchanged from 2008 to 2009. JAC From: Solomon @ United Country WS [] Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 9:02 AM To: Richard Thompson Subject: Re: Technology Fee document Richard, I find it amusing that some would complain about the minimal technology fee the home office charges. The complaints must come from those who just don't understand what it takes to maintain all the services that Mike, Judy, Tom and last but not least Dick do for us. I am sure there are many others behind the scene as well. Tell them they all do a great job, but please don't share this w/other affiliates as I do not intend to offend the whiners, just applaud the efforts of the workers :) Solomon

33 From: Solomon @ United Country WS [] Sent: Monday, February 01, 2010 10:38 AM To: Richard Thompson Cc: Dan Duffy; Jim Sample; Mike Duffy Subject: Re: Technology Fee document Richard, I want you to recall the last candid conversation we had, so it is your response, from September, that I now reply to... As you know, I have always believed in United's system and tried to work it to the best of my ability, inside the limited capability of the financial backing that I have. I have seen the emails about the record number of hits, etc. and have wondered many times: "how are there record hits when the confidentials receive keep going down in both quantity and quality?" I have just believed it is this nasty economy and that the home office, like myself, is doing the best we can do and when the economy breaks we will all be fine, in fact leap beyond the competition. When we were given the opportunity to keep our cap rates locked in by merely attending the National Convention I was excited to see that the H.O. is still there for us! However this 300% increase in technology fee, while justifiable I'm sure, is going to be a back breaker to me. Trying to keep 2 offices open in this market has been an almost irresistible force. The note along the bottom of the bill indicates my websites will likely be shut off in 30 days... How will that help any of us? I am not sure how I can possibly keep 2 offices open in this market condition, with an additional $300 per month added to a budget where I have already had to borrow over $80,000 to keep running over the past 2 years. I have done this only on faith that I am with the right company and would easily recover when the market does, yet now I fear I will be another casualty. Sorry for the whining, it's a position I am not accustomed to. I am not sure what to do, do you have any suggestions? Solomon Cornelius, Broker United Country Willow Springs Realty/ United Country Leascher Real Estate 417-469-2869 or 417-926-3040 ----- Original Message ----- From: Richard ThompsonRichard Thompson To: Mountain Grove & Willow Springs MOMountain Grove & Willow Springs MO Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 8:48 AM Subject: RE: Technology Fee document Thanks Solomon. You are right most people just do not understand what it takes to do the things we do with technology. Hope to see you in West Plains. Richard From: Solomon @ United Country WS [] Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 9:02 AM To: Richard Thompson Subject: Re: Technology Fee document Richard, I find it amusing that some would complain about the minimal technology fee the home office charges. The complaints must come from those who just don't understand what it takes to maintain all the services that Mike, Judy, Tom and last but not least Dick do for us. I am sure there are many others behind the scene as well. Tell them they all do a great job, but please don't share this w/other affiliates as I do not intend to offend the whiners, just applaud the efforts of the workers :) Solomon

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