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The Ancient Near East: Peoples & Empires The Hebrews: “The Children of Israel”

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1 The Ancient Near East: Peoples & Empires The Hebrews: “The Children of Israel”

2 Transcendent Conception Suffused Covenant Vociferous Retribution Denounce Amalgamated Polygamy Harem

3 QUIZ! Also here is a list of what should be in your notebook for the upcoming check ▫Student Paths Summary ▫Test Corrections ▫Homework – Near East Peoples & Empires #1 ▫Vocabulary Chart ▫Notes - Hebrews, The children of Israel 2/20/14 (today)  Other things that will be graded – Leaders of Israel Chart

4 Hebrews, The Children of Israel The bible today is often seen more as memory and not history since archeology often contradicts biblical accounts Either way the story goes… ▫Abraham migrates from Mesopotamia to the land of Palestine ▫Drought causes the Hebrews to flee to Egypt where they were enslaved ▫They remain enslaved until Moses unites them under a new god named Yaweh

5 The United Kingdom The 1 st king of the Israelites was Saul (1020-1000) ▫Killed in battle against the Philistines David ▫Saul’s lieutenant & a military hero, reunites the Israelites, defeats the philistines & establishes control over Canaan Solomon (David’s Son) ▫Constructs “Solomon’s Temple” the symbolic center of Hebrew religion and society

6 Israelite Religion Monotheistic, believed that their god ▫Created heave and earth ▫Everyone on earth was his subject ▫would punish those not following his will ▫was a just and good God

7 The Divided Kingdom After Solomon’s death, the Kingdom of the Israelites divides into ▫Israel in the north & Judah in the south Israel joins with Syrian states, is eventually conquered & forced to pay tribute to the Assyrians around 722 B.C.E Judah survives under Assyrian rule but its capital Jerusalem is destroyed by the Chaldeans under king Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C.E

8 Israelite Religion Believed that the prophets were the voice of Yahweh The prophets ▫promoted universalism by stating that all nations would one day worship the God of Israel ▫proclaimed that Israel would rise again from the ashes of conquest ▫Condemned the rich for mistreating the poor ▫encouraged a separation between Jews and non-Jews

9 Social Patterns of the Hebrews Patriarchal – father was head of household Polygamy for some, monogamy for most Primary goal of Marriage was to produce children Women were respected, but only as wives, mothers and housekeepers – essentially seen as separate but equal

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