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Genesis Creation, fall, sin and the story of salvation begins with the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his twelve sons. Their journeys takes them.

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1 Genesis Creation, fall, sin and the story of salvation begins with the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his twelve sons. Their journeys takes them from Ur to Haran to Canaan and finally to Egypt. Exodus The children of Israel are well on their way, but they chicken-out at the last moment and are left to stagnate and die in the wilderness. Moses loses his temper and his place in the promised land. On the move again, the boys just can’t resist the girls next door. On the edge of the promised land, a new generation hear what is required of them The extended family have become a nation of twelve tribes, but are oppressed slaves in Egypt. An abandoned child comes to the rescue. God shows His power and might, and an escape by night on foot through the sea starts a journey through the wilderness to the promised land. As God is writing His Law on stone tablets, an unsavoury party is taking place. NumbersLeviticus Deuteronomy Joshua In the wilderness - the requirements of camping with a Holy Awesome God. Entering and conquering the promised land. But warnings of rocky paths ahead.

2 Judges In the promised land the Israelite forget and disobey, suffer, repent and are rescued by some interesting characters over, and over, and over again, but with some very unpleasant consequences. Ruth God’s chosen king, David, takes his throne. God’s man unites the tribes into a single nation and then has trouble with women, family and pride. The new king, Solomon, leads a golden age, but discontent is brewing. Soon after, the nation divides in two. The southern kingdom remains faithful to God some of the time, but the northern kingdom surpass other nations with their idolatry, immorality and injustice. The prophets are often alone in proclaiming the one true God. During the time of the Judges, with famine in the land, a young family emigrate. The men all die leaving the widows to survive on their own. But a kind relation is at hand back home. 2 Samuel1 Samuel 1 Kings 2 Kings The last of the judges. The people want a king like those of other nations. Saul is chosen. The Philistines are fought. But God is moving His chosen king into place. Things go from bad to worse. The Assyrians overthrow the northern kingdom and ten of the twelve tribes disappear into oblivion. Soon after, the Babylonians carry out their scorched earth policy on the southern kingdom and the land begins to receive the rest that it was due.

3 1 Chronicles A retelling of the events recorded in Samuel and Kings but from a different point of view. 2 Chronicles Back in Jerusalem after the exile. The governor is in town and starts to put things back in order with Ezra, but is left frustrated by people’s old habits. In Persia (after the exile), the courage of a young Beauty Queen and the wisdom of her uncle save the day. NehemiahEzra Esther Job Sequel to Chronicles describing the return of some of the Jewish exiles from Babylon and the restoration of life an worship and rebuilding of the Second Temple. A very long sad poem about a faithful man who suffers a lot; unfortunate advice from some ‘friends’, but God has the last word. The story of King Solomon and the southern kingdom of Judah after the revolt of the northern tribes. Ends with the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC.

4 Psalms One hundred and fifty songs by King David and some other like- minded individuals. Proverbs An erotic love song attributed to Solomon Words of warning and encouragement to Judah, the Southern Kingdom in the C8 th BC. Concern with righteousness and justice. Prophetic ‘Servant of the Lord’ passages Song of Songs Ecclesiastes Isaiah Jeremiah King Solomon ponders the meaning of life! Prophet to the Southern Kingdom in late C7th – C6th BC. Predicts fall of Jerusalem and lives to see it. Mentions idea a ‘New Covenant’ that would be written on their hearts. The wise sayings of King Solomon (who was not always as wise as his proverbs)..

5 Lamentations Laments for the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC and its aftermath of ruin and exile. But also words of trust in God and hope for the future. Ezekiel Preaches to the Northern Kingdom during the troubled times before the fall of Samaria in 721 BC. Concern with faithlessness of Israel but also statement of God’s constant love for his people. A call to repentance and a promise of restoration. (Time of Persian Empire C5th or C4th BC?) Prophet in exile in Babylon before and after the fall of Jerusalem in 586BC. Vision of restored Temple. Emphasised need for inner renewal. HoseaDaniel JoelAmos Living a life of faith in exile under King Nebuchanezzer (Babylonian Kingdom) and then Darius the Mede (Persian Empire) A call for justice. Words of warning against Israel and her neighbours for their injustice. (Mid C8th)

6 Obadiah A post-exile message to Edom (descendants of Esau). Edom is vilified for its cruelty to Israel, God’s chosen people. Isreal is seen as taking over the land and ruling justly. Jonah A message to Assyria, the big power of the time, warning of doom. A reminder that God is sovereign no matter how big the enemy may seem. Habakkuk’s complaint to God about the injustices of the Babylonians (C7th BC ) A story of rescue and a second chance. (Northern Kingdom? – before fall of Samaria?) NahumMicah Habakkuk Zephaniah Challenging words to Judah from a contemporary of Isaiah, Hosea and Amos. Themes of love & compassion, justice & faithfulness, sin & evil. Prophecies to Judah in the C7th BC warning of the destruction of Jerusalem – and its future redemption.

7 Haggai Having returned from exile Jerusalem still lies in ruins after a number of years. Haggai calls for the Temple to be rebuilt. Zechariah Propehcies regarding the restoration of Jerusalem and the rescue of Israel. Passages about a future Messiah. (Around at a similar time to Daniel in C6th BC) Malachi The temple has been rebuilt (C5th BC ) but the people are not being faithful. God is going to send a messenger to call people back.

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