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Cinnamon Saffron Turmeric Sage. Cinnamon Name your favorite use.

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1 Cinnamon Saffron Turmeric Sage

2 Cinnamon Name your favorite use

3 Cinnamon Ancient use Egyptians = embalming, cosmetics Egyptians imported 2,000 BC Arabs controlled keep as a secret Legendary phoenix built nest

4 Bible references: Moses – ingredient of holy oil Proverbs – lover’s bed perfume Song of Solomon - describe beloved incense in Tabernacle

5 Very expensive One year wages for commoner Nero 65 AD burned year’s worth of city’s supply for his wife’s pyre

6 Portuguese 1518 Dutch1638 English 1796 decline

7 True vs. Cassia True or Ceylon cinnamon Cinnamonum verum Cinnamomum zeylanicum Sri Lanka indigenous 80-90% world

8 Cassia cinnamon Cinnamomum iners native to Burma C. loureiroi Saigon cinnamon


10 Cinnamon quills

11 80 nutrients manganese fiber iron calcium

12 Cinnamaldehyde essential oil

13 Food preservative antimicrobial antifungal

14 Memory loss gum before test more focus faster reflexes better scores

15 Medical uses

16 Type II Diabetes 1 g/day (1/4 tsp.) 20% drop in sugar Caution! Coumarin may cause liver problems


18 History Scent, purify temples Greece Bath waterRomans Cleopatra Medievaldye


20 Foodyellow Rice dishes Cakes

21 Saint Santa Lucia Dec. 13, saffron bread Lussekatter


23 Stigma of blue crocus

24 Most expensive spice 100,000 flowers/pound $5,000/pound

25 Harvesting saffron

26 Harvesting saffron in Iran


28 90% produced in Iran 220 tons/year


30 Packaging saffron

31 Medical Use a.Depression 15 mg/day as effective as Prozac Works on serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine Boost and stabilize mood

32 b. Athersclerosis 100 mg/day decrease cholesterol c.Alzheimer’s 30 mg/day. Slows progress d.Cancer, Parkinson’s, MS still in trials, cell or animal

33 Turmeric Leading crusader against disease

34 Perennial Curcuma aromatica rhizome

35 Curcumin antioxidant anti-inflammatory Protects all organs

36 Antacid Bandages – speed healing Headache – in Tylenol Acne- topical paste Decongestant

37 Cancer Alzheimer’s Disease Parkinson’s Disease Arthritis Heart Disease and Stroke Skin Fat buster Etc.

38 How much? Indians eat 1 tsp/day in 3 meals

39 Yellow American cheese Mustard Butter and margarine Chicken broth Bread-and-butter pickles Yellow cake Popcorn

40 Best if cooked stir fry rice dishes vegetables Careful – stains counters, clothes

41 Ginger The best for nausea

42 Motion sicknes Morning sickness Chemotherapy Anesthesia

43 50% grown In India rhizome

44 Queen Elizabeth I gave to dinner guests

45 German tradition

46 Gingersnaps Kimchi Jamaican jerk Curries Ginger ale Ginger tea


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