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Other Funding Sources: States, Industry, and Private Foundations.

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1 Other Funding Sources: States, Industry, and Private Foundations

2 State Understand the statutory motivation: federal compliance state based Understand where the money comes from: federal pass-though, i.e. CWA §319 surcharge/user fees, i.e. son of CERCLA laws state general fund, usually in state university budget

3 Industrial Usually through non-profit trade associations Usually for applied research, i.e. improved water treatment processes Reviewed by panel of association members/corporate researchers.

4 Private Foundations Foundations must grant at least 1% of their net worth annually to meet IRS requirements Foundation budgets reflective of national economic health Usually implementation Proposals internally reviewed, presented by grant officer to Board of Directors for approval Collegiality among foundation grant officers

5 Limits: the client relationship The line between academic research and serving a client is blurred, especially when responding to an industrial RFP even if it is the same work one is already engaged in. University development officers and/or office of sponsored programs often must sign off before an application is submitted. CHECK FIRST!

6 Potential conflicts of interest Internal – Is funder supporting other research within institution and will support of your work potentially diminish support of other research? – Is funder an institutional donor where access is controlled by others within the institution? External – Who “owns” the research product?

7 Creative interpretation: CWA §319 State funds to improve water quality affected by non- point source pollution (NPS) Funding source: federal appropriation to state/tribe approved water quality program, state allocation with federal approval Example: University of Idaho Waters of the West Lapwai Creek project (Nez Perce Indian Reservation, ID) – Funds graduate research in fish ecology and social/legal issues impairing achievement of CWA goals arising from jurisdictional conflicts (Federal, Tribe, State, County, Local)

8 Creative interpretation: State of Washington toxics reduction program State “Son of CERCLA” program Funded by surcharge on production/transportation/storage/disposal of haz mat 1% of funds dedicated to public I/E of haz mat and haz mat sites. Example: “Get the Lead Out” (Spokane, WA) – Public education – Field data collection (creel census/bio assays/water sampling)

9 How to find sources? CSA Illumina: COS Funding OpportunitiesCOS Funding Opportunities AAAS: (biological/medical focus) AAAS Water Environment Research Foundation The Foundation Center: RFP email bulletin (free), subscriber search services. The Foundation Center The Grantsmanship Center: Grantmaking foundations by state. The Grantsmanship Center State Agencies: Ask! State Agencies

10 Reporting It’s not enough to say that because we are experienced, highly qualified scientists we do high quality work – we must be able to demonstrate that the work is the quality intended to meet the project’s objectives. Keep a weekly log of grant funded activities: it will save you hours of time when it comes to preparing reports. Build funder relationships: Interim communication is especially important with industrial and private funders. Repeat funding is easier to secure than first- time funding if a good working relationship has been established.

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