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Continuing Catholic Education 2011-2012 October 9 th 2011.

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1 Continuing Catholic Education 2011-2012 October 9 th 2011

2 1 Kings- Overview Background – Israel after David Timing –Solomon’s reign thru division of Israel Purpose – Struggles of Chosen People as they stray away from God Main Themes – The King – The Temple – Sin and Repentance

3 David to Solomon Story of Solomon and Adonijah Role of Bethsheba as Queen mother David as a Parent Solomon being crowned as King Solomon defeats his enemies Solomon’s reign

4 Solomon, the wisest man God blesses Solomon with Wisdom Builds a Temple for God and a Palace Great Diplomat and trader Author of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs and many proverbs and some psalms Reign - The golden era of Israel

5 Jerusalem Temple


7 Solomon’s Fall Marriage with non-Israel women Wives leading Solomon away from God Solomon builds temple for these Gods and idols Taxes people heavily and draft them into labor Religious differences in marriage and church’s teachings

8 Solomon and Me Solomon asks for wisdom to do his job- Ability to discern what is right and strength to do it Knowledge of ‘what to do’ means nothing if one does not have the will to do it Great leadership can be nullified by ineffective personal life. The greatest gift of wisdom is to trust in God and repent when we realize that we failed God

9 The divided Kingdom Revolt of Northern Tribes under the leadership of Jeroboam Northern Tribes’ request for relief Rehoboam’s counsel with advisers Country Splits to 10 + 2 tribes Israel falling into Idolatry. Jeroboam builds temples in Bethel and Dan Prophecy by Ahijah abut Israel’s downfall

10 Elijah – The Great Prophet The most famous prophet of Israel Was sent to King Ahab to confront his sins Showdown at Mount Carmel with priests of Baal and Ahserath

11 Elijah and Prophets of Baal

12 Elijah in the desert Read Ch 19:3-9 Appears with Moses and Jesus during transfiguration

13 Elijah and the Angel

14 Elijah Fast Forward

15 Elijah and Eucharist Who are we running away from? 40 days and 40 nights God sent Angel to bring Food for the Elijah’s journey God sent his only son as food for our journey Where do we get this food?

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