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1 Kings, Chapters 1 and 2 From King David to King Solomon

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1 1 Kings, Chapters 1 and 2 From King David to King Solomon

2 An Introduction to 1 Kings
1 Kings records the division of the kingdom; 2 Kings records the collapse of the kingdom. Considered together, they open with King David and close with the king of Babylon. Actually, 1 & 2 Samuel with 1 & 2 Kings can be viewed as one book. They are the book of man’s rule of God’s kingdom.

3 Theme & Purpose of 1 & 2 Kings
In these four books we have the rise and fall of the kingdom of Israel. The history of the nation is traced from the time of its greatest extent, influence, and prosperity under David and Solomon to the division and finally the captivity and exile of both kingdoms. These books show man’s inability to rule himself and the world. Yet man’s plan cannot overthrow God’s purposes.

4 Authorship and Highlights of 1 Kings
The prophet Jeremiah is the author of 1 Kings. The events of 1 Kings are also recorded in the book of 1 Chronicles. Highlights from 1 Kings include: -The death of David, the reign of Solomon, -the evil reign of Ahab and Jezebel, -the great ministry of Elijah the prophet -and the division of the kingdom.

5 David Is Dying, Adonijah Takes The Throne
At 70 years old, David became senile (starting losing his mind). Evidently Absalom was the choice of David as his successor. After Absalom’s death and as David approached old age, he lost interest in choosing his successor. This led to confusion and Adonijah, David’s fourth son took advantage of his father’s condition and made a bid for the throne.

6 Adonijah’s Choice Isn’t God’s Choice!
Traditionally, the king’s oldest son took his father’s place but it was still the king’s right to choose his successor. Adonijah was next in line but God had not chosen him to be king. Adonijah convinced Joab and Abithar (one of the priests) to side with him as he threw a great big party and declared himself king. David anoints Solomon under pressure from Nathan and Bathsheba.

7 Solomon is Anointed as King
David heard about Adonijah’s power play and immediately ordered Nathan, the prophet, to anoint Solomon king over Israel. Trumpets were sounded and everyone shouted, “Long live King Solomon!" And all the people joined the celebration, playing flutes and rejoicing greatly. When the word gets out about this, Adonijah’s friends and supporters abandon him!

8 Solomon Deals With The Rebellion
Joab flees but is captured and slain. King Solomon made Benaiah the new captain of the guard. Abiathar is removed from the priesthood, and Zadok assumes his role. At first, King Solomon spares his brother Adonijah. But later when Adonijah asks for one of David’s concubines to marry, Solomon recognizes this as another scheme to get the throne and Adonijah is slain.

9 King David’s Final Charge to Solomon
When David’s time to die drew near, he gave a charge to Solomon his son: “Be strong, and obey everything the Lord commands. If you and your descendants obey the Lord, you will always have a successor on Israel’s throne.” Part of David’s charge for Solomon included “to show himself a man” –this reflects his concerns for his son. David knew the tough discipline of the caves & rugged outdoor life. Solomon has a taste for comforts and ease.

10 King David Dies, His Last Words To Solomon
David also wanted Solomon to complete some unfinished business. David had Solomon deal strongly with Joab and Shimei for their past misdeeds David also commanded Solomon to take care of those who had provided for him during Absalom’s rebellion. Then David died and was buried in the City of David. He had reigned 40 years over Israel; seven years in Hebron and 33 in Jerusalem.

11 UNIT 9 MEMORY VERSE The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. -Proverbs 1:7

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