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Infection Tumors Grafts Specificity Memory “Tolerance“

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1 Infection Tumors Grafts Specificity Memory “Tolerance“

2 IMMUNITY “innate resistance“ > 95 % Ab in eggs protective memory via Ab (vaccines) TB: no vaccine autoimmunity > 30 y, female > male 5:1




6 B cell – Ab responses local mucosal IgA no T / LN / Peyer Ag + LPS :IgM (no T H ) intact virus :IgM (no T H ) serotypes monomeric Ag : obligatory T H







13 glycoprotein: LCMV-GPglycoprotein:IND-G rLCMV/INDGrVSV/LCMV-GP reverse genetic glycoprotein exchange between LCMV and VSV LCMVVSV-IND glycoprotein: LCMV-GPglycoprotein:IND-G

14 Only VSVG expressing viruses induce a neutralizing antibody response

15 Immunological memory Quicker (earlier) Greater (better) responses Immunity Protection against disease by reinfection First infection kills host: No memory needed Host survives first infection: Memory not needed neither


17 No protection by Memory B cells but protection by immune serum in IFN-aBR _ / _ against VSV VSV IND immune spleen cells T+B LCMV immune spleen cells VSV IND Ab Anti-VSV neutr. AB < 1 : 40 < 1 : 2500 % Survivors 0 100

18 Maintenance of protection 1. Agent persists: TB, leprosy, HIV, HCV, LCMV Herpes viruses crippled: measles 2. Repetitive inf.: polio, bact. toxins 3. Antibody-antigen complex depots in lymph nodes and spleens

19 Vaccines Success pox, polio:IgG measles, mumps: IgA, IgG No success TB, leprosy, HIV: Ig + T cells


21 Poliomyelitis – age distribution in Massachusetts 1912 – 1952





26 Memory / Pregnant Female Academic: earlier + higher (AG –) Immune against cytopathic infections otherwise abortions / malformations MHC-incompatibility – offspring mother: imm. suppr. / offspr.: imm. incomp. Maternal antibodies attenuate acute infections physiological vaccinations (incl. malaria, eggs) Non-cytophatic infections transferred via placenta / at birth / after birth (LCMV, HCV, Herpes) Resistance via T cells:HIV, HTV, TB Lepr. slow "Emerging" infections

27 Exempl. Ignor. Protect. Infect. imm. Exhaust. deletion Papill. V perif. self Polio V Infl. TB, HBV, HIV HCV, LDV (HIV, LCMV) Peripheral solid organs Peripheral lymphatic organs Generalized hematogenic spread Imm. resp. Antigen dose Time of antigen availability (days) 7 >100

28 H. Hengartner A.Althage M.Bachmann Th.Kündig A.Ciurea U.Karrer L.Hunziker M.Recher D.Pinschewer la Torre A.Ochsenbein B.Ludewig M.Pericin HP.Roost St.Freigang M.Martinic Th.Rülicke B.Odermatt M.Whitt

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