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Continuing Catholic Education 2011-2012 February 26 2012.

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1 Continuing Catholic Education 2011-2012 February 26 2012

2 Judith - Overview Background – Israel under siege of Assyrians Timing – Unknown Context – A Great Woman standing up Firm Main Themes – Israel under Trial- Again – Judith, a widow, comes to Rescue – God’s providence shown through ordinary people leading to great victory

3 Story of Siege Nebuchadnezzar’s reign over Assyria ? Holofernes as commander-in-chief Taking over Israel’s neighbors Judah was surrounded by Holofernes’ army Joachim and Uzziah as leaders of Israel A nation at prayer (4:9-15) Achoir ‘s testimony about Israel and their merciful God 34 days of seige and its effects in Israel Uziah asks for five more days (34 +5) !!

4 Judith A widow, living in the upper room Following God’s commandments Judith’s message to her people Judith’s conviction and Trust in God (8:25-27) Judith leaving Israel and heading to Holofernes Judith Encounter with Holofernes

5 Holofernes, Who? Holofernes - External – Powers that question our values – Media that influences our thinking – Alcoholism and drugs Holofernes – Personal – Lack of Will to stand up for what is right – Our perception of being ‘busy’ all the time – ‘Lack of Time’ – Peer Pressure, for adults

6 Judith and Me We need to get out of the Upper Room to heed to God’s Call- To meet ‘Holofernes’ In God’s roll call nobody is left out. Everyone of us can do great things for God Courage comes from Holy Spirit Courage-To do What is right even when it is difficult Tenacity even when faced with seemingly impossible challenges, like David With God we can encounter ‘Holofernes’ in our lives

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