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AUSTRALIA. What comes to your mind…..? (about Australia) A city A building A reptile An animal An activity A place/sight A musical instrument A famous.

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2 What comes to your mind…..? (about Australia) A city A building A reptile An animal An activity A place/sight A musical instrument A famous person


4 What do you know about AUSTRALIA? (basic geographical facts) the smallest continent the largest island the sixth largest country situated on the southern hemisphere between the Indian Ocean in the west and the Pacific Ocean in the east

5 AUSTRALIA NAMES the official name is the Commonwealth of Australia the first name of the land was New Holland nicknames are Oz, Down Under Australians call it the “Lucky Country“


7 AUSTRALIA capital – Canberra currency – Australian dollar area: 7,690,000 square kilometres population: 22,8 million inhabitants largest cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin language – English

8 POLITICAL SYSTEM a federal state consisting of 6 states: Western Australia (Perth)Queensland (Brisbane) New South Wales (Sydney)Victoria (Melbourne) South Australia (Adelaide) Tasmania (Hobart) 2 territories: Northern Territory (Darwin) Australian Capital Territory (Canberra)


10 Political system federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy the head of state – British monarch (Queen Elizabeth II) represented by the Governor General (Quentin Bryce) the head of government – prime minister (Julia Gillard)

11 Flag a dark blue field with:  a British Union Jack in the upper left corner  a large seven-pointed white star symbolizing its states and territories  five white stars representing the constellation of the Southern Cross

12 AUSTRALIAN ENGLISH differs from British English in vocabulary matilda sheep station Briton Jumbuckfarm Pomsleeping bag Aussie footy barbie ta postie Oz Australian football barbecue thank you postman Australia use words made by shortening:

13 GEOGRAPHY - landscape mostly flat, grasslands, bushes

14 GEOGRAPHY - landscape the Great Sandy Desert

15 GEOGRAPHY - landscape the Great Victoria Desert

16 GEOGRAPHY - landscape semi-deserts

17 GEOGRAPHY - landscape mountain ranges situated along the eastern coast highest peak: Mount Kosciuczko (2,228m, in the Australian Alps)

18 GEOGRAPHY - landscape wonderful coast and beaches



21 lowest point: Lake Eyre (16 metres bellow the sea level) GEOGRAPHY - landscape

22 AUSTRALIA – rivers and lakes land is dry major rivers: the Darling, the Murray in the south-west lakes: Lake Eyre, Lake Torrens the River Darling

23 Natural wonders - ULURU

24 ULURU / AYERS ROCK a huge red sandstone rock rising 348 metres above the desert floor, in central Australia, south-west from Alice Springs, 600 mil. years old the surface is covered with a crust rich in iron and silicon and it changes colours from yellow to gold, red, purple during the day Uluru – an Aboriginal name Ayers Rock – an English name

25 HYDEN AND WAVE ROCK rock in the shape of a perfect wave

26 GREAT BARRIER REEF world´s longest coral reef

27 DEVIL´S MARBLES huge, mysterious-looking round stones

28 CLIMATE varied tropical (north) – wet and hot continental (interieor) - hot and dry (desert) sub-tropical and temperate (the rest) – warm summers and mild winters

29 AUSTRALIA - animals famous for its animals they are unique, they don´t live anywhere else in the world but in Australia they are dangerous, poisonous, can attack people and kill them


31 The Koala a tree climbing marsupial looking more like a children´s toy than a real animal feeding on the eucalyptus leaves

32 The Emu a large flightless bird it can run very well

33 Kangaroo marsupial, female has a pouch for carrying its young large, powerful hinf legs, large feet adapted for leaping, a long muscular tail for balance, and a small head

34 The tasmanian devil makes terrible noise

35 The platypus the world´s strangest animal has a bill and webbed feet like a duck it lays eggs like a hen its youngs suckle milk like mammals it lives in fresh water it´s a marsupial

36 Dingo – a wild dog Kiwi

37 Dangerous animals spiders snakes sharks crocodiles Black widow

38 The sheep not original animal, brought there by settlers Australia has ten times as many sheep as people big sheep farms are called stations Australia is the greatest world´s producer of wool (25%)


40 HISTORY of Australia discovered by the Dutch navigator Abel Tasman in 1642 the coast was explored by the British Captain James Cook he landed in Botany Bay near Sydney in 1770

41 HISTORY of Australia the settlement of Australia started in 1788 with arrival of about 1,000 colonists from Britain (750 of them were convict) => a British colony was founded (a convict colony) gold discovered in the middle of 19th century (it increased the number of immigrants from Europe) in 1901 Australia became a British dominion

42 POPULATION of Australia 22 million inhabitants the density of populatin is very low, most of western and central parts are uninhabited half of the population live in the south-east corner of the country between Sydney and Melbourne 80% of the population is of British origin

43 ABORIGINES original people of Australia (517,000 today) originally - hunters using their boomerangs for hunting animals they were persecuted, frightened away from their land or killed


45 LIFESTYLE drive on the left favourite sports: windsurfingrugbywater sports horse racingtennis beach volleyballcricket love outdoor activities – barbecue in isolated places children study at home and use a radio to talk to their teachers if someone is ill the flying doctor will visit them by plane

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