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Team: My House Ronald Tsang Ann Shih Candy Shih Allen Ho Katie Hu Han Sin Kim  Ride With The Devil ?

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1 Team: My House Ronald Tsang Ann Shih Candy Shih Allen Ho Katie Hu Han Sin Kim  Ride With The Devil ?

2 Summary…. “Ride with the Devil” is based on the novel Woe to Live On, by Daniel Woodrell. Screenplay written by James Schamus. The film is set at the civil war time, take place in Missouri when during escalation of guerrilla war. Jake Roedel (Tobey Maguire) and Jack Bull Chiles (Skeet Ulrich) are friends in Missouri during the Civil War. After Jack’s father was killed by Kansas Union –Jayhawkers, they decided to join the Bushwhakers- a group of renegade Southerners aligned with the Confederate Army. They became guerilla fighters and encountering extreme violence. Katie Yu-Chien Hu

3  Their comrades include leader Black John (James Caviezel), Pitt (Jonathan Rhys Myers), George (Simon Baker), and Daniel (Jeffery Wright) a former slave that loyal to George.  Jake had a special bonding relationship with Daniel Holt. Jake himself as a German American, was facing a lot of discrimination from some of his fellow Bushwacker-Pitt. Jake has sympathy towards Daniel Holt-African American.  While the Bushwhackers were hiding, Jack meet young window - Sue Lee (Jewel), they fell in love with each other. Katie Yu-Chien Hu

4  Jack was seriously wounded during fight, Jake escorted Sue Lee to a safe farm. Jack died short after.  When both Jake and Holt was recovering from their wounds, they found out Sue Lee has had Jack’s baby. And the family thought the baby is Jack’s. Under the pressure of others, Jake married Sue.  After the long war and seeing their friends died one by one during the war. Both Jake and Holt wanted to have a new life. Jake decided to take his new family to California. And Holt leaves to Texas to find his mother. Katie Yu-Chien Hu

5 Screen Shot

6 Title of MovieRide with the Devil Selected SceneConversation of Jake Roedel and Daniel Holt Duration of Scene 3 minutes and 34 seconds 1:49:08 – 1:52:42 Number of Shots in Scene19 shots Characters in Scene Jake Roedel, Daniel Holt, Sue Lee Shelly, Grace Shelly(daughter), Orton Brown Setting of Scene Living Room(Jake and Daniel sleeping place) Rocking chair on a terrace. Actions Sleeping, talking, Holding a baby, Plowing a field. Lighting dark in the living room, daylight on a terrace Camera AnglesSlightly high angle as the two men lie in a bed, Straight on the terrace. Type of ShotsWide shot, Medium Shot, Close ups Sound Gentle orchestra sound (conversation) Little loud orchestra sound (terrace) TransitionsStraight Cut Symbols Blanket : fetter, suppression Removing blanket : freedom Baby(Grace), plowing a field ): beginning, new Han Sin Kim

7 Screen Shots Capture

8 Summary of Black Book In the Nazi-occupied Netherlands during World War II, a Jewish singer infiltrates the regional Gestapo headquarters for the Dutch resistance. Chih-An Shih Chih-An Shih

9 Comparison Ride with the DevilBlack Book Civil War in America Main characters join the Bushwhacker The friendship between Jack, Jake, and Daniel, The love story between Jack, Sue Lee, and Jake Sue Lee has Jack’s baby but end up marries to Jake after Jack dies They all wish to get back to the peaceful life World War II in Netherlands Main character joins the resistance group The friendship between Rachel and Ronnie The love story between Rachel and Muntze Rachael finds out one of her partners is a betrayer Muntze dies After war, Rachael gets married and has 2 kids Chih-An Shih

10 Allen Menghsiu Ho Spy thriller set in Shanghai during World War II, a young woman named Wong Chia Chi, gets swept up in a dangerous game of emotional intrigue with a powerful political figure, Mr. Yee.

11 Ride With the Devil Lust, Caution  The American Civil War  Break out and best friends Jake Roedel and Jack Bull Chiles.  Jack Bull's dad is killed by Union soldiers, so the young men join the Bushwhackers.  They skirmish then spend long hours hiding. Sue Lee, a young widow, brings them food. She and Jack Bull become lovers  The World War II, Shanghai, 1942.  Wong Chia Chi. With WWII underway, Wong has been left behind by her father, who has escaped to England.  Plan to assassinate a top Japanese collaborator, Mr. Yee  When Wong Chia Chi sees the magnificent ring, and experiences Mr. Yee's love for her, she is overcome by emotion and breaks down and urges him to flee. Menghsiu Ho

12 Theory and adaption for the movie  Theory for the movie  Adaption for the movie Introduce and background of the novel Why An Lee chose Devil as the name of the movie? An Lee’s point of view to interpret the Civil War People’s emotion and relationship were shot fine and smoothly. Candy Shih

13 Theory  Moderation (Golden statement of Confucian)  Emotion and Relationship among people while suffering from the war.  Friends  Father and son  Different people to form the guerrilla forces  No compromise  Strong will to find the paradise Candy Shih

14 Adaption  Novel: Woe to Live on  Author: Daniel Woodrell  Background: Civil War in 1860.  Abstract: Lawless and cruel environment of war was seen by the youth. Candy Shih

15 Ang Lee’s point of view  Woe to Live on? Ride with the Devil?  Southern guerrilla forces were remarkably brutal in Civil War.  Ang Lee interprets Civil War in his way, rather than the Hollywood style (Cliche).  Fine and smooth description among people in the movie. Candy Shih

16 Why Ang Lee made this movie ?  He said that….. He really want to make a war movie He found the novel “Woe to Live on” ○ Not expensive ○ Very Americanized ○ Like poetry Ronald Tsang

17 Continue  He wants to use film to tell these thoughts. He thinks the United States is a great influence of the world, but we should explore United States from the United States culture.  He think civil war is just belong to United States itself, but it has the deep meaning; He is not making the kind of regular army movie (army in uniform), on the other hand, he wants to perform the movie in gray area. Ronald Tsang

18 QUIZ  What is the name of the Kansas Union?  What is the name of the group the Jake and Jack joined?  Why the movie’s name call Ride with the “Devil”, what is the “Devil” mean?  Why Ang Lee picked the novel “Woe To Live On”?  What is the time frame of movie Lust, Caution? Ronald Tsang

19 Answer  Jawhawkers  Bushwhakers  Southern guerrilla forces were remarkably brutal in Civil War.  Cheap copyright, special Americanized topic, as well written as poetry  World War II Ronald Tsang

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