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1 1. LABOUR & HR DEPARTMENT 2 SEQUENCE OF PRESENTATION Overview of the Department Attached Departments and Autonomous Bodies –Directorate of Labour Welfare.

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3 SEQUENCE OF PRESENTATION Overview of the Department Attached Departments and Autonomous Bodies –Directorate of Labour Welfare –Punjab Employees Social Security Institution –Punjab Workers Welfare Board –Minimum Wages Board 3



6 OVERVIEW OF THE DEPARTMENT Implementation of labour laws and compliance with ILO Conventions. Maintenance of industrial peace through conciliation, mediation, arbitration and judicial forums. Registration of trade unions and determination of CBAs. Adjudication of claims under Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923 and Payment of Wages Act Fixation of minimum wages. 6

7 OVERVIEW OF THE DEPARTMENT Implementation of laws on weights and measures. Administrative issues of Labour Courts and Labour Appellate Tribunal. Educational, housing facilities and financial assistance to workers and their children through Punjab Workers’ Welfare Board. Health facilities and financial compensation to workers through PESSI. 7

8 OVERVIEW OF THE DEPARTMENT Training and awareness of employers, workers and government officials on key aspects of labour laws. (Centre for the Improvement of Working Conditions & Environment/Industrial Relations Institute) Registration of essential personnel. 8


10 MISSION STATEMENT Promote welfare and protect the rights of labour force and workmen through enforcement of labour laws and Government policies 10

11 ADMINISTRATIVE SET-UP  1952: Directorate started as a component of Industries Department  1970: Existing Directorate established under Labour & HRD  2001: Functions devolved to the District Governments in CD Group  9 x A Districts on the basis of industrial & commercial activities  27 x B Districts with BS-18 (1) and BS-17 (26) Officers as DOL 11

12 ORGANOGRAM DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF LABOUR WELFARE DHQ BS-19 DD (Admn.) BS-18 DD (W& M) BS-18 AD (Admn.) BS-17 AD (Lec-4) BS-17 OSH Offrs (4) BS-17 & 18 DD (Insp) BS-18 AD (Concil) BS-17 SLO BS-18 DOL(36) BS-19, 18 & 17 Director I.R.I BS-19 CW & M BS-19 SRO BS-17 Senior SO BS-17 Director General Labour Welfare (BS-20) TIF(2) BS-17 AD (Insp) BS-17 12

13 STATUTARY FUNCTIONS ASSIGNED OFFICIALSFUNCTIONS DG, LW  Chief Inspector of Factories  Chief Inspector of Shops and Establishments  Registrar of Trade Unions Punjab Controller, W&M  Enforcement of W&M Director/DOL  Conciliator  Inspector of Factories  Dy. Chief Inspector of Shops and Establishments.  Registrar of Trade Unions at District Level  Deputy Controller (W&M)

14 STATUTARY FUNCTIONS ASSIGNED OFFICIALSFUNCTIONS ADLW/DOL  Commissioner, Compensation  Authority Payment of Wages  Conciliator  Inspector of Factories  Dy. Chief Inspector of Shops and Establishments  Assistant Controller (W&M) Labour Officer  Inspector of Factories  Inspector (W&M) Labour Inspector  Inspector of Shops and Establishments  Assistant Inspector (W&M)

15 SANCTIONED STRENGTH Nomenclature of PostsBS No. of Posts Vacant Director General Labour Welfare2001- Director Labour Welfare/E.D.O(CD)/ DOL/ Director Centre/IRI Deputy Director/ Prog. Officers/ Hyg./ S. Eng Astt. Directors/Astt. Programme Officer/ Computer Inst./ TIF Labour Officers Superintendents 16 1 Labour Inspectors Other Staff Total

16 FUNCTIONS  Implementation of labour laws  Welfare of labour  Maintenance of industrial peace & settlement of industrial disputes  Implementation of weights and measures laws  Education and training on labour laws,health and safety  Registration of essential personnel 16

17 IMPLEMENTATION OF LABOUR LAWS  Enforcement of labour laws in factories, shops and commercial establishments for:  Health & Safety  Minimum Wages  Child Labour  Bonded Labour  Terms & Conditions of Employment  Financial benefits guaranteed under the Labour Laws 17

18 WELFARE OF LABOUR  Adjudication of claims of compensation in case of injuries & death and non-payment / delayed / deducted wages.  Processing of applications and disbursement of marriage grant, talent scholarship, death grant  Allotment of plots/houses in labour colonies  Administration and maintenance of labour colonies  Efforts for elimination of child labour & bonded labour in selected Districts through ADP 18

19 MAINTENANCE OF INDUSTRIAL PEACE AND SETTLEMENT OF INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES  Registration of Trade Unions  Regulation of Trade Unions activities  Determination of Collective Bargaining Agents  Settlement of industrial disputes raised in formal manner.  Resolution of informal disputes 19

20 IMPLEMENTATION OF W&M LAWS  Maintenance of Secondary & Working Standards  Ensure accuracy of Commercial Weights & Measures  Verification & Periodical Re-verification  Inspection  Licensing of Manufactures and Traders dealing in W&M 20

21 EDUCATION AND TRAINING ON LABOUR LAWS, HEALTH & SAFETY  Tripartite training in various disciplines of industrial relations, Labour Administration and Labour Laws  Tripartite training on health, safety and occupational hazards  Advisory services to the industry for improvement of safety, health, working conditions and environment.  Promoting Compliance of Labour Laws through awareness material 21

22 REGISTRATION OF ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL  Registration of Essential Personnel  Provision of Data to the Defense Ministry  Data of Registration Essential Personnel  Job Seekers Registration 1. Ex-Service Men 2. Women 3. Disabled 4. Others 22


24  “Labour Inspection Computerization System” (LICS) established in collaboration with ILO to make inspection of factories more transparent and robust.  Web-based Software developed to submit online inspection reports in real time.reports  16 District Officers Labour reporting on line.  Training for on line inspections of field formations of remaining 20 Districts started on  Basic data of 4,917 factories entered and inspection reports of 1,111 factories received online. 24 STRENGTHENING OF LABOUR INSPECTION

25  During last 9 months 7,510 factories inspected, 3,502 warnings issued to defaulters, 1,672 prosecution lodged and fine imposed, Rs. 795,000/-.  910,172 inspections of establishments conducted, 56,661 prosecutions made and Rs. 3,401,246/- fine imposed.  To enforce minimum wage 39,573 inspections carried out, 4,221 prosecutions lodged and Rs. 597,250/- fine imposed by the courts of law. CASES OF WAGES AND COMPENSATION  357 cases of compensation decided and Rs. 74,077,216/- disbursed.  1487 cases of non payment of wages decided and Rs. 37,816,920/- disbursed. 25 STRENGTHENING OF LABOUR INSPECTION

26  Death Compensation enhanced from Rs. 2 lacs to 4 lacs through amendment in the Workmen’s Compensation Act,  Group Insurance of workers enhanced from 2 lacs to 4 lacs through amendment in the Industrial & Commercial Employment (S.O) Ordinance, 1968  Wages of unskilled workers enhanced to Rs /- P.M. for all the industrial and commercial establishments through amendment in the Minimum Wages for Unskilled Workers Ordinance, Previously it was only for industrial workers of 51 category of industries. 26 LEGISLATION FOR WORKERS BENEFITS

27 Provision of Day Care facilities for the working women’s children in the commercial establishments employing 20 or more women through amendment in Shops & Establishments Ordinance, Day Care Centres established and recently 3 more centres inaugurated on International Women Day (Lahore, Sheikhupura, Gujranwala). Fees for the registration of establishments enhanced through amendment in Shops & Establishments Ordinance, 1969 (Additional revenue of Rs. 12 million/annum would accrue) 27 LEGISLATION FOR WORKERS BENEFITS

28  Licensing for carrying out business as a repairer and calibrator made mandatory by amendment in the Punjab Weights & Measures Enforcement Act, 1975  Enhancement in fine and mandatory imprisonment on the subsequent conviction through amendment in the law.  Formation of Provincial Supply, Prices, Quality and Weights & Measures Authority under process.  All Price Control Magistrates & Assistant Commissioners notified Assistant Controllers under the Punjab Weights & Measures Enforcement Act, 1975 Inspection of Weights & Measures during last 8 months 28 WEIGHTS & MEASURES ItemsInspectionProsecutionFine in Rs. Weights & Measures /- Petrol Pump/ CNG Station /- Total /-

29  International Labour Standards (ILS) implementation and reporting unit established. Reporting on 36 Conventions, presently no report is pending - Important for GSP Europe plus.36 Conventions  8 ILO Conventions for GSP Plus complied with and reporting completed.  Restriction of 50 workers in an establishment for formation of a trade union being removed – amendment in PIRA, 2010 approved by the Cabinet. 29 ILS COMPLIANCE AND REPORTING

30  Labour Market Information and Resource Centre (LMI&RC) established to provide up to date and reliable Labour Market Information.  First Report of Punjab Employment Trends (PET)-2013 published.  Second Trend Report on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Punjab ready to be publishe. 30 LABOUR MARKET INFORMATION SYSTEM (ILO SUPPORTED)

31  Provincial Committee on Bonded Labour established  Elimination of bonded labor in brick kiln – Phase 1 (From 2008 to 2014)  Cost of the project Rs million  Two pilot districts project – Lahore and Kasur  200 non-formal education centers established, imparting education to 5666 learners  1445 learners mainstreamed into formal education system, 52 learners appeared in PEC examination  Rs million disbursed among 982 brick kiln workers  1162 Brick Kilns workers registered with NADRA and got CNICs  247 live stocks of brick kilns workers were provided veterinary services 31 ELIMINATION OF BONDED LABOUR

32  Elimination of bonded labor in brick kiln- Phase 2 (From 2012 to 2018 )  Total cost of the project is Rs million  Four districts project – Gujarat, Faisalabad, Sargodha and Bahawalpur  DCC committee’s notifications issued by 4 districts  Lists of 200 brick kilns prepared, identification of locations for establishment of NFE’s and ALC’s being finalized  Project launched in all four districts  6000 children of brick kiln family workers to be enrolled in NFEs 32 ELIMINATION OF BONDED LABOUR

33 Activation of District Vigilance Committees (DVCs) Provincial Committee to combat Bonded Labour constituted. Draft Provincial Plan of Action to combat Bonded Labour prepared. Complaint Cells at District level established. DVCs re-activated in all Districts 180 DVCs meetings held over the last 8 months 33 ELIMINATION OF BONDED LABOUR DVC Years

34 34 HOME BASED WORKERS  Draft Punjab Home Based Workers Policy prepared and circulated to the concerned Departments for inputs.  Draft Punjab Home Based Workers Act sent to the Law Department for vetting. GENDER SENSITIZATION Toolkit Developed on gender responsive labour inspection – Won International Award from ILO. 2 trainings of functionaries of labour department on this toolkit (50 participants) held Module Developed on gender responsive budgeting & two training held (48 participant)

35  12 rapid assessment study on child labour published by the Child Labour Unit.  8 training sessions held on identification of “worst forms of child labour” and elimination thereof.  Gaps in the Employment of Children Act identified and draft of Punjab Prohibition of Employment of Children Act prepared in collaboration with ILO. (New Act)  Provincial Committee on Child Labour Established. 35 CHILD LABOUR ELIMINATION

36 Combating Worst Form of Child Labour Project in 4 Districts  District Coordination Committees on Child Labour (DCCs- CL) under the Chairmanship of DCOs notified in 4 districts.  Rapid Need Assessment (RNA) Survey to assess worst forms of child labour conducted.  86 hazardous work environment locations identified by Project staff to establish model workplaces.  Guide to conduct “Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)” and situation analysis survey developed and work started. 36 CHILD LABOUR ELIMINATION

37  Occupational Safety & Health Unit functioning under Labour & HR Department.  Hazardous waste management; 15 trainings – 395 participants  24 Sessions on Occupational Safety & Health held (573 participants)  6 Health & Safety Risk Assessment carried out.Safety Risk Assessment  Literature on OSH distributed to 65 industries/establishment.  Provincial Committee on OSH established under the chairmanship of Minister Labour. 37 OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY

38  08 Trainings held 163 participants  36 Sessions with 610 participants  1 seminar with 250 participants 38 TRAINING ON LABOUR ADMINISTRATION

39  Target Population: 405,000  Area: 36 Districts of Punjab  Cost: Rs M (Estimated)  Duration: 5 years  Implementing Partners:  Labour, Literacy, School Education, Social Welfare, Health, Zakat & Ushr Departments, TEVTA, PVTC, NRSP, PRSP, AKHUWAT, Employers & Employees Organizations, District Governments, NGOs, ILO & EU 39 INTEGRATED PROJECT: ELIMINATION OF CHILD & BONDED LABOUR

40 Major Components: Establishment of 7320 Non-Formal Schools for children engaged in child labour and bonded labour Establishment of 5960 Adult Literacy cum Skills Training Centers to train working adolescents Provision of micro credit to families of child workers and training graduates to start micro enterprises Baseline / Child Labour Monitoring Survey Establishment of Model Workplaces Facilities to get CNICs for families of child workers Health Screening & Hygiene Camps for child workers Mainstreaming the Children after completion of non-formal education 40 INTEGRATED PROJECT: ELIMINATION OF CHILD & BONDED LABOUR


42 ILO CONVENTION C001 - Hours of Work (Industry) Convention, 1919 (No. 1) C004 - Night Work (Women) Convention, 1919 (No. 4) C006 - Night Work of Young Persons (Industry) Convention, 1919 (No. 6) C011 - Right of Association (Agriculture) Convention, 1921 (No. 11) C014 - Weekly Rest (Industry) Convention, 1921 (No. 14) C015 - Minimum Age (Trimmers and Stokers) Convention, 1921 (No. 15) C016 - Medical Examination of Young Persons (Sea) Convention, 1921 (No. 16) C018 - Workmen's Compensation (Occupational Diseases) Convention, 1925 (No. 18) C019 - Equality of Treatment (Accident Compensation) Convention, 1925 (No. 19) C021 - Inspection of Emigrants Convention, 1926 (No. 21) C022 - Seamen's Articles of Agreement Convention, 1926 (No. 22) C027 - Marking of Weight (Packages Transported by Vessels) Convention, 1929 (No. 27) C029 - Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29) C032 - Protection against Accidents (Dockers) Convention (Revised), 1932 (No. 32) C041 - Night Work (Women) Convention (Revised), 1934 (No. 41) C045 - Underground Work (Women) Convention, 1935 (No. 45) C059 - Minimum Age (Industry) Convention (Revised), 1937 (No. 59) C080 - Final Articles Revision Convention, 1946 (No. 80) C081 - Labour Inspection Convention, 1947 (No. 81) C087 - Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention, 1948 (No. 87) 42 C089 - Night Work (Women) Convention (Revised), 1948 (No. 89) C090 - Night Work of Young Persons (Industry) Convention (Revised), 1948 (No. 90) C096 - Fee-Charging Employment Agencies Convention (Revised), 1949 (No. 96) C098 - Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 (No. 98) C100 - Equal Remuneration Convention, 1951 (No. 100) C105 - Abolition of Forced Labour Convention, 1957 (No. 105) C106 - Weekly Rest (Commerce and Offices) Convention, 1957 (No. 106) C107 - Indigenous and Tribal Populations Convention, 1957 (No. 107) C111 - Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention, 1958 (No. 111) C116 - Final Articles Revision Convention, 1961 (No. 116) C118 - Equality of Treatment (Social Security) Convention, 1962 (No. 118) C138 - Minimum Age Convention, 1973 (No. 138) C144 - Tripartite Consultation (International Labour Standards) Convention, 1976 (No. 144) C159 - Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disabled Persons) Convention, 1983 (No. 159) C182 - Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (No. 182) C185 - Seafarers' Identity Documents Convention (Revised), 2003 (No. 185) Back

43 Health & Safety Risk Assessment 1. US Apparel, Ferozepur Road, Lahore 2. Comfort Knitwear, Kotlakhpat Lahore 3. Unique Training Industry, Kot abdul Malik Shekhupura 4. U.S Denim Defence Road Raiwind 5. Interloop-I, Faisalabad 6. Interloop-III Riawind Road 43 Back


45 Provide medical care and cash benefits to employees working in industrial or commercial establishments and their dependants MISSION STATEMENT 45

46  Established under the West Pakistan Social Security Ordinance  Operational since March 1, 1967  Renamed as Provincial Employees’ Social Security Ordinance in LEGAL STATUS 46

47 GOVERNING BODY  Minister for Labour Punjab Chairman  Four representatives from Government Members ( One each from the Departments of Labour & Human Resource, Finance, Health and industries)  Three representatives from Employers Members  Three representatives from Employees Members  Medical Advisor, PESSI Ex – Officio Member  Commissioner Social Security Member/Secretary 47

48 The Employees of all Industrial/Commercial Establishments having:  Strength of at least 5 employees / workers  Drawing wages up to Rs. 15,000/- per month or Rs. 600/- per day. SECURED WORKERS 48

49 SECURED WORKERS 2009–102010– No of Registered Establishments 51,04052,27154,05754,797 Secured Workers775,318777,854826,265836,085 Family Members of Workers (Including parents) 4,651,9084,667,1244,957,5905,016,510 49

50 STAFF STRENGTH NAME OF WINGTOTAL % with Total Strength Staff for Recovery1, Medical Care Staff6, Grand Total7,837100


52 Main Hospitals 14 Social Security Medical Centers 40 Social Security Dispensaries140 Social Security Emergency Centers 88 HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE 52

53 FACILITIES AVAILABLE IN PESSI HOSPITALS  Medicines  Cardiac Surgery  General Surgery  Renal Transplant  Gynae  Paediatrics  Dental Surgery  ENT  Orthopedics  Eye  Dermatology  Neonatology  Physiotherapy  Psychiatry  Cardiology  Urology  Nephrology  Radiology  Blood Bank  Laboratory  Family Planning Services  Vaccinations 53

54 EXTRA ORDINARY FACILITIES FOR SECURED WORKERS  Bone Marrow Transplant facility  Cochlear implant facility to the deaf and dumb children of secured workers  Facility of treatment abroad  Availability of C.T Scan (64 slice)  Gastroscopic surgery  Dialysis centers  Hepatitis (B & C) clinics 54


56  SICKNESS BENEFIT: Payable equal to 75% of wages in case of ailment upto 120 days in routine cases and equal to 100% of wages upto 365 days to CANCER/T.B patients  INJURY BENEFIT 100% of wages for 180 days in a year in case of employment injury  MATERNITY BENEFIT: 100% of wages for 12 Weeks  IDDAT BENEFIT 100% of wages to a secured woman for 130 days on the death of her husband  DEATH GRANT Equal to last pay drawn subject to maximum of Rs. 10,000/- on the death of a secured person and Rs. 5000/- on the death of his/her family member  DISABLEMENT For disability upto 20% of physical loss determined GRATUITY by the medical board 56

57  PARTIAL PENSION For disability from 21% to 66% of physical DISABLEMENT loss determined by the medical board  TOTAL For disability exceeding 66% of physical loss DISABLEMENT determined by the medical board PENSION  SURVIVORS’ PENSION Widow or widower during life equal to 3/5th of the rate of total disablement pension. Dependent 1/5th of the rate of total disablement pension  FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Paid on expiry of cash benefits according to merit of each case 57

58  FREE HAJJ PESSI sends every year four workers returned through balloting on free Hajj.  FREE MBBS EDUCATION PESSI arranges MBBS education for six children of workers every year in the affiliated colleges. 58


60 EDUCATION CESS  The collection of education Cess was assigned to PESSI w.e.f on behalf of Worker Welfare Board  The Cess is levied upon establishments employing 10 or more workers  As per PESSI record such establishment and their No. of workers are as under  Establishments= 17,394  No. of workers= 700,507 60


62  Installation of Gamma Camera at NSSSH Lahore  Facility of Angioplasty at RAIC Lahore  Purchase of 24 life support ambulances with the funding of WWF at the cost of Millions  Community outreach programme at Worker Welfare Board schools in Punjab (2307 children benefitted)  Capacity building of PESSI Health Professionals through Health Services Academy, IPH and University of Health Sciences (100 trainings planned)  Implementation of minimum service delivery standards as per Punjab Health Care Commission in all PESSI Hospitals have been launched. 62 IMPROVEMENT IN MEDICAL CARE Contd..

63  Maternal & Child health initiative through up gradation of gynae facilities at Social Security Hospitals Kot Lakhpat, Faisalabad and NSSSH Lahore  Collaboration with GIZ for development of an efficient Health Care delivery model  Collaboration with helping hand for donation of medical equipment for PESSI Hospitals  Initiation of Institutional Private Practice in all PESSI Hospitals for optimal utilization of its health services and bring self sufficiency  Creation of teaching Cadre  Affiliation of PESSI Hospitals with Public/Private Medical Colleges 63 IMPROVEMENT IN MEDICAL CARE Contd..

64  Establishment of 50 bedded hospital at DG Khan  Establishment of 10 bedded medical facilities at Sahiwal & Sargodha  Establishment of PESSI Medical College at Faisalabad  Establishment of Nursing Schools at Social Security Hospitals Faisalabad, Islamabad, Multan and Lahore  Dengue management in all the PESSI Hospitals 64 IMPROVEMENT IN MEDICAL CARE Contd..

65  Establishment of IT Data Center for all Hospitals and Directorates of the PESSI  55,326 Industrial Unit have been added in the database  Implementation of Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) at NSSSH Lahore  Separate portal for each hospital and directorate has been developed and working  Patient registration module have been completed and workers have been registered 65 IT INITIATIVES

66  Creation of Pension Fund for PESSI – A pension fund has been set up for the employees of PESSI with a sum of Rs.8.231/- Billion out of 9.04/- Billion.  Amendments in the PESSI Ordinance – Laws have been simplified and updated.  Recovery of Social Security contribution – Recovery of social security contribution for the first six months of the current financial year stands at Rs billion which is higher by Rs.598 million against the liquidity of Rs.2.48 billion achieved at same time last year  Actuarial evaluation of the institution has been carried out which indicates a deficit gap of 10% between revenue and expenses  All notices to the establishments will be electronics instead of manual. 66 OTHER INITIATIVES

67  Survey being launched to identify missing units/ un-registered persons w.e.f. 1 st May,  Online registration of Employees/ Employers will be started w.e.f. 1 st July,  Integration of data of PESSI, EOBI, Labour Department and WWF through NADRA by (Smart Card)  Awareness campaign to apprise the workers on their rights launched to ensure maximum registration. 67 OTHER INITIATIVES

68 SUGGESTIONS FOR LABOUR POLICY  Increase in conveyance charges from Rs.1.25/km to Rs.5/km on account of travel for secured workers  Diet charges to be enhanced from Rs.100/day to Rs.200/day.  Establishment of 50-bedded hospitals at DG Khan and Rahim Yar Khan. 68

69 RECOVERY OF S.S CONTRIBUTION (Rs. Millions) Ever Rising Trend 69

70 RECOVERY OF S.S CONTRIBUTION ( ) (Rs. Millions) 70


72 INCOME ESTIMATES Sr. NO Head of AccountBudgeted Income % with total Income 1SS Contribution 7,085,200, Profit on Investment 5,251,54, Recovery of Advances9,384, Other income/receipts35,794, Total7,655,532,

73 EXPENDITURE ESTIMATES Sr. NO Head of Account Proposed Expenditure % with total Income 1Medical Care Exp. Hospitals 3,366,324, Medical Care Expenses (Disp.) 1,490,388, Cash benefits to secured workers 307, 780, Administrative Expenses 816,611, Income Tax 600,000, Loans to employees 6,780, Statutory reserves 187,950, Misc. Expenditures 20,040, Total 6,795,873,

74 EXPENDITURE ESTIMATES Sr. NO Head of Account Proposed Expenditure % with total Income Capital Expenses: 1Medical Care Wing 721,492, Administration Wing 51,926, Total 773,418, Revenue + Capital Exp. 7,569,291, Net Surplus 86,241,

75 75 SICKNESS BENEFIT:Payable equal to 75% of wages in case of ailment up to 120 days in routine cases and equal to 100% of wages up to 365 days to CANCER/T.B patients INJURY BENEFIT100% of wages for 180 days in a year in case of employment injury MATERNITY BENEFIT: 100% of wages for 12 Weeks IDDAT BENEFIT100% of wages to a secured woman for 130 days on the death of her husband DEATH GRANTEqual to last pay drawn subject to maximum of Rs. 10,000/- on the death of a secured person and Rs.5000/- on the death of his/her family member DISABLEMENT GRATUITY For disability up to 20% of physical loss determined by the medical board

76 76 Partial PensionFor disability from 21% to 66% of physical Disablement loss determined by the medical board Total Disablement Pension For disability exceeding 66% of physical loss determined by the medical board Survivors’ PensionWidow or widower during life equal to 3/5 th of the rate of total disablement pension. Dependent 1/5 th of the rate of total disablement pension Financial Assistance Paid on expiry of cash benefits according to merit of each case Free HAJJPESSI sends every year four workers returned through balloting on free Hajj. Free MBBS Education PESSI arranges MBBS education for six children of workers every year in the affiliated colleges.

77 CASH BENEFITS (Last five Years Rs. Millions) 77 Back

78  Out reach: Establishment of medical camps in the main industrial units all over the Punjab  Transparency: Display of monthly expenses on PESSI website  Launching of Urdu version of PESSI website (  Implementation of Health Management Information System (HMIS)  Patient registration Module  Financial Module  On line receipt of Contribution.  Disbursement of Cash benefits to workers through online banking system.  Computerization of Social Security Card (R-5). 78

79  Recognition of SS Hospital Faisalabad and Islamabad by PMDC for house job  Post graduate training in Radiology at NSSS Hospital, Multan road, Lahore and SS Hospital Islamabad  Affiliation of Medical Colleges with Social Security Hospitals, Shahdara, Sialkot  Initiation of Paramedical Training in PESSI Hospitals.  Establishment of Nursing School. 79

80  Establishment of PESSI Medical College at Faisalabad  Establishment of 50-bedded SS Hospital at Sheikhupura  Establishment of 50-bedded Hospital at Rahim Yar Khan.  Establishment of 60-bedded Rehmatul-lil-Alameen, Institute of Cardiology at Multan Road Lahore.  Establishment of 10-bedded Hospital at Defence Road Lahore.  Up-Gradation of SSMC to 10-bedded SS Hospital at Sahiwal.  Up-Gradation of 25-bedded SS Hospital to 50-bedded SS Hospital at Jauharabad 80 DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS

81  The amendments in the ordinance duly vetted by law department has been sent to labour department for placement before the Cabinet  Creation of Pension fund  Establishment of Advisory Committees at Hospitals and Directorates 81

82  Training of the doctors/Paramedical staff  Awareness campaign and seminars were conducted all over the Punjab  An amount of Rs Millions was incurred by PESSI on the treatment of general public 82


84  A corporate body established under Workers Welfare Fund Ordinance,  An autonomous body of Labour & Human Resource Deptt: Punjab since 2001 as per the Punjab Govt. Rules of Business 2011  Functional since 1974  Led by a tripartite Board comprising representatives of Government, Employers and Workers LEGAL STATUS 84

85  Establishment and maintenance of Labour Colonies for industrial workers  Provision of Marriage grant, Death grant and Talent scholarships  Establishment and operation of Workers Welfare Schools FUNCTIONS 85

86 ORGANOGRAM StaffSanctioned StrengthWorkingVacant BS- 17 & above (HQ)22157 BS-16 & below(HQ) Staff in labour colonies Total

87 Govt Representatives COMPOSITION OF PUNJAB WORKERS WELFARE BOARD  Secretary L&HRChairman  Secretary FinanceMember  Commissioner PESSIMember  DG Labour WelfareMember 3 Employers’ Representatives Member 3 Employees’ Representatives Member 87

88 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA OF A WORKER  3-years accumulative service (not applicable for death grant cases)  Registered with PESSI / EOBI and covered under PIRA (Punjab Industrial Relations Act)  Employed in a factory/ establishment covered under WWF Ordinance, 1971 or Companies Profit (Workers Participation) Act, 1968

89 ELIGIBILITY OF FACTORY/ESTABLISHMENT  As defined in Section 2(f) of WWF Ordinance 1971 and Section 2(b) of Companies Profit (Workers Participation) Act, 1968 and registered under the Factories Act 1934  Paying PESSI/EOBI contribution for at least 3 years.  Functioning without interruption for a continuous period of three years 89

90  Industrial establishments pay 2% of their total income (WWF Ordinance 1971) o Collection of fund by Federal Board of Revenue o Release to Workers Welfare Fund by Ministry of Finance o Releases by WW Fund to Provincial Boards as per approved budget  Education Cess Fund collected by PESSI Rs. 100/- per worker per annum) SOURCES & CHANNELS OF FUNDING 90


92 Total No of Labour Colonies 27  Total Plots 24,574  Total Houses 2,859  Total Flats 2,793 LABOUR COLONIES IN PUNJAB 92

93 LABOUR COLONIES IN PUNJAB Sr. No Name of ColonyFlatsPlotsHouses 1Kaleem Shaheed Labour Colony, Faisalabad Hussain Shaheed Labour Colony, Faisalabad Johar Labour Colony, Faislabad2299 4Muhammad Bin Qasim Labour Colony, Faisalabad Tippu Sultan Labour Colony, Faisalabad3134 6Raja Ghazanfar Labour Colony, Faisalabad1377 7I. I Chundrigarh Labour Colony, Faisalabad252 93

94 Sr. No Name of ColonyFlatsPlotsHouses 8512 multi storeyed flats, Faisalabad512 9 Labour Colony, Toba Tek Singh324 10Labour Colony, Defence Road, Lahore multi storeyed flats, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore Nishter Labour Colony, Lahore Sher-e-Bengal Labour Colony, (Phase-I), Sheikhupura Sher-e-Bengal Labour Colony, (Phase-II), Sheikhupura

95 Sr. No Name of ColonyFlatsPlotsHouses 15Labour Colony, Kala Shah Kaku, Sheikhupura Sahukimallian Labour Colony, Sheikhupura Madina Labour Colony, Gujrat209 18Gulshan Labour Colony, Gujranwala Allama Iqbal Labour Colony, Sialkot501 20Labour Colony, Jhelum150 95

96 Sr. No Name of ColonyFlatsPlotsHouses 21Labour Colony, Mian Channu Gulbahar Labour Colony, Burewala571 23Labour Colony, Sahiwal295 24Gulgasht Labour Colony, Sargodha Labour Colony, Muzaffar Garh303 26Qasimpur Labour Colony, Multan453 27Labour Colony, RY Khan246 96


98 Death Grant RS. 500,000/ Marriage Grant RS. 100, 000/ Talent Scholarship o All the educational expenses, boarding/lodging and transportation charges o Stipends for category I to III Rs. 1600, 2500 and 3500 per month respectively o MS/ M.Phil/ Ph. D Free education to workers/their children on 30% seats available at Comsats Lahore campus WELFARE GRANTS 98

99 PROCEDURE FOR DISBURSEMENT OF WELFARE GRANTS Applications are received at the offices of District/Regional Labour Offices District Scrutiny Committees to scrutinize the applications Punjab Workers Welfare Board after getting sanction of Chairman Board forwards to Workers Welfare Fund Islamabad Workers Welfare Fund releases fund individually 99


101 PESSI started establishing schools for workers children in 1986 Schools transferred to PWWB in 1999 (total 11 at that time) 38 new schools established since then NETWORK OF SCHOOLS FOR PROVIDING FREE EDUCATION Total No. of Schools49 No. of Students37,321 Boys Students18891 Girls Students18430 Teaching Staff1096 Non Teaching Staff




105 105 WW School Nishter Colony

106 We also provide school uniform … 106

107 books, stationery … 107

108 and transport … 108

109 ALLOTMENT OF PLOTS, HOUSES TO THE WORKERS 411 plots allotted in labour colonies Nishter Lahore and Burewala Allocation of 358 flats/houses Nos. to workers in Labour Colony, Defence Road, Lahore and Muzaffargarh

110 WELFARE MEASURES ( ) Welfare Measure No. of cases disbursed till date Amount distributed till date Cases pending with WWF for release of funds Amount Scholarship m m Death Grant m m Marriage Grant m m

111 COMPUTERIZATION OF WELFARE GRANTS Online submission of applications for welfare grants – starting w.e.f G2P (Government to Person) software being introduced

112 PROVISION OF FREE QUALITY EDUCATION TO THE WORKERS’ CHILDREN Total No. of schools 53 No. of students 38,927 For technical education Matric Tech program in 9 schools has been started Free Books, free Stationary & note books, free transport facility. Matriculation results for % vs 66% of BISEMatriculation results for


114 114 CONTD.. Saving of Rs million in provision of transport facility to the student through transparent and competitive measures Establishment of I T labs in 13 schools Establishment of 3 new secondary schools: Sahiwal Wazirabad Jhelum Comprehensive health coverage of all students in collaboration of PESSI

115 NEW HOUSING & EDUCATION PROJECTS Sr. # Name of project Approved Cost (Rs. in Million) ScopeStatus 1 Establishment of Labour Complex at Multan Flats 2 Schools (Boys & Girls – 1440 each) Community Center Mosque Tenders opened on Evaluation of technical bids under process 2 Establishment of Labour Colony at Warburton Flats 2 Schools (Boys & Girls – 1000 each) Community Center Mosque Tenders opened on Evaluation carried out. Case for the award of work under process

116 NEW HOUSING & EDUCATION PROJECTS Contd.. Sr.# Name of project Approved Cost (Rs. in Million) ScopeStatus 3 Workers Welfare Schools for Boys & Girls at D.G. Khan Boys & Girls schools (960 each) Tenders opened on Evaluation carried out. Case for the award of work under process 4 Extension of Workers Welfare School for Girls Near Dandot Railway Station, Dandot Construction of classrooms, Labs. and Admn block For 200 students Tenders opened on Evaluation carried out. Case for the award of work under process

117 NEW HOUSING & EDUCATION PROJECTS Contd.. Sr.# Name of project Approved Cost (Rs. in Million) ScopeStatus 5 Establishment of W.W. Primary School at Labor Colony Shere Bengal Class rooms Admn block For 1500 students Tenders opened on Evaluation carried out. Case for the award of work under process 6 Establishment of Workers Welfare Complex, adjacent to Sundar Industrial Estate, Distt. Kasur flats Boys & girls Schools (for 2680 students each) Community centre, Mosque PC-I submitted to the WWF, Islamabad for approval CONTD..

118 NEW HOUSING & EDUCATION PROJECTS Contd.. Sr. # Name of project Approved Cost (Rs. in Million) ScopeStatus 7 Establishment of WW complex at Rawalpindi - High rise flats Schools Community centre Mosque 273 kanal State Land near Taxila has been identified, The process of preparation of project has also been initiated CONTD..

119  As per directions from the Chief Minister, project with the provision of:  Bachelors accommodation for 10,000 workers  25 bedded hospital  Sports complex  Shopping area  Mosque  Model one window common facility ESTABLISHMENT OF LABOUR COLONY AT UPCOMING QUAID- E-AZAM APPAREL PARK ESTABLISHMENT OF LABOUR COLONY AT UPCOMING QUAID- E-AZAM APPAREL PARK CONTD.

120  The project with the tentative cost of Rs million has been got approved from WWF Islamabad on  Shift in policy from family dwelling to single worker accommodation on the demand of employers  The land is yet to be provided by the PIEDMC to start the project. ESTABLISHMENT OF LABOUR COLONY AT UPCOMING QUAID- E-AZAM APPAREL PARK ESTABLISHMENT OF LABOUR COLONY AT UPCOMING QUAID- E-AZAM APPAREL PARK CONTD.

121 QUAID-E-AZAM APPAREL PARK Planning Criteria FacilityPercentageArea (Kanals) Residential Area Roads3096 Parks, Sports Complex x Hospital516 Mosque x 2516 Commercial Area x TOTAL Acres

122 COSTING BIFURCATION Rs. in Million 1) Living Accommodation 1,200,000 Rs.2,700/- Sft3, )Other infrastructureRs. In Million a) i.2 Rs (M) eachRs ii.A 25 Bedded 150/- (M) eachRs iii.2 Sports Rs.15/- (M) eachRs iv.A Maintenance Rs.3/- (M) eachRs.3.00 v.Commercial area Rs.50/- (M) eachRs Total of (a)Rs b) External Development of 40 Rs.5.50 (M) Acres Rs Total of (a+b)Rs Total (1 + 2) % Consultancy 4% Grand Total Rs.4, Say Rs4,120

123 Total Number of Students1655 Number of Students appeared in Matriculation Examination 2013Matriculation Examination Number of students passed1461 Pass percentage88.44% Ist Position (Worker’s child) Faisal Maqsood S/o Maqsood Ahmad 1005WW School (Boys) Shahdara Ali Hassan Khan S/o Nasir Abbas Khan nd Position (Private student) Kaiyanat Rafique D/o Muhammad Rafique 1002WW School (Girls) Shahdara 3rd Position (Worker’s child) Uraiza Subhani D/o Atique Subani 995WW School (Girls) Multan.


125 Minimum Wages Board Punjab is a statutory tripartite body established on 1 st July, 1970 under Minimum Wages Ordinance LEGAL STATUS 125


127  Chairman  Independent Member  Member Representing The Employers of The Province.  Member Representing The Workers of the Province.  Additional Member Representing Employers From Each of the Listed 51 Industries.  Additional Members Representing Workers From Each of the Listed 51 Industries. COMPOSITION OF THE BOARD (section 3 of M. W. Ordinance, 1961) 127

128 FUNCTIONS  Carry out periodical review, formulate proposals and make recommendations to the government with regard to the minimum rates of wages of :-  Adult Unskilled & Juvenile Workers employed in all industries  All categories of workers (highly-skilled, skilled, semi-skilled & unskilled) employed in 51 listed industries of the province. 128

129 ACHIEVEMENT Minimum wages of unskilled worker notified as Rs. 10,000/- p.m, effective from 1 st July, 2013 Minimum rates of wages of adult unskilled & Juvenile workers employed in all industries and all categories of workers employed in 51 industries were revised and notified. 129

130 Thank You

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