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Leadership Capacity Building

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1 Leadership Capacity Building
SCPHCA Annual Meeting Myrtle Beach October 2012

2 Peter Drucker “Every few hundred years in the history of Western society a transformation takes place. The transformation transcends all aspects of society; the government, the schools, the values, religion, culture, etc. The transformation is not sudden, but takes place over a 50 year or more period. The transformation is so profound that the children born in that era can not comprehend the time in which their parents were born and in which their grandparents lived.” 8:01 2.00 Chip DRUCKER [Read the quote.] Wrote a book that captures the epics of management over time. Described three-four epics in our history representing profound shifts in society. These epics triggered shifts in management practice. Leadership and Organizational Behavior Session 1: History of Management Theory (May 2000)

3 Key Points If you are going to lead people, know where you are taking them Understand you are part of the problem; become part of the solution Direct the Rider; Motivate the Elephant and Build leadership capacity throughout your organization

4 Let’s Talk about the Issues

5 In order to lead, you need to know where you are going
What kind of future do you want to create? Let’s dream together!

6 Remember When? Marcus Welby, M.D.



9 Nana- 82 year old widow Co-morbidities 12 Medications 5 providers
PAD CHF COPD Diabetes Cancer Amputee 12 Medications 5 providers Lives alone

10 Nana Jan April July AUG In/Out Back Dx Chemo ER visit Rehab ER
Procedure Pain of Clot for On-set Squamous Prozac ICU PAD Cell Ca Surgery Bed sores ER in Lung Depressed Gangrene Family Visit Fatalistic Toes Convened Sept Oct November Dec Relocated New ER Radiation Toes And moved Medical CT scan Begins Fall off In with Team for Crashes Family Fall Christmas Day

11 Woodard family

12 Recognize you are part of the problem
Net Negative Net Forward _ -

13 Becoming the Solution Recognize you are part of the problem
Be Positive- Create Net Forward Energy Model the behaviors you are encouraging Become a new employee and see through the eye’s of your patients

14 Pubs; dolphins and elephants

15 Penwerris England Beacon Project
Hazel Stuteley and Phil Trenoweth were case workers in a housing project in Penwerris England Context: 50+% unemployment Highest percentage of children on welfare Among the highest crime rate in England 50% homes no heat Disenfranchised population Illness rate 18% > than the nation

16 Comments from Stakeholders
‘The whole estate was rapidly spiralling out of control and appeared to be attaining ghetto status. A sea of grey, it was deeply depressing.’ Hazel Stuteley. ‘When I came here, the community and the school were at a low ebb. There were many despondent people.’ Richard Carter, Head teacher, Beacon Junior School. ‘There was an attitude among the police and others that everybody living on the estate was a criminal. There was no exchange of information. The community didn’t trust us and we didn’t trust them.’ Bob Mears, Police Community Liaison and Crime Reduction Officer. ‘Living in some of those houses, you might just as well have been in a tent on Bodmin Moor.’ June Chappel, Vice Chairman, Beacon Regeneration Partnership.

17 How did Hazel Transform a Community?
Started one on one listening Created formal “Listening Forums” Founded tenant associations for self-governance Rational process for getting heating Built a community center Lit walking paths Engaged school system Public House held computer classes

18 Penwerris Continued Developed play areas safe for the children
Instilled neighborhood watch programs Created a parent toddler group Introduced traffic calming measures Established a liaison with schools and police Painted dreary buildings bright colors Delivered services in accessible settings-Launderettes Housing representative as middle person for dispute resolution

19 What did they achieve? Heated all the homes
Children on child protection down by 60% Child accident rate down by 50% Overall crime down by 50% Fuel bills cut by 180k pounds Boys’ SATS results improved 100%, girls 25% Improvements in key health indicators

20 Leading A Collaboration
Phillip Scanlan , former VP for Quality for AT&T led a profound collaboration to improve quality A family vacation was spoiled by pollution and 700 dolphins washed up on the shore Coordinated Federal Government; 2 State Governments; 20+ municipalities; vendors and a myriad of stakeholders Decided to use Quality Methods to drive the collaboration

21 Dolphins and the Jersey Shore
Phil Scanlon established a core vision Enrolled others in the vision Developed an all volunteer infrastructure to tackle the problem and execute the vision Established Metrics to track progress Kept an eye on the business case Did a “Root Cause Analysis”

22 What did they find? High bacterial counts in the sand and medical waste washing up on the shore Piers rotting in New York Harbor were floating down the Hudson and depositing on the Jersey Shore Dolphins died of bacterial infections and metal poisoning

23 Drilled down further Piers needed removal and planned replacement
Identified a toxin was related to tribunal tin in recreational boat paint caused a cravotoxin absorbed by food sources of Dolphins Medical waste due to illegal dumping of hospital waste off shore Bacterial counts related to broken storm and waste drains dating back to late 1800’s

24 What did they do? Launched a campaign based on vision Shore to Please
Vanity license plates created by Bureau of Prisons-raised $1M Infrastructure of Committees to work on each of the issues Tracked Metrics regularly- Beach Closure Days Corps of Engineers mapped the broken pipes needing repair Boating paint legislation drafted & passed

25 What happened? Beach closure days went from 800+ to less than 50
Trash haulers prosecuted Storm drains repaired Boat paint legislation passed Economic impact and job impact staggering Dolphins came back

26 Bright Spots- Vietnamese Children and Jerry Sternin
Prior to 1990 Viet Nam had one of the worst levels of malnutrition in the world How do you motivate a nation to improve outcomes?

27 Bright Spot 1990 Jerry Sternin was asked to open an office for Save the Children in Viet Nam With a $50k budget told to fix malnutrition for children across Viet Nam Started with 1 Village Recruited mothers who were “motivated’ Identified Bright Spots among the malnourished Source: Dan Heath ; Switch 2010

28 The Bright Spots : What was different?
Norms among malnourished Fed children twice a day Let children feed themselves Principal staple was rice Sweet-potato greens associated with a stigma of being poor Bright Spots Fed children four times a day Actively fed children by spoon if needed Added shrimp, crabs and sweet-potato greens to the meal Source: Dan Heath ; Switch 2010

29 Bright Spots- Vietnam The start- 4 mothers as Bright Spots
Spread to 50 malnourished families with mother’s in groups of 10 getting together to cook meals and feed kids Six months later 65% of kids nourishment status improved Spread to 14 Villages Reached 265 villages and 2.2 million Vietnamese people Source: Dan Heath ; Switch 2010

30 The Elephant and the Rider Jonathan Haidt, UVA
The Happiness Hypothesis Analogy of an elephant and a rider The elephant is the emotional side The rider is our rational side Change is like keeping the elephant on track- most often fails Elephants have been proven to be a profound resource over history

31 The Elephant The elephant is lazy and skittish, seeks quick pay-offs; instant gratification

32 The Rider His strength is the ability to think long term, to plan, to think beyond the moment

33 The Elephant also has strengths
The elephant also has profound strengths Love, compassion, loyalty When it comes to change, the elephant gets things done The elephant has the energy to get things done

34 The Rider also has weaknesses
Tendency to over-analyze and over-think Paralysis from analysis Planning getting in the way of execution

35 Getting a Rider and an Elephant to Make Change
Rider and Elephant In Balance Working Together The rider and the elephant have to work together We have to appeal to the rational and the emotional side

36 Dan and Chip Heath- Switch
Direct the Rider Follow Bright Spots Script the Critical Moves Point to the Destination Motivate the Elephant Find the feeling Shrink the change Grow your people Shape the Path Tweak the environment Build the habits Rally the herd

37 Dan and Chip Heath- Switch
Direct the Rider Follow Bright Spots- Started with 4 Mothers Script the Critical move Codified the recipe and meals Point to the Destination Showed the healthy kids Motivate the Elephant Find the feeling Engaged the mother’s about their kids Shrink the change 10 women in peer pods cooking Grow your people Empowered the women to spread Shape the Path Tweak the environment Sweet potato greens Build the habits Cooking as group Rally the herd Emory studied the results and showed the impact

38 Key Points If you are going to lead people, know where you are taking them Understand you are part of the problem; become part of the solution Direct the Rider; Motivate the Elephant and Build leadership capacity throughout your organization

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