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Huckleberry Finn 第四組 4970P019 陳嘉駿 4970P057 張婷婷 4970P060 蕭力翔 4970P066 張嫚芩 4970S055 王士佳 4981T001 林峮瑋.

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1 Huckleberry Finn 第四組 4970P019 陳嘉駿 4970P057 張婷婷 4970P060 蕭力翔 4970P066 張嫚芩 4970S055 王士佳 4981T001 林峮瑋

2 The background of the story

3 Mark twain was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens in the town of Florida, Missouri, in 1835. When he was four years old, his family moved to Hannibal, a town on the Mississippi River much like the towns depicted in his two most famous novels, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884). The background of the story

4 While still in his early twenties, Clemens gave up his printing career in order to work on riverboats on the Mississippi. Clemens eventually became a riverboat pilot, and his life on the river influenced him a great deal. Perhaps most important, the riverboat life provided him with the pen name Mark Twain, derived from the riverboat leadsmen’s signal—“By the mark, twain”—that the water was deep enough for safe passage. Life on the river also gave Twain material for several of his books, including the raft scenes of Huckleberry Finn and the material for his autobiographical Life on the Mississippi (1883). The background of the story

5 he was no ardent Confederate, and when his division deserted en masse, he did too. He then made his way west with his brother Orion, working first as a silver miner in Nevada and then stumbling into his true calling, journalism. In 1863, Clemens began to sign articles with the name Mark Twain. Clemens continued to work on the river until 1861, when the Civil War exploded across America and shut down the Mississippi for travel and shipping. Although Clemens joined a Confederate cavalry division,

6 The background of the story Twain began work on Huckleberry Finn, a sequel to Tom Sawyer, in an effort to capitalize on the popularity of the earlier novel. This new novel took on a more serious character, however, as Twain focused increasingly on the institution of slavery and the South. Twain soon set Huckleberry Finn aside, perhaps because its darker tone did not fit the optimistic sentiments of the Gilded Age. In the early 1880s, however, the hopefulness of the post–Civil War years began to fade. Reconstruction, the political program designed to reintegrate the defeated South into the Union as a slavery-free region, began to fail. The harsh measures the victorious North imposed only embittered the South. Concerned about maintaining power, many Southern politicians began an effort to control and oppress the black men and women whom the war had freed.

7 The background of the story the novel has become famous not merely as the crown jewel in the work of one of America’s preeminent writers, but also as a subject of intense controversy. The story of Huckleberry Finn, however, does not end with the death of its author. Through the twentieth century,

8 The person (landscape) introduces

9 Huck-He‘s naughty. He loves adventure and prefer the free life. Pop-Huck's father. He's irresponsible to his son. He's love to drink a lot and even drunk. so he wasn't a very good father. The person introduces

10 Tom Sawyer-He's smart, naughty and crazy. He's adventurous. He's Gang call Tom's Sawyer Gang. And the many boys join his band of robbers. Widow Douglas-She was very nice and kind. She took Huck in as her son and said she wanted to civilize Huck.

11 The person introduces Jim-Miss Watson's slave. He's poor and black but he's a good, true friend with Huck. King-He is a great drinker. And he is very lazy. he didn't want to work, he just want to get money from other people.

12 The summarizer of the story

13 Waif Huck, gives shelter to by the good intention widow, but, this grows up freely in wilderness, he does not like putting on the neat clothes, he likes freely, therefore could not endure widow's inarticulate, he hoped that returned to originally the unrestrained life, therefore he hid in the river on a bonin island, on that island, Huck has run into black slave Jim, because Jim knew that someone will be sold by the slave merchant to the south, so he ran away from his master, like this, Huck and Jim becomes a fugitive the slave Jim same place, rode the wooden raft in the Mississippi river bank drift, on the road has met the storm, as well as the rank smell of blood event, has been involved in the ugly adult world, but Huck was also not knowing that should report secretly or confidentially slave Jim who became a fugitive, but he was being painful. Summarizer

14 sentiments





19 ~The end~

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