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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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1 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
THE STORY SO FAR… The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

2 CHAPTER 1 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Huck and Tom find $6000 each
Huck lives with Widow Douglas and Miss Watson because they are going to “civilize” him Hypocritical: Widow Douglas disapproves of smoking but she smokes snuff The adults are too strict; Huck wants to be free Huck accidently kills a spider Superstition: bad luck will occur (foreshadowing) Huck sneaks out from Widow Douglas’s house Onomatopoeia: me-yow me-yow

3 STUDY QUESTIONS 1 Summarize briefly Huck’s review of the end of Tom Sawyer’s story. Who is actually more irritating to Huck than the widow? What omen does Huck receive that the adventures beginning may be bad or dangerous? Why doesn’t Huck care about “Moses and the Bulrushers”? Why does Huck decide he wants to go to the bad place?

4 CHAPTER 2 Tom plays a joke on Jim, Miss Watson’s slave
Puts Jim’s hat on a tree Superstition: Jim blames it on witches Tom creates “Tom Sawyer’s Gang” Tom is bossy, leader, violent (child but acts like an adult) Tom is imaginative, dreamer vs Huck is realistic Huck offers Miss Watson as family (sacrifice) if he tells the gang’s secrets Huck does not like Miss Watson much

5 STUDY QUESTIONS 2 Who does Huck offer as his “family” that may be killed if he should reveal the secret of the gang? What does it mean to “ransom” captives? How does Jim account for his hat being hung on a tree limb and the nickel being left on the table?

6 CHAPTER 3 Miss Watson is strict with Huck but Widow Douglas is more caring Huck prefers Widow Douglas’s Providence Huck wants to go to hell to be away from Miss Watson and to be with Tom Huck does not understand prayer/ religion Religion does not help him to live everyday life (not realistic) Superstition: Huck walks under a ladder Townspeople believe that Pap drowned but Huck does not believe it Huck has good instinct The Tom Sawyer Gang resign because nothing happens

7 STUDY QUESTIONS 3 Whose idea of Providence does Huck prefer?
What has become of Huck’s father? What happens to the gang of robbers?

8 CHAPTER 4 Huck finds a footprint
Foreshadowing: looks like Pap’s boot tracks Huck is intelligent: “sells” his money to Judge Thatcher Jim tells Huck a fortune with a hairball Superstition Symbolism: black angel and white angel Huck comes home and finds Pap in his room

9 STUDY QUESTIONS 4 Why does Huck want Judge Thatcher to take all his money? What is a hairball and what properties does it have? What does Jim say that the hairball tells him? What does Huck find when he returns to his room?

10 CHAPTER 5 Pap is dirty, hairy, and pale white
A drunkard (alcoholic) Needs money to buy more drinks Huck dislikes Pap The new judge wants Huck to live with Pap The law cannot/does not protect the weak and innocent The new judge tries to reform/change Pap Pap pretends he is changed (superficial, fake) Takes advantage of a good-doer for money

11 STUDY QUESTIONS 5 What has Huck’s father come for?
What is Pap’s “new life,” and how long does it last? What kind of man is Huck’s father? What would he be called today? How does Huck react to him?

12 CHAPTER 6 Pap wants Huck to quit school
Does not want his son to be better than him Connection to race Kidnaps Huck and takes him upriver Pap’s beatings are too much and Huck decides to escape Pap gets extremely drunk and blames the government (gov’t) for his problems Racism: Angry at the positive treatment of African Americans Foreshadowing: calls Huck the “Angel of Death”

13 CHAPTER 7 Huck finds a drifting canoe Huck escapes
Huck is resourceful Huck escapes Takes food and supplies and puts them in the canoe Fakes his own death by killing a wild pig and using its blood -> does not want people to look for him Show’s Huck’s intelligence Goes to Jackson’s Island

14 CHAPTER 8 Huck realizes that people are looking for his dead body
Superstition: fill a loaf of bread with quicksilver (poison) to find a drowned body Hypocrisy of the townspeople Huck finds Jim Jim ran away because Miss Watson is planning sell him for $800 Racism/ Slavery Townspeople are religious but uses superstition to find the corpse Notice Miss Watson, the mean character whom Huck dislikes, owns the slave and treats him like an animal (trade for money)

15 CHAPTER 9 There is a large storm
Jim’s prediction in chapter 8 comes true Religion vs. Superstition Huck and Jim find a house floating and a dead body inside Jim won’t let Huck see the body Jim as an adult figure Compare to Pap, Widow Douglas and Miss Watson, Townspeople

16 STUDY QUESTIONS 5-9 Why does Pap yell at Huck for becoming civilized?
What was Huck’s plan to escape from his father? What purpose does Huck’s death serve? Why is Jim on Jackson’s island?

17 CHAPTER 10 Jim tells Huck that it is bad luck to touch a snake
Superstition Huck plays a prank on Jim Jim gets bitten by a snake and is sick for days Huck feels bad, grows compassion towards Jim Huck realizes the danger of defying superstition and Jim’s knowledge Huck disguises as a girl to hear of the town news Huck is realistic, cares about everyday life Superstition teaches him a lesson (poison, treatment of people)

18 CHAPTER 11 Huck introduces himself as “Sarah Williams from Hookerville” Hears news about his “death” Jim is suspected of murdering Huck $300 reward Pap is suspected of murdering Huck $200 reward Men are going to hunt Jim to get the money Huck and Jim leave Jackson Island

19 CHAPTER 12 Huck and Jim continue down the river
Peaceful and easygoing Symbolism: weather and nature The two find a steamboat caught on a rock from a storm and decide to explore Two men on the ship have tied down another man and are threatening him Compare to Tom’s pretend gang of robbers When Huck tries to prevent the men from escaping, Jim finds that the raft has floated away Huck and Jim are scared but still trying to do good

20 CHAPTER 13 Huck and Jim find the raft again Begins to storm
Steals provisions from the gang Begins to storm “I begun to worry about the men… I begun to think how dreadful it was, even for murderers, to be in such a fix” (p72). Huck creates an elaborate story to tell the watchman about the steamboat Steamboat is named the Walter Scott Ferryman hurries to the rescue for a “reward” Infer the murderers drown in the storm

21 CHAPTER 14 Huck and Jim share knowledge Friendship, partnership
“Well, he was right; he was most always right; he had an uncommon level head, for a nigger” (p76). “I read considerable to Jim about kings, and dukes, and earls and such” (p76).

22 Huck and Jim decide that they do not take stock in King Sollermun’s (Solomon) wisdom
King Solomon is supposed to be the wisest man alive (bible) They (kings) just sit around, whack heads off, keeps harems “A harem’s a bo’d’n-house, I reck’n” (p77).

23 STUDY QUESTIONS 10-14 What is in the two story house that floats by Jackson’s Island? Why does Huck dress as a girl to go ashore? What does he find out? What is the name of the ship in which Huck and Jim find murderers? What do we learn about Jim from his talking about “King Sollermun”?

24 CHAPTER 15 Huck and Jim are going towards Cairo, Illinois where they can go up the Ohio River to the free states Bad weather: fog separates Huck and Jim When they find each other, Jim is extremely happy to see Huck again but Huck plays a prank on Jim Huck pretends that their separation was a dream and confuses Jim

25 When Huck tells the truth, Jim says that cruel tricks are like “trash” and it should make friends ashamed “It was fifteen minutes before I could work myself up to go and humble myself to a nigger – but I done it, and I warn’t ever sorry for it afterwards, neither” (87).

26 CHAPTER 16 “Jim said it made him all over trembly and feverish to be so close to freedom” (88). “Well, I can tell you it made me all over trembly and feverish, too, to hear him, because I begun to get it through my head that he was most free – and who was to blame for it? Why, me” (88). Huck’s internal conflict: struggles with his shame of helping a slave escape

27 Huck lies to slave hunters so that Jim would not be found
Huck decides to turn Jim in but changes his mind when Jim calls him his “bes’ fren’” (90) Huck lies to slave hunters so that Jim would not be found What do the slave hunters and the townspeople have in common? Is Huck a moral or an immoral person? Huck and Jim discover that they passed Cairo in the fog A steamboat wrecks the raft and the two are separated again

28 CHAPTER 17 Huck arrives at an impressive house owned by the Grangerford family Grangerfords are hospitable to Huck once they check that he is not a member of the Shepherdson family The Grangerfords have a son named Buck Similar age, close friends Wants to kill a Shepherdson

29 CHAPTER 18 Colonel Grangerford: gentleman, aristocrat, kind
What does he represent? Easy person in the Grangerford family has his/her own slave Grangerfords and Shepherdsons are feuding Killing one another No one remembers the reason The Grangerfords and Shepherdsons go to church and learn about brotherly love Everyone is carrying a gun

30 Huck finds Jim hiding behind some trees with their raft
Miss Sophia Grangerford and young Harney Shepherdson run away together The two families shoot at one another People die including Buck Huck and Jim run away “It made me so sick” (116) “there warn’t no home like a raft” (117) Twain shows the foolishness of humans

31 STUDY QUESTIONS 15-18 What trick does Huck play on Jim?
Why doesn’t Huck turn Jim in? Describe the difference between Huck and the slave hunters. Why did Twain include this adventure with the Grangerfords?

32 CHAPTER 19 Huck helps two men who are chased by men on horses with dogs What does this show you about Huck? Huck and Jim could have been in the same situation if the townspeople found them on Jackson Island or if the slave hunters found Jim (chapter 16) The older man (70years old) was selling fake toothpaste and the younger man (30years old) was collecting money to support prohibition although he was drinking secretly. The men trick the townspeople for money The townspeople are foolish and gullible for falling for their tricks

33 The two con men decide to work together
The younger man says that he is the Duke of Bridgewater Duke: high class, just below the king The older man then says that he is the Dauphin, the King of France Huck knows that the men are liars but do not say anything Why?

34 CHAPTER 20 The duke and the king ask if Jim is a runaway slave
Huck pretends that Jim is his slave Why does he lie? The duke and king take Jim and Huck’s beds How do the duke and king treat people? Huck and Jim have to be lookouts but Jim takes over when Huck is too sleepy Jim takes care of Huck and protects him Friendship, parent figure

35 In Pokeville, Huck and the king go to a religious meeting where the people are praying and singing so hard that they were “just wild and crazy” As Huck and Jim go further south, the people they meet are more wild, savage, intense, prejudiced They cannot see the truth because of their stubborn beliefs and prejudice

36 SITUATIONAL IRONY The duke has an idea on how to travel without interruptions: he makes a sign with a picture of a runaway slave and “$200 reward,” then ties Jim with ropes so they can pretend that they caught him for the reward money Situational irony: What is expected to happen and what actually happens do not match Jim is actually a real runaway slave Jim has to pretend to be caught to be free There is actually a reward for Jim

37 CHAPTER 21 The duke and the king practice their Shakespearean play “Shakspearean Revival” Mark Twain also alludes to Romeo and Juliet during the Grangerford vs Sheperdson feud The duke and the king do not know Shakespeare well What kind of people watch/read Shakespeare? The town they are in is run down, neglected, and caving in Shakespeare represents Romanticism while the run down town represents reality

38 Colonel Sherburn shoots a drunk man named Boggs in front of Boggs’s daughter
Boggs: ordinary man, rude, without manners, ignorant Col. Sherburn: high class, civilized gentleman, unfair power, law, without sympathy Townspeople: watch Boggs’ death, superficial, without morals, cowardice

39 CHAPTER 22 Somebody argues that Sherburn should be lynched and everyone agrees Mob mentality: people act differently in a group because they do not want to go against the crowd The townspeople become violent Sherburn says that the people are cowards because they would not be brave without the mob Huck goes to see a circus People enjoy seeing a drunk man trying to hold on to a bucking horse -> cruel, selfish, violent Huck is scared to see the danger

40 CHAPTER 23 The king and the duke put on a play called “The Royal Nonesuch” Women and children are not allowed to watch The audience is angry but they don’t want to admit that they have been tricked so they do not reveal the scam “What we want is to go out of here quiet, and talk this show up, and sell the rest of the town! Then we’ll be in the same boat.” Performance goes on for three days

41 Jim thinks about his wife and children
Jim asks Huck why Huck is not surprised at the duke and the king’s behavior Huck: “It’s the way they’re raised.” Jim thinks about his wife and children Huck: “I do believe he cared just as much for his people as white folks does for their’n” Jim is thinking about the time when he hit his daughter, Elizabeth, for not obeying -> he is very upset because he did not realize she was deaf and mute

42 CHAPTER 24 The duke disguises Jim again by painting his face blue and making a sign that says “Sick Arab – but harmless when not out of his head” The group meets a young man by the river The king pretends to be Reverend Elexander Blodgett The man thinks the king looks like Mr. Wilks, the brother of a rich man The king and the duke decide to pretend to be the brothers so they can steal the inheritance (money)

43 Dead brother: Peter Wilks Brothers: Harvey and William (deaf and dumb)
Lives in England Nieces: Mary Jane, Susan, Joanna (hare-lip) The king and duke pretends to cry for the dead brother Huck describes them “It was enough to make a body ashamed of the human race”

44 CHAPTER 25 The king and the duke gives all their money to the girls to gain their trust Dr. Robinson is the only one who realizes that the king and the duke are fakes but no one believes him The king uses a bad English accent and uses the wrong word during the funeral The girls give the king and duke all their money to prove that they trust the king and the duke

45 STUDY QUESTIONS 19-25 How did Jim and Huck meet the king and the duke?
Does Huck believe their stories about their births? Why did people return to see the “Royal Nonesuch” show? Where did the king and the duke get their plan about being the Wilks brothers?

46 CHAPTER 26 Hare-lip asks Huck questions about England
Huck makes up lies but he does not feel bad because he lies only when he needs to and for the right reasons She tells Huck to swear on a dictionary Huck feels bad that the king and the duke are stealing the girls’ money so he decides to return it Huck steals the money (under the mattress) from the king and the duke’s hiding place before anyone finds out

47 CHAPTER 27 When Huck is trying to hide the money, he hears a sound, panics, and puts the money in the coffin The coffin is buried, Huck is not sure if the money is still in the coffin The king and duke promise to take the girls with them to England so that they can sell the house and the slaves When the king and the duke cannot find the money, Huck lies and says that the slaves stole it

48 CHAPTER 28 Mary Jane feels bad about the slaves so Huck confesses to her that the king and the duke were fakes Huck tells Mary Jane to go to Mr. Lothrop’s because she is not good at pretending Huck write a letter to MJ to tell her where the money is The real Wilks brothers arrive

49 CHAPTER 29, 30 The real Wilks brother asks the king to tell the townspeople what is tattooed on Peter’s chest The king says that the tattoo is a small, thin, blue arrow The real brother says that it is P-B-W The people dig up the coffin and finds the money Huck tries to run away but the king and the duke catches him

50 CHAPTER 31 While the king and the duke are fighting, Huck tries to run away from them, but he cannot find Jim Huck finds out that the king sold Jim to a man named Silas Phelps for $40 Self vs. Self Conflict: Huck thinks about whether he should write a letter to Miss Watson about where Jim is If Jim is a slave anyway, then he is better being a slave near his family But Miss Watson might be mean to him for running away

51 Huck write the letter but thinks about his friendship with Jim
“All right, then. I’ll go to hell” Huck rips up the letter and decides to help Jim escape He does not regret his decision

52 STUDY QUESTIONS 26-31 Why does Huck steal the money from the mattress?
What doesn’t Huck’s conscience bother him when he lies so much? What things give away the king and the duke? Why is it important that Huck says, “All right, then, I’ll go to hell.”?

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