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0202 IAT 102 Graphic Design. 0202 Typography Typeface Spacing.

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1 0202 IAT 102 Graphic Design

2 0202 Typography Typeface Spacing

3 Typography Content and images taken from: Lupton’s Thinking with Type, Megg’s History of Graphic Design and Jubert’s Typography and Graphic Design

4 Gutenberg’s moveable Type in Europe (1453-1455 A.D.) metal type

5 Chinese movable type (c. 1040 AD)

6 Letterpress technology a classic typographic page Typographic design is not only an act of mark making, but also of spacing.

7 Leading refers to the thin strips of lead that divide the horizontal lines of type. A font size is determined by the entire piece of metal. Therefore, not all 10pt. fonts look exactly the same - they can have differing x-heights.

8 origin

9 Letter anatomy

10 Typeface Content and images taken from: Craig’s Designing with Type and Saffer’s Designing for Interaction

11 Typefaces commonly called fonts categorized into two groups called serif sans-serif

12 (top) Garamond circa 1500s and (bottom) Gill Sans 1927 typeface Serif typefaces are easy to read and are excellent for long passages of text (e.g. books) Sans-serif typefaces are generally used for shorter passages of text and for text that is meant to be scanned quickly (e.g. signage)

13 Typeface, serif + sans serif

14 Old Style Font: (Centaur) - Axis inclined - Moderate contrast

15 Transitional Font: (Baskerville) - Axis vertical - Moderate contrast

16 Modern Font: (Bodoni) - Axis vertical - strong contrast

17 Egyptian Font: (Rockwell) - low contrast - strong serifs

18 Sans Serif Font (Grotesque): (Helvetica) - no serifs


20 widow

21 A single line on the top of a page is also called widow

22 orphan if the first line of a paragraph appears on its own at the bottom of a page, we call it an orphan

23 widows and orphans

24 Typeface is an important choice in any visual interface, providing not only a platform for useable, readable, and clear labels and text, but also personality.

25 personality







32 “Typography is mostly an act of dividing a limited space.” Willi Baumeister, 1923.

33 Word spacingCharacter spacing (kerning) Linespacing (leading)

34 kerning







41 Flush left: the vertical alignment may seem irregular, especially when the first letter in each line is a cap. Letters having straight vertical strokes, such as B, E, F, H, I, M, N, P and R, align perfectly, while IRREGULAR CAP LETTERS SUCH AS A, C, J, O, T, V, W, AND Y, MUST BE ALIGNED OPTICALLY. kerning

42 optical letter spacing


44 word spacing



47 line length



50 Announcements: -Pop Quiz next week -Recognize fonts, Lupton, classification p. 42 -Read Sturken, Practices of looking

51 fin

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