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Single Window Perspective The International Trade Data System - ITDS UN CEFACT Forum March 2007.

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1 Single Window Perspective The International Trade Data System - ITDS UN CEFACT Forum March 2007

2 Program - Agenda Orientation and Definition Enabling Legislation - Safe Port Act Standardized Information Harmonization Steps Drivers/Developments

3 Orientation Awareness/Acknowledgment of… Many agencies involved in trade The public’s expectation –Role of government in trade Availability and source of data –The use and importance of global standards –The entities having data Timing of a data submission –Shift from time of arrival to export

4 What is a Single Window “…a Single Window is defined as a facility that allows parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents with a single entry point to fulfil all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements [for goods, conveyances, equipment, and crew]. If information is electronic, then individual data elements should only be submitted once.” UN ECE Recommendation 33, Recommendations and Guidelines on Establishing a Single Widow

5 US Safe Port Act 2005 Section 404 International Trade Data System Section 404, International Trade Data System – “…All Federal trade agencies that require documentation for clearing or licensing the importation of cargo shall participate in the ITDS.” –“…shall insure that the ITDS data requirements are compatible with the commitments of the United States as a member of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) for the entry and movement of cargo.”

6 US Safe Port Act 2005 Section 403, Negotiations “…The Secretary of Homeland Security…shall align, to the extent practicable, Customs procedures, standards, requirements, and commitments in order to facilitate the efficient flow of international trade...” –Harmonize import data, –Automate and harmonize the collection and storage of commercial data, –Develop transparent standards for the release of cargo

7 Standardized Information WCO Data Model (B2G, G2B,and G2G) –CUSCAR, CUSREP,CUSDEC, and PAXLST UN Trade Data Elements Directory – UNTDED UN eDocs - Paper and electronic representation of trade documents (B2B) UN Cross Border Reference Data Model (B2G and B2B) Core Component Technical Specifications (CCTS)

8 Harmonization Steps Capturing –Identifying and inventorying agencies’ requirements Defining –The meaning – what information is conveyed Analyzing –Comparing similar names and definitions Reconciling –Agreement to use one name, definition, coding –Domestically, then internationally

9 Capturing Name Description/Definition Type (A, N, AN) Domain (code list) Mode of transport –Marine, air, rail, truck Process –Import, export, transit Category of use –Goods, conveyance, equipment, crew Legal Authority –Collect and view Data source –Trade, transport, government Trade source –Importer, exporter, broker, forwarder Timing –Pre-arrival, arrival, release, post-release, data warehouse

10 Capturing, Defining, Analyzing, Reconciling Currently collected Port of unlading Port of unloading US Port of unlading US Port of unloading Foreign Port of unlading Foreign Port of unloading Port Codes 4 N US Proprietary 5 N Schedule ‘K’ CA Proprietary MX Proprietary From the WCO DM Place of discharge, coded UNTDED 3225/3227 UNLOCODE UNECE Recommendation Number 16 Port Of Unloading HARMONIZESTANDARDIZE

11 COARRIContainer discharge/loading report message (X12 322) CODECOContainer gate-in/gate-out report message -- CUSCARCustoms cargo report message (X12 311) CUSDECCustoms declaration message -- CUSRESCustoms response message (X12 350) DELFORDelivery schedule message (X12 830) DELJITDelivery just in time message (X12 862, 866) DESADVDispatch advice message (X12 856) IFCSUMForwarding and consolidation summary message -- IFTMANArrival notice message (X12 312) IFTMBCBooking confirmation message (X12 301) IFTMBFFirm booking message (X12 300) IFTMCSInstruction contract status message (X12 858, 859, 310) IFTMINInstruction message (X12 304) IFTSTAInternational multimodal status report message (X12 315) INVOICInvoice message (X12 810) RECADVReceiving advice message (X12 861) MOSS Messages

12 Additional Drivers Safe Port Act of 2005 WCO Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade (WCO SAFE) Revised Kyoto Convention UN CEFACT Technical Business Groups –TBG 3–Transport, 4–Customs,15-Facilitation IMO FAL Compendium IATA e-freight initiative (ICAO)

13 Single Window Developments Australian Standardized Data Set (SDS) Association of S.E. Asian Nations (ASEAN) Single Window Canadian Single Window EU Single Window Initiative APEC Single Window US International Trade Data System (ITDS) Automotive Industry Action Group AIAG –Materials Off-Shore Sourcing – (MOSS)

14 Sources of Information –WCO Data Model v 2.0 and corresponding EDIFACT messages –Unique Consignment Reference (UCR) –WCO Framework –Revised Kyoto Convention –Recommendation 33 Single Window Guidelines –Single Window Repository –eDocs and CCTS

15 Thank You Contact Information William Nolle P 703.629.7005 F 703.6682561 M 703.629.7005 Additional Information

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