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Research Notes Hannah Lindsay. Hero Someone who shows great courage (“Hero”). Someone who fights for a cause (“WordNet”).

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1 Research Notes Hannah Lindsay

2 Hero Someone who shows great courage (“Hero”). Someone who fights for a cause (“WordNet”).

3 Taryn and Michael Davis The two dated in high school, broke up, and reconnected when Michael decided to join the US Army(“ TARYN DAVIS" ). Ten months after marriage he was called to active duty in Iraq(“ Taryn Davis”). On May 21st, a neighbor called Taryn to tell her to come home. She found two men waiting at her door to tell her that her husband had been killed by roadside bombs two hours after she and Michael had instant-messaged that day(“ TARYN DAVIS”).

4 Taryn’s next step Looked for support- researched online for others feeling the way she did (" CNN" ). Reached out to one widow whose spouse died in the same incident as Michael- inspired her to travel across the country to hear other women’s stories (“ CNN”). Her own journey to recovery expanded into the AWP and a documentary film. (“ TARYN DAVIS”). Taryn found her passion which was to carry on Michael’s legacy and help others in her shoes (“ TARYN DAVIS”). Taryn wishes to make the new generation “aware that sacrifice and survival takes place on a daily basis” (“ TARYN DAVIS” ).

5 Words from Taryn “DS: ‘Can you describe the moment you knew that you were actually making a difference?’ TD: Military widows come from all over the country for a weekend event with the hopes of finding someone who understands first hand what they have been through. The first night is usually a laid back evening where we just hang out, eat pizza, and get to know each other. We share our stories, laugh, cry and most importantly bond through our shared tragedy. Rather than conventional therapy meetings, we plan activities and go out into the world to be reminded that it is possible to laugh, heal and live with enthusiasm and strength. By the end of the weekend, most of the widows share how the weekend has changed their outlook on life and they are able to leave with a sense of peace knowing they are not alone. As one widow has said, ‘I feel like I have a new lease on life’,” (“Meet”).

6 Continued… “We fill up the RSVP list for events within minutes and the demand is continually growing. Each year, the support we receive from the outside community solidifies the fact that we are doing something great, something desperately needed, and most importantly people are realizing and starting to understand that there is another side of our heroes sacrifice” (“Meet”). “My ultimate goal is that every military widow of this generation knows she is not alone. By coming together, we create a community of understanding and trust. Hopefully, with time and support, these women can and will embrace life to the fullest extent as they would have with their heroes” (“Meet”). “With more awareness, hopefully people will understand when that young soldier or marine lost his/her life, there was someone back at home who was awaiting their return, whose life was also just shattered. With more awareness, there is more understanding and support for these women. I hope to continue expanding the American Widow Project and to make this organization available to all widows in the first days of being notified of their spouse’s death. We look forward to creating more events more often to accommodate the demand to attend our getaway events” (“Meet”).

7 Emotions of those who lose loved- ones “War widows find ways to cope, but there’s really no cure for the pain” (Brink). Deb Kiser, a war widow, is in therapy and taking medication to cope with the pain (Brink). “Even under the best of circumstances, healing comes slowly” (Brink). May experience shock, anger, or guilt (“Coping”). Grief = emotional suffering you feel after losing a loved one “No ‘normal’ timetable to grieving” (“Coping”). Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a psychiatrist, introduced the “five stages of grief.”: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance (“Coping”). The symptoms of grief are shock and disbelief, sadness, guilt, anger, fear, and physical symptoms (“Coping”).

8 Basic info on Beth (Main character in The Girl Death Left Behind ) Beth was a teenage girl, about to enter high school when she lost her mother, father, brother, and sister in a car crash (Lurlene 34). She had to move to Tampa with her aunt, uncle, and self-centered cousin (Lurlene 46). Had to overcome the loss of her family all while dealing with her new home, new town, new school, new family, and while missing her friends (Lurlene). Beth helped herself as well as Sloane, a girl in her school who had a poor family life. Beth invited Sloane to her aunt and uncle’s home for Thanksgiving when she found out that Sloane had nowhere else to go (Lurlene 95). Beth was quiet while coping with her loss- didn’t want to talk much with people (Lurlene).

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11 To do: Research and add Taryn’s awards and recognition in time for the essay Add info from sources that were not used in my notes (if info in unnecessary, I’ll delete the sources from my works cite).

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