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1 Welcome. Catenian Association Membership Presentation.

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1 1 Welcome

2 Catenian Association Membership Presentation

3 3 What are the Catenians all about? Put simply: FAITH FAMILY FRIENDSHIP FUN

4 4 What is the Catenian Association? We are an international brotherhood of Catholic men We meet socially every month at local branches known as “Circles”. We encourage each other and our families both in social life and at work

5 5 Structure and Membership The Association was founded in Manchester in 1908 There are approximately 11,000 members, called Brothers, mostly in the UK, but also in Australia, India, Ireland, Malta, South Africa, and Zimbabwe ‘Catena’ is Latin for ‘Chain’ The Chain has approximately 300 links called Circles. Kenilworth is the 202nd Circle and was founded in 1961 Circles are grouped geographically in Provinces - in the UK there are 23 Provinces

6 6 Structure (continued) We are in Province 6, the largest in the UK, with 23 Circles: BirminghamKidderminster and DistrictRugbyStratford-on-Avon City of BirminghamLeamington SpaShrewsburyStreetly City of CoventryCity of LichfieldSolihullSutton Coldfield Droitwich and DistrictMalvernStaffordWalsall Vale of EveshamNorth WarwickshireStoke-on-TrentWolverhampton KenilworthRedditchStourbridge

7 7 Structure (continued) Circles and Circle Councils Provincial Councils Grand Council (Offices in Coventry) Each level has a Council, which is led by a President - Circle President, Provincial President and Grand President Presidents are elected annually providing frequent opportunity for change in style and social content

8 8 Objectives of the Association Foster fraternal respect among the Members Develop social bonds between Members and their families Support Members and their dependants by individual or collective action Advance the interests of young Catholics and to assist them in the choice or pursuit of a career - Bursary Funds Establish, maintain and administer Benevolent Funds for the benefit of a Brother or a Brother’s Widow in financial difficulty Care for a Brother, his Wife, Widow or family in difficulty or need, whether morally, spiritually or financially

9 9 What we are Not Affiliated to or supportive of any Political Party A Catholic Pressure Group A Fund Raising Organisation except on special occasions - for example a charity is usually chosen and supported by a President in his year of office.

10 10 Who are Members ? Members come from a wide range backgrounds Many are already active in civic affairs or in the service of the Church through lay and other organisations

11 11 Qualification for Membership To be, and continue to be, a practising Roman Catholic To be a layman and over 21 years old To be accepted as a suitable Candidate

12 12 Activities at Circle Level Monthly Meeting The same day of the same week e.g. Kenilworth is the third Wednesday of every month. Formal Meeting - Dinner follows After Dinner Speaker, on a whole variety of topics or Quizzes, Choral entertainment, Race Nights etc

13 13 Circle Activities - Spiritual Prayers in Monthly meeting President’s Annual Mass Annual Mass for Vocation Annual Circle Mass for Deceased Brothers Mass on the death of a Brother

14 14 Circle Activities (cont) With Wives and Families Ladies’ Informal Evenings Ladies’ Formal Dinner Dance Social Gatherings - Barbecues,Rambles, Picnics, Visit, Canal Trips, Gliding

15 15 Provincial Activities Visiting other Circles (Visiting is one of the main - and one of the most enjoyable - ways of developing social bonds - e.g. local normal Monthly Meetings, while travelling or on moving home) Enjoying other Circles’ Social Functions Other Circles’ Ladies’ Formals and Informals Annual Provincial Weekend Annual Provincial Families’ Day Provincial Ball Provincial President’s Mass Annual Provincial Mass for Deceased Brothers

16 16 National and International Activities Golf - UK, Ireland and France Catenian Caravanning Fellowship Annual Association Conference Malta Week Grand President’s International Visit

17 17 Obligations of Membership To remain a practising Roman Catholic To attend the Monthly Circle Meeting regularly, even when this entails some personal inconvenience To visit other Circles to enlarge one’s friendships within the Brotherhood To participate actively in the Social Programme of the Circle and the Association To attend President’s Mass, Requiems and other religious occasions arranged within the Association

18 18 Obligations of Membership (cont) To visit sick Brothers and to pray for those who have died To pay promptly Subscriptions and other dues, including those for social functions To contribute realistically to the Association’s Charities To accept Office, when practicable, and to take an active part in the Association’s affairs To sponsor suitable Candidates for Membership

19 19 What are the benefits? Why join? Meet other Catholic men with similar values Become part of a community offering lifelong support and friendship Mix with other Catholics – “like minded people” Be part of a group that helps each other and their families in all aspects of life Provide your family with opportunities for friendship and social activity

20 20 Catenian Membership Obvious question..... How much does it cost?

21 21 Financial Considerations Capitation Fee (National Association)£ 32 Annual Subscription (Kenilworth)£ 93 Additional Gift Aided Bursary Fund(optional)£ 25 Circle Dinners (Maximum)£ 200 Visits to Other Circles (say 3 a year)£ 75 Social Events (Ladies’ Nights etc.)£ 50 ===== Approximate Total-maximum£ 475 ===== The above costs depend on Circle Subscriptions and your own commitment and participation level

22 22 Financial Considerations The Cost? £400 - £500 p.a. £8 -£10 Per week on average

23 23 Joining Procedure (3 - 5 Months) Join Circle for Dinner (minimum 2 Dinners) Sit in on a meeting as an Observer Understand the Ethos and Objectives Get to know each other Be proposed Informal discussion with Candidate and his wife (so that she understands what her husband may be joining!) Application Form completed

24 24 Joining Procedure (contd) Application Form presented to and approved by Circle Council Recorded by Head Office Notification to Brothers of Circle and Province of pending Enrolment Enrolment Then...... it’s........

25 25 Welcome to Kenilworth Circle

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