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Overview of Professional Film Production Stages of the Filmmaking Process DevelopmentPreproductionProductionPostproduction.

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2 Overview of Professional Film Production

3 Stages of the Filmmaking Process DevelopmentPreproductionProductionPostproduction

4 Development Begins from the moment someone says “ Let ’ s make a movie! ” Ends when we start actually hiring people. Can take from many months to many years.

5 Where do movie ideas come from? Original Ideas Novels Real Life BroadwayMusicComics Other Movies/TV shows

6 Development Stages of the Script IdeaSynopsisTreatment Screenplay (Author ’ s Final) Shooting Script

7 Synopis A brief summary of the storyline. The Widow Paris is the story of Marie Leveau and how she develops from faithful Catholic to Voodoo queen.

8 Treatment Generally written in simple prose. Includes all of the major scenes, but... little or no dialogue. The Widow Paris Treatment As Jacques Paris chissels strange symbols on the lid of a wooden box in his carpenter's studio, Marie Paris assists Pere Antoine as the aging priest administers the last rites to a yellow fever victim in a slave ’ s shack while the worried relatives look on. When Jacques' blade accidently cuts his hand Marie reacts as if striken herself and when a drop of Jacque's blood spills inside the box, the yellow fever victim breathes his last and Marie rushes from the room shaken. Pere Antoine joins her outside the shack. Convinced that she's fatigued from the long day of visiting fever victims, he sends her home. Marie finds Jacques collapsed on the floorin his studio, conscious, but unable to talk. Marie examines the box Jacques was working on and discovers a note with the name of the voodoun Dr. John on it. Marie brings the box to Dr. John and tells him to take the "fix" off her husband. He tells her that he can't since the loa (spirits) are using Jacques to get to her. He tells her that she has a spiritual power and offers to help her realize it. When she shuns his offer he tells her about a job opportunity as a hair dresser for Judge Fouquet's wife and gives her a charm to help her land the job.

9 Screenplay ( “ author ’ s final ” ) Written in “ master scene ” form. Usually only the first shot of a scene is described. All dialogue is included. 9. INT. MARIE'S COTTAGE--NIGHT Marie opens the door to Jacque's work room. The box he was working on sits on the table lit by candles at each of its four corners. MARIE Jacques? Marie crosses and studies the box. Something stirs in the room, startling her. It's Jacques sitting on the floor, shrouded in flickering shadows. MARIE Jacques! She kneels beside him and sees a bloody rag tied around his hand.

10 Screenplay Format

11 Producer The term ” producer ” means many things. The “ executive producer ” is the person responsible for raising the money and caring the project through to its final exploitation.

12 How do you raise money for a movie? Write a check? Get a loan from a bank? Investors?

13 Producer must create an attractive “ package ” Producer ’ s own track record Option a “ property ” Option stars Option a director/writer

14 Preproduction Begins when we start hiring people. Ends when we begin filming. Usually takes several weeks to several months.

15 After at least the “ startup ” money is raised, the producer usually hires... Production Manager Screen Writer(s) Director

16 Production Management Shooting Script Storyboard Script Breakdown Location Scouting Shooting Schedule Budget

17 Shooting Script Script is “ lined ” and prepared for breakdown.

18 Storyboard

19 Script Breakdown Sheet Location/ Time of Day CharactersCostumesProps Mechanical Effects Special Equipment Stunts Transportation / Food

20 Shooting Schedule EfficiencyAvailability Performer ’ s needs Guild regulations Psychology

21 Budget CastCrew Equipment / Supplies Sets / Locations Lab Costumes / Makeup Props Props Transportation / Food

22 Production Begins when we put film in a camera. Ends when “ principal photography ” is completed--i.e. the film is “ wrapped. ” Usually takes several weeks to several months.

23 Production Organization

24 Other Crew Possibilities Production Designer Art Director Costume Designer WardrobeMakeupStunts

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