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Setsubun 節分 Changing of the Season 二月三日 クラリッサ ヅレーク.

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1 Setsubun 節分 Changing of the Season 二月三日 クラリッサ ヅレーク

2 節分 ( せつぶん ) is a Japanese holiday on 二月三 日 every year to celebrate the coming of spring and to bring good luck in and drive bad spirits out.

3 People throw soybeans ( まめ ) and yell: 鬼は外 ! 福は内 ( おに は そと ! ふく は うち !) (Demons out, Luck in!) To keep evil spirits away. Soybeans are for purifying the home.

4 A comedy ( きょうげん ) performed at the みぶ Temple in きょうと explains the tradition of throwing beans: “ One day a demon disguised himself and came to the house of an old widow. He possessed a magic mallet, and with it, he fashioned a beautiful kimono. Temptation got the best of the old widow, and she succumbed to its beauty. She plotted to steal it away from the demon by getting him drunk. Not satisfied with just the kimono, she thought she would get the magic mallet as well. Surprised by the abrasive greed of the old woman, the demon revealed his true self. So scared, the old widow got hysterical and starting throwing the first thing handy, a bunch of beans she had on hand. The demon fled the scene leaving the widow without her greedy desires but nonetheless wiser and healthier. ”

5 People visit shrines for 節分 ( せつぶん ) Some dress up as 鬼 ( おに ) demons and others throw soybeans at them.

6 Decorations of fish heads, garlic, and holly leaves are displayed on doors to ward away 鬼 ( おに )

7 Traditionally, a type of すし called 巻き寿司 ( まきずし ) is eaten. 巻き寿司 is a roll of seaweed, rice and fish or vegetables.

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