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User-defined Operational Picture (UDOP) for USSTRATCOM Net-centric Collaboration and Situational Awareness.

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1 User-defined Operational Picture (UDOP) for USSTRATCOM Net-centric Collaboration and Situational Awareness

2 Topics GAPS Project Highlights UDOP Architecture & Key Concepts
UDOP Authoring and Application of AGI Technology Data and System Connectivity Summary and Future Plans

3 GAPS Highlights Hosts visually fused Global Shared Situational Awareness services supporting agile Net-Centric Operations on NIPRNET, SIPRNET and JWICS Provides users with a decision-focused view of operational environments Organizes disparate C2ISR data sources for situational awareness (SA) Enables collaboration for timely decision-making in a distributed environment Supports USSTRATCOM’s daily operations Highlighted in C2 Data Pilot (Phase 3) as lead integrator for DISA, JFCOM and USSTRATCOM Selected by USAF Global Cyberspace Integration Center (GCIC) to provide demonstrations of Global Air Picture requirements 3

4 Evolution towards Machine-to-Machine Web Systems
Model System Description Analysis Machine-to- Human (M2H) Web-based Application Exposes data for M2H use by allowing user to look at data on a table/map. Application is available across GIG via a web browser Data is “locked” in the application. Data cannot be overlaid or fused with data from other systems Machine-to- Human-to- Machine (M2H2M) Web-based Data Portal Allows manual data download where data can be retrieved from one system (in a standard form) and injected into another Still requires a man-in- the-loop operating a web browser for every “data gathering” step Machine-to- Machine (M2M) Web Services Provides data via XML web services that allow for direct access to the data contents without requiring a human using a browser ENABLES CROSS- STOVEPIPE CONSUMPTION!

5 What is a UDOP? UDOP = User-Defined Operational Picture
Decision-focused view of the operational environment that organizes disparate data sources to support accurate situational awareness (SA) and timely decision-making in a distributed net-centric environment Users must be able to: Create UDOPs (identify content to be included/excluded for the picture) Visualize UDOPs (specify how selected content should be presented) Augment UDOPs (derive added-value based on domain knowledge) Tailor UDOPs (adjust contents to address needs of user/echelon) Share UDOPs (conduct rich collaboration in a net-centric enterprise)

6 GAPS Architecture Visualization Collaboration Data Exposure

7 Desktop UDOP Author (based on STK Engine)
Complete authoring control of scenario Control of time span Add/change/delete data layers Change filtering of data layers Select base globe Open file/from repository/save/close Preview scenario Animate Change views Toggle data layer visibility Export snapshot products JPEG, KML, VDF, WMV, HTML, etc. Publish scenario template and products To common, web based repository Promote collaboration 7

8 Thin Client UDOP Author (based on AGI components)
Overall goals Improve stability Improve usability Data sources Leverage existing loaders Develop renderers to allow additional data sources to be used in thin client author Support AWS Air Tracks and AWS Ground Tracks Application functionality Save projects to repository Read only view of layer properties Refresh layer to retrieve updated data items Picking/drill through for individual data items 8 8

9 Direct KML Adapters (Missiles, Satellites, Analytics)

10 GAPS System Connectivity for STRATCOM
AFWA (Air Force Weather Agency): Observations and forecasts (clouds) JFCC-ISR / DIOCC: ISR Asset Allocation & Maintenance NGA GVS (Geospatial Visualization Services): Base map data SISP (Single Integrated Space Picture): Satellite Element-sets SKIWeb : Geo-events of interest FSR (Force Status Readiness) : ICBM and LCC location/status WIDOW (Web-based IR Data for Ops & Warfighter): OPIR events SMADS/CIP : Blue Force Assets JBFSA (Joint Blue Force Situational Awareness): Army Air/Ground Tracks JTCW/C2PC : Marine Air/Ground Tracks

11 Different Data & Consumers on Different Networks
NIPRNET SIPRNET JWICS Base Data Commercial Google Earth ESRI ArcGIS Globes AGI GlobeServer GAPS GlobeServer National Capitals MAJCOM Borders SSN, Launch Sites GVS Google Earth GVS ArcGIS Globes Data Services SKIWeb WDAC Weather (JMBL) News Feeds (GeoRSS) USGS Quakes (GeoRSS) Sat DBs CRD Routes AWS (JRE) SKIWeb ● WDAC (JMBL) JFCC-ISR ● CRD Routes SISP ● JTCW (C2PC) JBFSA ● WIDOW MDAL ● AWS (JRE) TBMCS ● FSR ASAP (IBS) ● RECON 2 E-Space WARP/GDS C2BMC NKIS M2M Consumers SKIWeb [SS & Gaz] FSR [SS] SKIWeb [SS& Gaz]

12 Summary The AGI Components and STK Engine allow developers the tools necessary to implement UDOP that supports situational awareness within net-centric operations AGI Technologies are supporting end users at USSTRATCOM and their AOC located at Barksdale AFB The GAPS Author based on AGI component technology develops and publishes VDF scenarios to user communities having access to the AGI Viewer The AGI Viewer is approved for classified network usage STK’s strong spatial-temporal visualization and analysis capabilities support a variety of C2 and ISR activities and allows end users to evaluate mission planning options or assess mission effectiveness

13 Future Work Certification and accreditation of additional STK capabilities on SIPR and JWICS networks Provide increased streaming data support with the use of RT3 Integrate de-cluttering algorithms for improved visual presentation Expand Space C2 and Cyber UDOP capabilities Weather analysis for operational risk assessment Enhance STK Analytics capability within SOA environment Address new end user requirements continue to leverage the analytical power of STK into the future

14 Contact Information ProLogic POCs: Chetan Desai, Audie Hittle, Whitney Bobbitt, Customer POCs ESC Program Manager Bill Soknich,

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