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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Chapters 8-10

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1 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Chapters 8-10
Pat Deren and Cam MacDonald

2 Chapter 8 Basic Events Huck sees a boat going by, it was a search boat looking for his dead body. Pap, the widow, Tom Sawyer, Judge Thatcher, and others were on deck scouting for Huck A couple days later Huck find Jim, the widow's slave on the island.  After Jim finds out Huck is not a ghost, he goes into telling Huck about how he ran off after hearing the widow was going to sell him for $8,000 Jackson's Island

3 Chapter 8-10 Characters Huck- He is settled on the island and discovers that he loves nature and the outdoors. He is also very capable of surviving and shows he has basic outdoors knowledge throughout these chapters. Jim- He ran away from his house and meets up with Huck on the island. We find out more about how uneducated Jim really is. He is very supersticous and careful with what he does. Pap, Judge Thatcher, Tom Sawyer, Widow Douglas, and others from the town- all were on boat searching for Huck.

4 Chapter 8 Quote     "Doan' jurt me-don't! I hain't ever done no harm to a ghos'. i alwuz liked dead people, en don all i could for 'em. You go en git in de river ag'in, whah you b'longs, en doan' do nuffn to ole Jim, 'at 'uz alwuz yo' fren'"(Twain 37.)     Analysis: This shows how uneducated Twain portrays Jim. As shown above, Twain's spelling in the southern accent is hindered much more when it is Jim talking. It shows Jim is much slower than Huck and will not be the brains of their great escape.

5 Quote     "Yes; en I's rich now, come to look at it. I owns mysef, en I's wuth eight hund'd dollars. i wisht i had de money, I wouldn' want no mo'." (Twain 42.)     Analysis:This is said by Jim. This is Twain's way of telling the reader that one's freedom is priceless and that he likes things the way they are now and wouldn't want it any other way.

6 Chapter 9 Basic Events Huck and Jim make a hut for shelter and to prepare for a possible search party. They find an abandoned house on shore with a dead man inside. Jim prevents Huck from looking at it by throwing rags over his face.  Jim and Huck find some valuables in the abandoned house  Huck rows the boat while Jim hides because they would of spotted a black man from far away, while they go back to the island in the canoe.

7 Chapter 9 Quote  "The river went on raising and raising for ten or twelve days, till at last it was over the banks"(Twain 44.) Analysis: This shows that Huck still has a good perception of time and days. Huck has not lost sanity although he has been out in the wilderness for some time. This shows a lot about Huck's personality and that he is totally calm within his surroundings.

8 Quote     "I paddled over to the Illinois shore, and drifted down most a half mile doing it. I crept up the dead water under the bank, and hadn't no accidents and didn't see nobody. We got home all safe." (Twain 46.)     Analysis: This shows that Huck and Jim are becoming familiar with nature and the surrounding area. The shelter in which Jim and Huck are staying in is referred to as home. This means that they are getting comfortable with everything and now have a new home.

9 Chapter 10 Basic Events Huck touches snake skin despite of Jim's warnings of bad luck, he puts it on Jim's bed as a joke.  This comes back to bite him when the mate goes to the dead body and bites Jim on his foot. It takes him four days to recover but does. Huck gets curious about what the news is in town so he disguises himself as a girl to see what is up. He finds a newly moved lady to the town so he goes to her to ask about the town.

10 Chapter 10 Quote     "That all comes of my being such a fool as to not remember that wherever you leave a dead snake its mate always comes there and curls around it" (Twain 47-48)     Analysis: This is said by Huck. It shows how he is starting to realize that he must stop his foolish pranks and become more mature. He had to learn the hard way with Jim getting hurt, but he wont make the same mistake again.

11 Quote     "He would a been worth a good deal over at the village. They peddle out such a fish as that by the pound in the market house there; everybody buys some of him; his meat's as white as snow and makes a good fry" (Twain 49.)     Analysis: This shows that while Huck is perfectly capable of surviving and enjoying himself out in the wilderness, there is still a side of him that misses civilization and all the people and places of his old community.

12 Chapter8-10 Themes "not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."-Albert Einstein. This quote explains the theme that sometimes society overlooks that freedom and living are the most important things. Pursuit your desires. Huck and Jim both ran away and found themselves in a happier place and state of mind.

13 Questions Question #1: What do you think Huck and Jim's next move is? Do you believe they will start to travel or stay on jackson's Island. What option do you think is the safer way out? Question #2: Why do you think the man in the abandoned house was killed? Why were so many belongings left behind? Why didn't Jim let Huck see the damaged face?  

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