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1 Turnkey Solutions for Non-Intrusive Pig Monitoring Alan Webster Special Projects Manager

2 Confirmation of Pig Launch Subsea Pig Monitoring Buried Line Pig Monitoring Confirmation of Pig Receipt & Position Stages of Pig Monitoring

3 Confirmation of Pig Launch Onshore Launcher/Receiver Magnetic Signalling References: Heimdal to Brae Project Zirku Island, UAE

4 Pig Launch Indication It is a common Operator requirement to accurately determine when a pig has been launched successfully. This is usually monitored at a number of locations during launch operations: Pig exiting the launcher Pig entering and leaving first valve Pig having left the launch site The method discussed will illustrate how non-intrusive magnetic signallers can accurately determine the success of a pig launch.

5 4001D MAGSIG ® Non-Intrusive Signalling Pipeline Event Call Up Log Up to 99 Events 15:40:32 24/04/08 PIG DETECTED Magnets

6 Pig Launch Mechanical Signaller OEL MAGSIG ® 4001D ATEX GSM Unit ATEX

7 Pig Passed 1 st Valve OEL MAGSIG ® 4001D

8 Launcher/Receiver Pig Position Used to indicate pig at door Used to indicate pig in trap Used to indicate pig passed pigging valve Unreliable signalling

9 Subsea Pig Monitoring Magnetic Signalling Subsea to Vessel (Reference: Heimdal to Brae Project)

10 Pig Passage Indication Subsea Non-intrusive pig signalling methods can also enable monitoring of subsea pig passage remotely from a vessel. Receive an acoustic or electromagnetic signal via ROV umbilical. Having a diver/ROV monitor a signaller display Transmitting the data autonomously using acoustic technology

11 4000SD Non Intrusive Signalling Pipeline Event Call Up Log Up to 99 Events DETECTED! Optional Strobe/ Pinger OUTPUT

12 Heimdal to Brae Project 4000SD Magnetic Subsea Signaller

13 Remore Sub-Sea Signalling 4000SD with 1260 pinger Event/Data Logging Detects Magnetically equipped objects in subsea lines / receivers Integrated counter Rated to 3000mtrs User Configurable:  Deployment time  Trigger level  Delay time between events  Event deletion

14 Surface Hydrophone 2001 Acoustic Receiver in Control Room 4000SD Linked to 1260 Pinger

15 Acoustic Receiver on Vessel Topside Acoustic Receiver connected to a laptop operating Audioscope software to provide Graphic information on signal of pig passage Confirmation of Pig Passage Background Ping Rate

16 Buried Line Pig Monitoring Remote Pig Tracking: Reference: BP CATS Trans Alaska Pipeline

17 Remote Pig Tracking To remotely monitor pigs passing certain points onshore, the information needs to be transmitted from the point of pig passage on the pipeline to the location of the operator which in practice could be many miles apart. Two methods of data communication were employed: – GSM unit connected directly to signaller/receiver which transmits information directly to an operator’s phone – Remote EM Receiver which receives information from an antenna on a pipeline and then transmits this information via a company network or GSM.

18 The strongest signal will be detected when the antenna is parallel to the pipeline. The LED will illuminate when a signal is detected. The meter will indicate the signal strength. ATEX Zone Pig Detection (BP Cats) 3003X Antenna 3002X Receiver

19 3002X GSM Output DETECTED! GSM LINK Pipeline 3002X remotely transmits signal to GSM Message received by up to to 4 mobiles

20 BP CATS Remote Pig Monitoring 3003X ATEX Antenna Strapped to Pipe Signal transmitted via cable to 3002X ATEX Receiver

21 GSM Functionality GSM Technology is a special design which can be used in conjunction with a variety of signallers depending on the pig configuration. For instance, the BP Cats job (previously mentioned) could have used an ATEX Magnetic Signaller linked to a GSM unit rather than an ATEX EM Receiver had there been magnets mounted on the pig instead of an EM Transmitter. Each GSM unit can communicate information from up to 6 signalling devices and there is no limit on the number of GSM units that can be used on a network. Up to 4 different phones can receive information via a GSM link.

22 The antenna cable runs across the road to the valve station control room Trans Alaska Pipeline

23 Non-ATEX Pig Detection (Alyeska Pipeline) For non-hazardous environments pig detection can be confirmed remotely utilising the 3004E Remote Antenna and 3002E Remote Receiver. The highly sensitive 3004E antenna can operate on buried lines in over 9m depth. These signals can be transmitted to a 3002E at the control room at distances of up to 50m away.

24 Valve Station Control Room

25 3002E Remote Receiver in Control Room 3002E Receiver inside the control room

26 Confirmation of Pig Receipt Three independent methods of confirmation of pig receipt required (Reference: Kinneil)

27 00 01 Confirmation of Pig Receipt 1. MAGSIG 2. 3002x EM 1. MAGSIG Scan performed to find pig Bypass closed more 2. 3002x EM

28 70cm id5000a Active Ultrasonic Pig Detector Transmits ultrasonic sound pulses across pipeline. Pulses echoed back by back wall of pipeline Continuous ‘beam’ of sound generated across pipeline until interrupted by pig passing On pig detection relay contacts close to signal passage remotely id5000a Sensor

29 70cm 31cm Identification of Pig or Plug Location Location of clear zone in pipeline confirmed id5000a Sensor Search for start of pig Scan to confirm profile of pig/plug

30 31cm Scan made at equidistant points along receiver Debris Mapping Using Id5000A id5000a Sensor Receiver Door

31 Many thanks for your attention. Alan Webster Special Projects Manager

32 Pig Configuration Magnets fitted to pig body

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