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Schlumberger Public Creating Value Thru Innovation and Quality.

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1 Schlumberger Public Creating Value Thru Innovation and Quality

2 Schlumberger Public 2PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 “I agree to disburse to my sons, Conrad and Marcel, the funds necessary for research study in view of determining the nature of the subsurface, in amount not exceeding five hundred thousand francs…. they must devote themselves to it entirely. The scientific interest in research must take precedence over financial interests.” –Paul Schlumberger, 1919

3 Schlumberger Public 3PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Oilfield Services R&D Centers Moscow153 Manufacturing 2,752 Tyumen/Ufa 220 Singapore668 Edmonton102 Lawrence158 Houston305 Bartlesville370 Belfast240 Aberdeen130 Abbeville97 Barrow91 Southampton76 Shanghai295 Technology 4,077 Oslo308 Fuchinobe184 Sugar Land 1281 Rosharon 448 Houston 280 Princeton119 Calgary 72 Stonehouse266 Clamart531 Abingdon126 Stavanger93 Novosibirsk91 Gatwick75 Beijing129 Research 336 Cambridge104 Stavanger20 Dhahran26 Europe 2498America3362Asia 1302 Engineering Employees Total = 7162 Boston, Ridgefield153

4 Schlumberger Public 4PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Service Quality Committment The long-term business success of Schlumberger depends on our ability to continually improve the quality of our products and services.

5 Schlumberger Public 5PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015

6 Schlumberger Public 6PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Scanner Wireline New Technology What? - New-generation wireline services that make true 3D measurements of the formation rock and fluid - Technology enables measurements deeper into the formation - A family of services – the first three of which provide resistivity, sonic and magnetic resonance data Why? - Increase reservoir understanding - Reduces risks associated with more complex reservoirs and smaller hydrocarbon accumulations

7 Schlumberger Public 7PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Well Testing New Technology What? - New-generation testing services to acquire data needed for good evaluation of well and reservoir performance - Three-phase measurements at lower cost with reduced environmental footprint - Unique Schlumberger range of surface measurement equipment, downhole shut-in valves and pressure measurement gauge Why? - Increasing exploration activity - Development of smaller amd more complex hydrocarbon accumulations

8 Schlumberger Public 8PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 What? - State-of-the-art formation evaluation with integrated MWD/LWD tools that combine measurements sensors - Higher efficiency and greater reliability through fast rigup and performance measurement and monitoring - New measurements including formation pressure and deep electromagnetic imaging-while-drilling Why? - Well placement in development of smaller and more complex reservoirs - Faster, more efficient drilling Scope MWD/LWD Technology

9 Schlumberger Public 9PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Petrel Workflow Software What? - A seismic-to-simulation workflow that offers seamless integration between major geoscience disciplines - Based on single, shared-earth model - Provides substantial productivity gains during reservoir characterization and field development planning Why? - Increase ability of organizations to assign skilled resources to exploration and development plans - Mitigate shortage of expertise

10 Schlumberger Public 10PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Digital Enablement for Real-Time Operations What? - Integrates of communications technology with oilfield equipment to enable connection of field operations to remote support centers where specialist staff are available - Includes workflow processes to identify, diagnose and suggest remedies to operational issues - Provides remote technical expertise - Supports less-experienced field crews Why? - Provides a technology-driven response to the demographically- limited workforce

11 Schlumberger Public 11PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015

12 Schlumberger Public 12PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Schlumberger in India Wireline Logging Testing, Completions, Artificial Lift Cementing & Stimulation MWD/LWD,DD Data Services Consulting Services SIS Information Solutions IPM Project Management WG Seismic Services in India: Satellite dish Delhi Satellite dish Baroda Satellite dish Mumbai NSE Estate, Mahpe & WG DP Centre in Vashi Satellite dish Nazira Rajahmundry & Kakinada Chennai Ahemadabad

13 Schlumberger Public 13PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Schlumberger in India Has ~ 5,120 years of oilfield experience! Has doubled our strength in last 2 years! Has more equipment than in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar put together! Is biggest Testing location in Middle East! Has Biggest DP Center outside of North America!

14 Schlumberger Public 14PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Schlumberger India in 2006... Recorded ~7234Km of logs

15 Schlumberger Public 15PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Schlumberger India in 2006... Recorded ~7234Km of logs Fired ~38656 explosive charges over ~1.96KM interval (explosive content~1118Kg)

16 Schlumberger Public 16PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Schlumberger India in 2006... Recorded ~7234Km of logs Fired ~38656 explosive charges over ~1.96KM interval (explosive content~1118Kg) Drilled ~192Km of well trajectory 50.5Km

17 Schlumberger Public 17PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Schlumberger India in 2006... Recorded ~7234Km of logs Fired ~38656 explosive charges over ~1.96KM interval (explosive content~1118Kg) Drilled ~192Km of well trajectory Pumped ~12,250,150 Lts of Cement

18 Schlumberger Public 18PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 First Time Ever in India… Increased Reserves accretion with Rt Scanner in thin reservoirs Significantly improved productivity with Hydrofracturing in tight sands Significant rig time savings by eliminating TLC run by utilizing Powered Caliper Improved injectivity with Catenary Coil Tubing job from a floating barge Enhanced productivity with the PURE underbalanced perforating system

19 Schlumberger Public 19PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 First Time Ever in India… Implemented In-house 24 x 7 Real Time drilling center to improve drilling performance Significantly reduced rig drilling costs with Rotary Steerable System for drain hole drilling. Custom designed and performed the highest temperature (450degF) TCP job in the world Implemented SMARTPLATFORM - remotely controlled gas injection and real time flow rate monitoring

20 Schlumberger Public 20PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 Issues impacting the Industry Low tool utilization –Contractual Model –Logistics Service Tax –Clarity on the issue between the operator and Govt.

21 Schlumberger Public 21PETROTECH 2007 4/28/2015 “If we continue to anticipate the future needs of the oil industry and provide oil men with services which solve their problems, we will never have to worry about our own future.” – Henri Doll, circa 1950

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