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EU Sports Summit Rowenna Hoy, Tom Docherty 20 October 2011.

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1 EU Sports Summit Rowenna Hoy, Tom Docherty 20 October 2011

2 The Leonardo Programme Supports vocational education and training (VET) – increases knowledge, skills and qualifications –delivers quality and innovation –makes work-related education and training more attractive –enables people to work in different countries

3 Activities Leonardo Mobility –Work placements in Europe for learners, apprentices and staff Leonardo Small Scale Cooperation –Share best practice with other organisations around a common theme Leonardo Transfer of Innovation –Transfer, adapt and customise training materials


5 Scottish FA Leonardo da Vinci Programme Tom Docherty – Programme Manager

6 Agenda Involvement in Lifelong Learning Programme Activities undertaken Benefits to those involved Should you get involved

7 Organisation First involved 2003 Initial Vocational Training ( IVT ) Developed and expanded the programme 1250 Apprentices taken part Vocational Education Training Professionals ( VETPRO ) 450 Coaching staff

8 Rational Improve vocational educational opportunities for apprentices involved in football through our member clubs. Enhance the development of professional coaching staff within the Scottish game.

9 Activities ~ IVT Intense training for a 2 week duration Focus on Diet Participate in European coaching Play against European competition Language training Local culture and customs Respect and discipline

10 Benefits 1252 Trainees & 19 Clubs have taken part to date Apprentices gain more than just football skills Apprentices gain confidence, maturity, independence Apprentices promoted to 1 st team after trips Teams gain success on the field (Queens Park U-17’s league & cup winners 2009) Scotland Cerebal Palsy Squad – 6 th Place in World Championships 6 Players from Cerebal Palsy Squad in Team GB squad for Para Olympics in London 2012


12 Beneficiaries Nicky Low, Jack Grimmer, Clark Robertson, Fraser Fyvie – 1 st Team Aberdeen FC (Spain 2010) Alan Urquhart, Michael O’Hara, Gavin Lachlan – 1 st Team Queen’s Park (Portugal 2010) Gregg Wylde, Kyle Hutton – 1 st Team Rangers FC (Turkey 2010) Dale Hilson, Scott Allan, Johnny Russell – 1 st Team Dundee United FC (Turkey 2009) Graeme Paterson, Mark Robertson – Team GB (Cyprus 2009)


14 Activities ~ VETPRO Intense programme for a 7 day duration Visit European centres of excellence Open access to systems and techniques Welcome at training sessions within European Clubs Opportunity to question hosts and share experiences. Ability to view world class competition

15 Benefits Continuous Professional Development Enhancement to Scottish FA ~ Coaching Licence programme Integrate initiatives at local and regional level Introduction of European practices and experience in bids to local authorities Dissemination at regional events


17 Why Take Part Clubs simply can’t afford to do it on their own Lead the way to assist our clubs in developing tomorrows work force (1 st team players) Enormous professional & social skills to be gained by young apprentices Why Not ?

18 Your Idea How can you see this working for your idea?

19 Thank you Tom Docherty Manager Leonardo da Vinci Programme

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