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Beyond Query/400: Introduction to IBM DB2 Web Query for i Richard Sitt Information Builders June 16, 2010.

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1 Beyond Query/400: Introduction to IBM DB2 Web Query for i Richard Sitt Information Builders June 16, 2010

2 Today’s Mid-market BI Landscape  Business Intelligence Remains HOT  BI ranked #1 four straight years in Gartner CIO survey of top priorities  BI ranks #1 in Aberdeen Group study of technologies with the most business impact in the next 2-5 years  Mid-market companies have different requirements but want similar benefits:  Budget is smaller  Staff is limited– Admin, DBAs  “The full capabilities of most BI tools are overkill for the typical SMB (Small and Medium Business).” – Aberdeen Group 2

3 IBM DB2 Web Query for System i Powered By Information Builders  Base Program Product  Order via econfig and AAS (5733-QU2)  Will require IBM i V5R4 at a minimum  Named user based pricing  Minimal Users included in BASE  Modernize Query/400 Reports  Additional Chargeable IBM Features  Active Reports (Disconnected)  On Line Analytical Processing  Developer’s Workbench  Run Time User Licensing  Spreadsheet Client  SQL Server Adapter  Additional DB2 Web Query PRODUCTS  Automated Report Distribution with Report Broker  Application Integration with the Software Development Toolkit 3

4 Upgrade into BASE Product from Query/400  The BASE product:  Web enables Query/400  Add additional functionality (compared to Query/400) to reports  Link Reports by clicking on “hot spot”  Add Conditional Styling (“if revenue less than forecast, highlight in RED”)  Push data directly from DB2 into Spreadsheets  Over 100 charts and graphs  Boardroom quality PDF output  Access remote DB2 for i5/OS data sources  Leverages the LATEST in DB2 for IBM i Query Optimization Technology  Better performance, better analysis tools  Many more functions available for query performance  Strategic optimizer 4

5 Leverage Advanced Query Optimization  SQL Query Engine (SQE)  Better Performance – up to 10x over older query engine  Self-learning query optimizer  Self-adapting query engine  SQL Plan Cache  Real time analysis of Query performance  Index (traditional and EVI) advice (recommendations and wizards)  Materialized Query Tables (MQTs)  Optimizer “aware” summary tables for extreme performance boost  Non-SQL interfaces (Query/400, OPNQRYF, QQQQRY API)  DO NOT LEVERAGE ANY OF THE ABOVE 5

6 BASE Product Tools  Report Assistant  Graph Assistant  Power Painter (PDF Builder) 6

7 Import Query/400 Definitions Then Modify with Report Assistant 7

8 DB2 Web Query 8 You could STOP HERE, and you’d potentially have: Web Based interactive queries for limited users Many more output formats Improved performance Linked (Drill down) reports But with a little EXTRA EFFORT You could be an IT SUPER HERO!

9 Benefits of DB2 Web Query Extensions  Reduce Report Maintenance  Reduce number of reports by 90% through modernized reporting capabilities such as OLAP and parameterized reports  Remove Dependency on IT  Empower End Users with interactive analysis (OLAP)  Shield complexities of database from report authors and end users with meta data layer  Upgrade into a solution that offers Business Intelligence features  Add Dashboards, real time or disconnected analytics  Build data warehouses with DB2 Web Query enabled extract/transformation/load (ETL) tools  Information Builder’s Data Migrator  Coglin Mill’s Rodin 9

10 Develop Dashboards  Key Performance Indicators  Parameter Driven (if desired)  Linked Reports  Very Customizable  No Programming Required  Use HTML Composer Tool 10

11 Empower End Users with OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) 11

12 Active Reports - Provide Analysis to Mobile Workers 12

13 “Build Up” Metadata Using Developer Workbench  Improves productivity of Report “Authors”  Standardize Field/Column Formats  Ex, use commas, set currency symbol, suppress leading zeros  Standardize/Decompose Date Fields  Ex: Integer defined as MMDDYYYY  Create Filters  Ex: Define a set of countries as “Europe”  Define JOINS  Create Business Views  Organize Columns/fields for easier report development  IBM Systems magazine cover story: Untangling Web Query: How metadata can reduce query and report complexity 13

14 Integrate DB2 and Microsoft Products  Spreadsheet Client  Improve the experience for Excel Users  Plugs right into spreadsheet  Build/Run queries from within Excel  Leverage Templates for dashboards  SQL Server Adapter  Extend the reach of DB2 Web Query  Support pulling data from multiple SQL Server databases with a single adapter  Join data from DB2 and SQL Server and avoid data replication 14

15 Automate Report Execution and Distribution  Automated Delivery Of Information  On Scheduled Basis  Through Admin GUI  Daily, Weekly, Specific Days, exclude rules, etc.  On Event Basis  Some customization required  Intelligent bursting  Ex: Regional Sales Report  Additional output formats for batch reporting  (HTML, PDF, Excel, Active HTML)  Delivery Destinations  E-mail  Printer  Save the reports for later viewing  Notify Function  Send notification when report is complete or fails  Report Logging  Requires DB2 Web Query BASE Product to be installed 15

16 Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 16 DB2 Web Query SDK - Definition  The Web Query SDK is a collection of Web Services that allow Web Query content to be easily exposed to any application that can call a Web Service  Callable from many languages:  C, C++, C#, VB.NET, PHP, Java, RPG, COBOL  Web Query customers  Create their own front-end applications to run Web Query reports and graphs (Portal, Corporate Look and Feel)  ISVs  Simple way to deliver an applications that contains Web Query content  Simple way to deliver an application that controls Web Query content, e.g., Change Management Application 16

17 Integration with PHP DB2 Web Query Integration from PHP - Leveraging DB2 Web Query web services from IBM i applications 17

18 18

19 DB2 Web Query for IBM i SOA Toolkit 19 http://lp12ut21:12321/wqsoa/report/?&zrdDomain=db2w bqry%2Fdb2wbqry.htm&zrdFolder=%23visiblea56gb&zr dReport=app%2Fproduct_revenue_state_report.fex &STATE=California Greatly simplifies report integration process

20 DB2 Web Query for IBM i SOA Toolkit  What is the SOA toolkit?? – Web Application allowing Remote calls for DB2 Web Query Reports/Graphs  HTML/.Net/PHP/Java Servlet/JSP/ASP  Rich Client, RGP, COBOL, C, C++, JAVA  E-Mail/IM  What are the advantages of using the toolkit??  Ease of deployment – simply install and start plugging in DB2 Web Query reports to your applications with a simple URL reference  Saves development cost/time – Faster adaptation!  LWI application server will allow the toolkit to be called from any Web Interface capable of calling an URL  Ability to email a link to a specific report to run real-time!!!!  Contact: Mark Even (

21 DB2 Web Query for IBM i SOA Toolkit  What is provided with the toolkit??  WAR file containing Servlet classes (no source) capable of running and displaying DB2 Web Query.FEX reports  Documentation  Support and Upgrades of code will be provide if customer signs the support contract with STG Lab Services (Annual Cost)

22 DB2 Web Query for IBM i SOA Toolkit  Other features  Runs in any application server (Normally Integrated Application Server (IAS) on IBM i)  Runs/Displays Reports in all formats  PDF  Excel  HTML  Active Report  Runs/Displays Graphs in all formats  Drill Down Support  Auto Parameter Prompting  Ability to pass developer/user known parameter values  Coming Soon  Report Broker Capabilities  Customized CSS Look and Feel for Parameters and Navigation  Multiple IBM i Systems Support – Ability to say which system you wish to run against

23 DB2 Web Query for IBM i SOA Toolkit Easy Integration! Graphs Reports Links Drill down on Camcorders

24 DB2 Web Query Making Information Easily Accessible 24 Email (Report Broker and/or SDK) 0-Click Run Time User 1-Click Dashboards 1-Click Guided Ad Hoc 2-Click Report Assist OLAP 3-Click Analysts or Developers Business Users And Executives Internal External – Customers, Partners, Citizens All People Others

25 Demo! 25

26 Education Links  Getting Started with DB2 Web Query Redbook  Tutorial Driven  Download Sample Database   Distance (Web) Learning –  Getting Started (OV440)  http://www- tDirection=9&includeNotScheduled=15&rowStart=0&rowsToReturn=20&maxSearchResults=200&language=en&c ountry=us&searchString=ov440 http://www- tDirection=9&includeNotScheduled=15&rowStart=0&rowsToReturn=20&maxSearchResults=200&language=en&c ountry=us&searchString=ov440  Implementation Workshop (OV550)  http://www- tDirection=9&includeNotScheduled=15&rowStart=0&rowsToReturn=20&maxSearchResults=200&language=en&c ountry=us&searchString=ov550 http://www- tDirection=9&includeNotScheduled=15&rowStart=0&rowsToReturn=20&maxSearchResults=200&language=en&c ountry=us&searchString=ov550  E-Learning Modules  Self paced, downloadable end user training   DB2 SQL and Query Performance Workshop  Building the DB2 for i Database Administration (DBA) skills  Classes scheduled for 2010  26

27 Lab Services and Training DB2 Web Query Services  “Getting Started” Services  Installation & configuration help and support  Skills transfer / education  Implementation Services  Build report/graph/dashboard applications  Tune and improve performance  Create complex SQL for advance query reporting  Help design/document/deliver business intelligence applications  Data-Marts  OLAP  KPI dashboards  DB2 Web Query SOA Toolkit  Built and supported by Lab Services  Integration services  Enterprise Edition Services Vouchers  Vouchers entitle holder to a FREE amount of services (**based on hardware purchase) Contact: Website:


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