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1 BETTER USE OF DIGITAL CHANNELS TO MEET OUR CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS. James Hobbs MCIM Director, Marketing Operations 17 July 2014

2 CONTENTS 01Context – trends and what others are doing 02Opportunity – how we should think about digital 03 Ambition – the strategic intention for digital 04Vision – sketches of customers’ future experience 05Execution – tasks and capabilities needed to deliver 06Next actions – Delivery programme




6 RATE OF INVENTION AND ADOPTION IS INCREASING. CURRENTLY GROWTH IS IN MOBILE. Mobile/tablet traffic – 37% of 2013 total. Will overtake desktop traffic in 2014. 60% adults use 2+ devices per day. 40%+ sometimes start an activity on one device and finish it on another. STILL SCIENCE FICTION IN 1978/2003UBIQUITOUS BY 2013



9 DIGITAL LETS US PLAY A BIGGER ROLE IN SUPPORTING ENGINEERS AND PROMOTING ENGINEERING. We must shift how we think about digital and how we apply it to the IMechE. 2014 A website that communicates what we do – just promotion A website that actively delivers what we do – a useful tool A website organised around IMechE teams and services. A tool organised around the tasks and goals of our customers A website used on a PC A tool used on a tablet device, a phone and PC A large collection of content and services for customers to navigate A personalised experience based on membership, interests and geography Digital supporting our physical events and locations Digital being the primary means of connecting with most customers 2015


11 PRIMARY MAKE IMECHE.ORG THE GO-TO TOOL FOR ENGINEERS THROUGHOUT THEIR LIVES – GLOBALLY. …by providing Trusted, customer centric and competitive services across professional registration and development Learned Society provision, education and training – relevant to engineers through out their lives...because We exist to develop professional engineers

12 SECONDARY MAKE IMECHE.ORG THE GO-TO TOOL FOR ENGINEERING COMMENT AND THOUGHT- LEADERSHIP – GLOBALLY. …by providing High quality, independent content, thought-leadership and comment across a variety of engineering themes – covering issues relevant to the Media, Government and the informed public …because we exist to set the agenda

13 GENERAL SCOPE OF IMECHE.ORG NEED FOR CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Trusted, customer centric and competitive services: membership and professional registration services training, events and professional development groups local to them and relevant to their interests support to recruit and to assist volunteers reference material, resource, theme reports and policy statements career development information comment, opinion and thought-leadership recruitment service for members and employers


15 SCENARIO #0 Default view. An anonymous user looking at on their tablet. They could be from any audience or location.


17 SCENARIO #1 A Chartered Engineer member working in the Midlands with an interest in Automotive.


19 SCENARIO #2 A paying affiliate member in Aberdeen with an interest in Oil and Gas.


21 SCENARIO # 3 A journalist or government researcher looking for information to inform an article or report they are writing on food waste


23 CONTENT IS PERSONALISED BY AUDIENCE GROUP AND MEMBERSHIP STATUS. ADDRESSABLE AUDIENCES Students Apprentices Graduates Customers Interested Public Journalists MP’s, Peers, Policy Advisors Employers Universities FE Colleges AFFILIATE MEMBERS Non-Paying Affiliates EngTech Affiliates Paying Affiliates ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MPDS SRS CBR MEMBERS CEng IEng EngTech Fellows INTERNAL Volunteers BDMs


25 TASKS BUILD A PROOF-OF-CONCEPT TO TEST WITH CUSTOMERS Get personalisation working to prove it has value to customers, can be codified and to give us a sense of the effort to operate it. RESTRUCTURE IMECHE.ORG A new lighter top structure designed around user needs and natural language into which everything for all audiences must fit. ESTABLISH PERSONALISATION ENGINE A solution to identify the user, store their information and to render the content for them. Aligned with membership data via CRM MODIFICATION TO COMPONENT PARTS Changes to existing content to fit with new structure inc. enabling them to be part of the personalisation approach. DEVELOP AND POPULATE CONTENT Rework and infill content to form a complete experience from Day One including ‘help me choose’, imagery and video assets.


27 INDICATIVE TIMELINE TO ACHIEVE A 2015/16 PLATFORM LAUNCH. JULY 14Principles agreed, benchmark completed NOVEMBER 14Firm proposal for 2015 business plan DEC 14 – JAN 15Detailed design begins Determine delivery schedule END OF H1 2015Functional design demonstration DECEMBER 15Aspiration - majority of new digital platform launched Q1 2016Full rollout - project ends

28 THANK YOU For more information please contact: James Hobbs

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