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IT as a strategic resource Partner Manager Lars D. Madsen Maconomy.

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1 IT as a strategic resource Partner Manager Lars D. Madsen Maconomy

2 maconomy in brief 20 years in ERP for Professional Services Organisations (PSO’s) since 2000 listed on OMX NASDAQ, CPH headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark 224 employees operations (sales & consulting) in US, UK, BNL, SE, NO and DK partner distribution in Eastern Europe, South Africa, Canada and India 600+ customers in 58 countries with 124,000 active daily users 1.1

3 defining PSO’s knowledge intensive organisations servicing external clients organising their work in projects charging a high hourly rate Definitions of PSO 1.2 Service companies is the fastest growing industry ERP - Enterprise resource planning integrated computer-based system used to manage internal and external resources

4 1.9 ”erp for pso”

5 Strategic resource 1.2

6 Best performer A 2010 study by the Aberdeen Group shows that efficient project execution is the one key driver for the best Professional Services companies. Aberdeen Group found that best-in-class Professional Services companies deliver 91 percent of their projects early or on time and 96 percent of their projects within budget.

7 engineering & architects advertising & related maconomy – leadership in ”erp for pso” Research / Non Profit legal computer related audit & tax advisors & design recognised top 10 vendor world-wide by industry analysts some of the world’s biggest and most recognised pso’s rely on our solutions to run their business 1.3

8 Agency ProfitWatch Industry Issues Knowing profitability of Top 5 clients is key Visibility of account teams, client budgets, major tasks crucial but unavailable 53% have no visibility of client budgets + major tasks to be completed Assessing Profitability in Creative Services Industries. A large proportion of agencies admit to overservicing clients by 20%+ 36% of agency time is unaccounted for Client pressure for transparency and accountability

9 analyst perspectives 6.3 economic slowdown are driving pso’s to focus on initiatives that address efficiency improve profitability and operational efficiency optimise business process and quality Forrester 2008 project-based erp market represents a large, untapped opportunity $ 19 billion total addressable market less than 7 % penetrated Industry and Wall Street research (Barclays Capital) 2008

10 1.4 Case study – Millward Brown Marketing research and brand consulting 7,100 Users world wide 50 Countries in all timezones One server in Chicago One Database Before Maconomy they had more than 30 Systems

11 Automating Non Profit organisations Key issues Increasing demands on information of how money is spent Ability to handle multiple funding sources and their reporting requirements Need for tighter control over resources De-centralization of project administration Employees around the world work on the same project Control budgeted funds vs. actual spend Measure key result areas, activity effectiveness & outcomes

12 Kheth’ Impilo is a non-governmental health organisation focussed on AIDS relief in South Africa 675 staff, 6 offices countrywide, primarily funded by US AID Many challenges faced: donor management, fund allocation, reporting by activity, cost management, people management Key benefits of implementing Maconomy Online donor and funding management Accurately control budgeted funds vs. actual spend Cost and location management based on people Efficient and accurate donor reporting case study – Kheth’ Impilo “Maconomy has made donor reporting in focus areas more accurate and easier to extract the required data”

13 the value of ERP for PSO’s every day hundreds of decisions are made at all levels of your organisation. the information that would help you make the right decisions exists somewhere in your organisation, ensuring accurate estimates, balanced workload as well as timely and correct billing. our vision is to provide the appropriate information to those who need it, when they need it. 1.6

14 product centric industries product centric industries service centric industries service centric industries professional services is our heritage traditional ERP heritage maconomy heritage machines people production means products know-how production output process/logistics projects production control 1.5

15 efficiency challenge - how to streamline the business sustainability challenge - how to keep it going viability challenge - how to re-focus the business innovation challenge - how to add more value more lessprofits, earnings, margins more less revenues, sales, volume cloud nine key success factor (ksf) diagnosis model determine the most likely executive priorities, or key success factors, given the overall challenges faced by the company, based on their ability to drive growth and profitability. 1 3 3 5 2 6 4 1 4 11 87 2 6 78 10 5 11 3 4 9 5 5 87 9 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 # # customer acquisition customer profitability people development & performance capacity optimisation project control project profitability service portfolio management knowledge management improved working capital efficient back-office processes fact-based business management primary secondary improvement path 10 11 1.8

16 #2: client profitability how maconomy can help over-servicing highlighted efficient capture of all client cost clear view of open and potential engagements and debt instant overview of all work 2.4

17 #3: people development and performance how maconomy can help resource assignments based on skills matrix work requirements mapped to resources and skills improved overview capacity, skills and competencies resource staffing according to skills 2.6

18 #4: resource optimisation how maconomy can help exact resource and revenue forecast transparency of commitments and resources plans integrated overview of deadlines improved resource utilisation company-wide resource scheduling 2.8

19 #5: project control how maconomy can help integrated tracking from opportunity to project managed pricing and approval process project manager approval of time and expenses fast and accurate time capture clear project status overview 2.10

20 a role based solution executive manager department manager resource manager accountant hr manager account manager project manager consultant registering time and checking own billable utilisation monitoring corporate KPI’s and analysing root causes tracking business performance and managing service portfolio booking resources, planning and controling project progress and initiating invoicing tracking sales activities and creating estimates planning recruiting and tracking employee development, skills and performance administrating recruiting, retention and departures of employees managing receivables, payables and assets 1.11

21 maconomy mobile full featured time sheet submission intuitive calendar navigation connected as well as off-line registration 1.14

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