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3 B EGINNING IN 2014, MOST PEOPLE OVER 18 MUST HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE OR PAY A FINE. If you are insured through your employer, you meet the requirement. If you are covered by Medicaid or Medicare, you meet the requirement. If you pay for insurance yourself, this may save you money. You may be eligible for a Tax Credit to help you pay for insurance.

4 W HAT HAPPENS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE COVERAGE BY 2014 You may have to pay a fee with your 2014 Federal Tax return.

5 Y OUNG ADULTS UNDER 30 YEARS OF AGE Are eligible for a low cost, catastrophic plan.

6 T HE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS DEFINED THE MINIMUM HEALTHCARE PLAN However, you can choose from a range of plans You cannot be turned down (or charged more) for pre-existing conditions.

7 Y OU HAVE A CHOICE OF O PTIONS All plans must cover at least the Essential Benefits. There will also be plans which cover more (have lower deductibles) but will cost more. The Heath Insurance Marketplaces will help you choose the level of coverage that is right for you.

8 HEALTH INSURANCE MARKETPLACES For Maryland residents, the Marketplace can be found at Maryland has chosen to combine the marketplace and access to the Medicaid program on one site. Pennsylvania and Delaware residents must go to the Federal marketplace at

9 W HAT WILL THE MARKETPLACE DO ? Help you choose between health plans by offering apples to apples comparisons. Help you determine whether you are eligible for tax credits. Help you determine whether you are eligible for Medicaid and help you apply. You can also renew your eligibility on this site.

10 M ARYLAND : T HREE WAYS TO ENROLL You can enroll online. Or, through the Call Center. The call center number is (855) 642-8572 or (855) 642-8573 for TTY, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m One on one help. Seedco, in partnership with the Harford Community Action Agency and the Harford County Health Department will provide trained “Navigators” and “Assisters” who can help with enrollment.

11 W HAT PATRONS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE HEALTHCARE MARKETPLACE Open enrollment starts Oct 1, 2013 and ends March 31, 2014. If you apply by Dec 15, 2013, your coverage begins January 1, 2014. If you do not enroll by March 31, you will not be able to enroll until the next open enrollment which begins October 15, 2014 (Unless you have specific life changes like divorce, unemployment, etc.)

12 I NFORMATION NEEDED TO APPLY FOR COVERAGE Address in the service area (e.g., Maryland for Maryland Health Connection) Email account (if you would like to be contacted by email.) In addition, if you would like to apply for tax credits or other programs to help you pay, you will need: Household income (W-2 or paystubs) Household size Eligibility for other health insurance coverage Many employers will be sending letters to all employees who are eligible for coverage indicating whether their plans meet the Essential Basic Plan requirements.

13 I F YOUR EMPLOYER DOES NOT PROVIDE A LETTER, YOU CAN ASK THEM TO FILL OUT A FORM. May be replaced by Maryland Form Need link to the appropriate form from our web page.


15 S CREEN SHOT OF REGISTRATION PAGE MARYLAND HEALTH CONNECTION There are no Maryland Health Connection webshots at this time. Here is a video for registration. bedded&v=l6KNt9Mf3GQ

16 S CREEN SHOT OF INSURANCE COMPARISON PAGE M ARYLAND HEALTH CONNECTION We do not have a screenshot of the Maryland enrollment page at this time. Here is an example from of the enrollment process bedded&v=lFs46izEZMw

17 N O CHANGES TO MEDICARE If you are covered by Medicare, you don’t need to do anything.

18 W HAT LIBRARIANS CAN DO Guide patrons to the appropriate website MD PA and DE AND/OR Give patrons the number of the appropriate call Center AND/ OR Direct patrons to a Navigator for one on one help.

19 L IBRARIANS SHOULD NOT : Give advice on which plan to choose. Discuss private health information with the customer. Complete the enrollment form for the customer. The customer can enroll over the phone or have a navigator help them during a face to face meeting. Navigators and Assisters are specially trained to handle health insurance questions and options.

20 W HAT IF SOMEONE ASKS ME “W HAT IS THE BEST PLAN ?” Refer them to a Navigator Show them Healthcare Report Cards from NCQA

21 P ROVIDE PATRONS WITH A FLYER DESCRIBING THEIR OPTIONS We will have a page on our website to help patrons navigate to the correct place. There will be a link to the step-by-step flyer that branches may print out.

22 S OME SMALL BUSINESSES WILL HAVE TO PROVIDE COVERAGE FOR THEIR EMPLOYEES BY 2015. They can use the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) beginning January 2014 and may qualify for Federal Tax Credits. There will be more training on Small Business requirements in an upcoming Adult Services Meeting.

23 U PCOMING PROGRAMS FOR THE PUBLIC ON THE A FFORDABLE C ARE A CT The Maryland Insurance Commission will be available with information at your local branch. Tuesday, 10/1- Edgewood 1-6pm Thursday, 10/3- Bel Air 11am-4pm Monday, 10/7- Aberdeen 12-5pm Tuesday, 10/8- Fallston 2-6pm Thursday, 10/10- Havre de Grace 2-6pm Wednesday, 10/16- Joppa 12-5pm Monday, 10/21- Abingdon 11am-3pm Tuesday, 10/22- Jarrettsville 1-4pm

24 U PCOMING HCPL PROGRAMS FOR THE PUBLIC ON THE A FFORDABLE C ARE A CT You and Health Insurance: Making a Smart Choice Explore the information you need to make the best health insurance decision for you and your family! Dr. Virginia Brown of the University of Maryland-Extension guides you through an easy to use workbook that outlines the options and possibilities. Gain confidence in making your selection! October 16th @ 6pm - Bel Air Jan 27 @ 6pm - Joppa Jan 11 @ 2pm - Aberdeen

25 Q UESTIONS ? Send the HCPL Affordable Care Act Team your questions. Just address your email to Health Insurance Marketplace and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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