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MESP 4 – VIDEOS A collection of video links to support the teaching and learning of Physical Education National 4 - New Higher Version 1.1.

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1 MESP 4 – VIDEOS A collection of video links to support the teaching and learning of Physical Education National 4 - New Higher Version 1.1

2 Thanks to…. Russell ImrieLenzie Academy@mrimrie Andrew WilsonNewbattle High School@Mr_AJ_WilsonPE Iain StangerAberdeen Grammar@iainstanger Barry KaneDouglas Academy Tommy LennoxLoudoun Academy@loudounpe John MacPhieForrester High School@Edinburgh_PE Darren LeslieRoss High@dnleslie John MillerDenny High School@satpe1 Barry PetrieBanchory Academy@bazpetrie Andy MarshallForfar Academy@andymarshall19 Colin AgnewForfar Academy@Aggie1973 Euan LawsonCults Academy@LawsonPE Ian SellwoodPreston Lodge High School@ian_sellwood Muir MortonFortrose Academy@muirmorton7 Roddy McPhersonGraeme High School@RoddyMcP Gary SloanTurnbull High@MrSloanPE

3 Thanks to…. Kelly McShannonBroxburn Academy@kmcshannonPE Mark FultonSt Andrews Acadmy@markfulton19 Iain MacCorquodaleGlasgow Gaelic School@MrMacCorquodale Ruari NicolsonCraig Royston Com High @Mr_Nic Susan McGrenaghanSt Aloyisus@SuzyGippy78 Michael RankinSpringburn Academy@RankPE Maegan ShearerLenzie Academy William NicholsonDumfries Academy@Mr_W_Nicholson Gemma MacKinnonInverness High School@gemba_skye Andrew KennedyKirkintilloch High School @MrAkennedy Ross McPherson@Mr_McPerson1 Martin WalkerSt Margaret Mary’s@80mwalker Paul CassidyJohn Paul Academy@pcasspe Liam StewartCraigmount@MrStewartPE Scott CameronPeterhead Academy Nicola MurphyBEd Student Edinburgh University

4 The aim of this resource is to provide teachers/pupils with video links to help explain/demonstrate and where possible develop all four factors - Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical. Please feel free to share this resource. All video links have been selected by teachers, however please check the suitability of the content before using or sharing with pupils. Should you have or come across a useful video then please email the link to - Russell Imrie – You will be acknowledged for your contribution and it will be added to future versions of this resource. It is vital that we continue to build on this resource. Please contact the above details if you wish to be involved in any future MESP projects.



7 CRE Explained – Cardiac Cycle (Higher) CVE & Flexibility (N5) Endurance & Stamina (N5) CVE (N5) CVE & ME (Higher & N5) How to develop - Training within football Training within football Interval training Interval training Interval training Fartlek Continuous & Fartlek Interval training

8 Muscular Endurance Explained – How to develop - endurance.html

9 Speed / Speed Endurance Explained – How to develop -

10 Flexibility Explained – flexibility_sport How to develop - Stretches for whole body- Ballet and Dance Stretches- minute-basic-dance-ballet-stretch-exercise-routine_sport minute-basic-dance-ballet-stretch-exercise-routine_sport Stretching Routine- a-stretching-routine-to-improve-your-flexibility_lifestyle a-stretching-routine-to-improve-your-flexibility_lifestyle Improving Hamstring Flexibility-

11 Strength Explained – et/link?macro=setresource&resourceID=2949&template=vid How to develop -

12 Speed Explained – ESPN Sport Science - Dennis Northcutt VS Ostrich Cristiano Ronaldo Tested to the Limit - Speed Usain Bolt - Science of Olympic Gold Usain Bolt 100m World Record Berlin How to develop - 3 speed training drills for sprinters High knees drill with resistance and wall 50 speed ladder drills

13 Power Explained – Plyometrics explained Golf Rory McIllroy Kicking Power How to develop –– badminton smash sprinting Tennis Plyometrics part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6

14 Agility Explained – How to develop –

15 Balance Explained – How to develop - (football) (golf) (golf)

16 Core Stability Explained – How to develop -

17 Reaction Time Explained – 449a92c8d553/reflexes-reaction-time Examples - Slide 1 of 2

18 How to develop - How to Measure Online tests Video of ruler drop test Slide 1 of 2 Reaction Time

19 Coordination Explained – How to develop –! 3161571.stm R#view=detail&mid=8C7FE9F4B1C453E373878C7FE9F4B1C453E37387


21 Rhythm Explained – How to develop - (Hurdles) (Rhythmic Gymnastic)

22 Consistency Explained – How to develop – (Golf) (The above video is #14. There are 1-18 videos from same source that are all good for MESP)

23 Imagination Explained – How to develop – (football) (Table Tennis) (Parkour)

24 Flair Explained: Below are some videos of athletes showing flair in different sporting contexts. Football - Tennis - Rugby - How to develop -

25 Creativity Explained – Explained by teenage athletes - Examples in Sport – Freestyle Football - How to develop – Basketball -

26 Fluency Explained – (Swimming freestyle stroke) (Golf Swing) (Football) Synchronised swimming

27 Effort Explained- Clip 1 features Giavanni Ruffin an American footballer who plays running back for East Carolina. The clips show how much effort he puts into his training to retain his position on the team. How to develop – Clip 2 shows a Scottish hockey player undertaking various methods of practice and the effort required to maintain his physical fitness levels.

28 Accuracy How to develop – Explained – (American Football) (Basketball) (Football )

29 Control Explained - Object Control (Football) Body Control (Gymnastics) Developing - Propulsive Control (Tennis) (Golf) (Tennis) Receptive Control (Hockey) (Basketball) Body Control (Gymnastics) (Cross Fit)

30 Touch Explained – Jack Wilshere- How to keep possession: Perfect your first touch- perfect-your-first-touch perfect-your-first-touch First Touch- Ball control- Understanding: Sense of Touch- understanding-sense-of-touch-video.htm understanding-sense-of-touch-video.htm Kinaesthetic senses-

31 How to develop -(slide 1 of 3) Kinaesthetic senses- Football first touch- ss4&index=15&list=PLENo_wZ9wP9LEvtb8x6U5VZIRrW67irXZ ss4&index=15&list=PLENo_wZ9wP9LEvtb8x6U5VZIRrW67irXZ (2.46 minutes control tips) Football Manager using Visual, Verbal and kinaesthetic teaching: Touch

32 How to develop -(slide 2 of 3) Volleyball- A good site for volleyball drills- Passing techniques/control- Spike control- Setting control- Hockey- Dribbling control -] Receiving the ball under control- Badminton- Net Shot- Drop and net shots- Drop shot-

33 How to develop -(slide 3 of 3) Basketball- Basic Dribbling Ball Handle - Basketball Drills- How To: Dribble A Basketball Like A Pro- Control Dribble Drill - Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling Development Series - Part 1- Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling Development Series - Part 2- Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling Development Series - Part 3- Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling Development Series - Part 4- Tennis – Controlling the Direction of a Tennis Ball-


35 Personal S & W Explained – How to develop -

36 Team S&W Explained – How to develop –

37 Role Demands Explained – (Rugby v football) (roles in netball explained) (roles in basketball)

38 Role Demands This video highlights the difference in role demands relative to the activity by comparing the demands of playing Rugby to Football. This video is a promotional / educational video by Nike Football Academy which gives an in-depth analysis of how to play as a defensive midfielder as part of a team. There are many other videos similar to this from Nike Football Academy which focus on a specific position within the game and gives a detailed insight on the role demands of the position. This video gives an online tutorial on specific role demands of a centre in basketball. An interesting interview with an American Football team captain who describes his role as captain while he is injured. This video highlights the role demands of umpires and referees and links in with previous videos focusing on fair play

39 Oppositions Explained + Developed Football - How to beat 4-3-3 Tiki Taka with a 3-5-2 BT Sport Rugby Masterclass - setting up and defending a drop goal M2ecn-huixoy1NKI-glc

40 Previous History Explained Jamie Carragher on MNF discussing the tactics Chelsea have adopted in a match due to prior knowledge of opponents.

41 Environmental Conditions Explained- (Rugby wind example) vF_SzpM (Ski jump wind) (Altitude) (Temperature) (Temperature/dehydration) How to develop - UPNCBQw4o0 (Altitude training)

42 Width Explained – Liverpool v Everton Reserves (Examples of width in attack) Chile v Germany (Examples of width in attack) Chile v Spain (Analysis of formation and importance of width highlighted) How to attack the channels How to develop – How to develop width in attack Example of how to develop width in rugby How to develop attacking and defending with width

43 Depth Explained - Best passing goals in ice hockey - *new*best rugby tries - Manuel Neuer - Sweeper Keeper How to develop - football - Improving netball passing - rugby drills - continuity and support

44 Delay Explained – How to develop –

45 Support Explained – Football- 1min 14sec in. How to develop – Rugby Football Basketball Rugby

46 Communication Explained –

47 Creativity Explained – licensed-coaches-club-conference-gareth-southgate-creativity licensed-coaches-club-conference-gareth-southgate-creativity what-is-creativity-videos.htm How to develop – approach-licensed-coaches-club-conference

48 Tempo Explained – Golf- How to develop – Golf- Delay in Defence Netball- Basketball- Speed in Attack Basketball- Netball-


50 Level of arousal Explained – How to develop -

51 Anxiety Explained – Performance Anxiety explained Anxiety and Sports Performance Anxiety a fear of failure? Michael Jordan Failure commercial How to develop - Sports performance anxiety solution Mind of the athlete – managing performance anxiety How to avoid choking under pressure

52 Concentration Explained – until 1m 45 Rory McIlroy discussing his performance at US Open 2011 Using Olympic athlete as an example of how concentration is important How to develop – (Self Talk) hgK6MA hgK6MA (Imagery) (Positive self talk) Rugby League Try Fail

53 Motivation Explained – How to develop - sQKxOLGqeWyIUbx5cDdWWdJmllWf&index=7

54 Decision Making Explained (football) (golf) How to develop (football) (goalkeeping)

55 Problem Solving Explained – How to develop –

56 Attention Span Explained – Developing This is actually a sound track you listen to read the comments below it

57 Mental Toughness Explained – How to develop - you-need-it/

58 Anticipation Explained – Test: How to develop –


60 Happiness/Sadness Explained – How to develop -

61 Anger Explained: How to develop – (Anger Management techniques) (Ben Fowler sees red) (Tennis players getting angry) (football examples) (Aggression or Assertion Debate) (Attack on Tae Kwon Do officials) (Anger and its impact on sport) (Frustrated in Sports)

62 Fear Explained: How to develop –

63 Trust Explained – TEDx Talk on Trust (17mins) - Trust in Sport – How to develop – Team building - Team Trust Pt1 - Team Trust Pt2 –

64 Surprise Explained –


66 Cooperating and Competing Clip 1 is three adverts illustrating the power of co-operation. Clip 2 shows a cheer dance competition where tumblers are cooperating with each other and competing with the other teams. Clip 3 shows competition on a massive scale. 1,200 students, staff and faculty at the University of Alberta unofficially smash the Guinness World Record for most players in a single dodgeball game.

67 Relationships Explained – athlete-coach-relationship osu-football-team/vCmdbX/ How to develop -

68 Role/responsibility for performance Explained - Umpire/Referee Staff Role responsibility within team/group

69 Etiquette Explained - Good sportsmanship/etiquette- The Rules of Good Sportsmanship in Games, Sports and in Life- p:// Rules and regulations in sport- Team spirit - what makes a successful team?- Would You Be as Honest as This Runner?- Touching moment basketball player from opposite team hands ball to disabled player - Ohio Runner Helps Fallen Opponent Across Finish Line at Track Meet- Youth Sportsmanship Video- How to develop – Etiquette 101: Kids & Competitive Sports- How to Practice Proper Sports Etiquette -

70 Respect for Self and Others Explained –

71 Inclusion Explained – important-is-teamwork-within-professional-cycling/ How to develop – the-environment/

72 Fair Play/Ethics/Codes of Conduct Explained – (definition ) This short 30 second clip shows an incredible gesture of fair play and sportsmanship – this could engage pupils in discussion on, for example, what they might do in a similar situation, how would they react to teammate who may have done this also. The following video gives an another insight into Paolo Di Canio, as it displays the best and worst sides of his character. This may be useful to highlight the differences in an individual and how people can react differently in certain situations which can then impact on how they may or may not follow a code of conduct, or may or may not display fair play to teammates and or opponents. This video could be used to give a contrast to positive fair play, by discussing the impact that negative fair play and not adhering to a code of conduct can have on performance. Pupils can discuss how this impacts on themselves, their team and opponents. This video shows Roger Federer, an athlete at the top of his profession, correcting the referee on a wrong decision and refusing the point.

73 Conduct of self, players, crowd and officials Explained – Players Worst divers and cheats H2wXK4T4 Unsportsmanlike Conduct Top 10 Unsportsmanlike Moments in Pro Sport w John McEnroe's most famous outburst happened in Stockholm in 1984 Respectful sportsmen Vko Elizabeth Lambert - Mars BYU vs. New Mexico Womens Soccer Slide 1 of 2

74 Conduct of self, players, crowd and officials Explained – Crowd Crowd trouble mars Roma’s - CSKA 5-1 win 6 Spectacular Crowd Celebrations at Sporting Events 9fjQ Rudeness of the French Crowd Referee hits player and causes riot lk Nigel Owens - this is not Soccer AkY Explained – Officials Slide 2 of 2

75 Social Responsibility/Role Models Explained – Allyson Felix talking about role models and the influence they have had on her career. Cathy Freeman on the importance of female role models Lebron James on Importance of Role Models for Children (from 2mins 11) miami-heat-star-contract-19934805

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