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Proiectul EPTA Prezentare generală Catalin Frangulea Pastor- Agentia Metropolitană Braov Sustainable Mobility Forum – Oradea – Noiembrie 2013.

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Presentation on theme: "Proiectul EPTA Prezentare generală Catalin Frangulea Pastor- Agentia Metropolitană Braov Sustainable Mobility Forum – Oradea – Noiembrie 2013."— Presentation transcript:

1 Proiectul EPTA Prezentare generală Catalin Frangulea Pastor- Agentia Metropolitană Braov Sustainable Mobility Forum – Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

2 Model European pentru Autorităi de Transport Public scurt rezumat al proiectului Impactul proiectului la nivel local – Zona Metropolitana Brasov Stadiul dezvoltarii sistemului de transport metropolitan la Brasov Consideratii privind viitorul transportului public in aglomeratiile urbane / zonele metropolitane din Romania Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

3 Model European pentru Autorităi de Transport Public 9 ări - 11 partneri : –SRM - Reti e Mobilità (IT) –Regiunea Emilia-Romagna (IT) –Municipalitatea Almada (PT) –Provincia Rogaland (NO) –Universitatea Aberdeen (UK) –POLIS (BE) –Municipalitatea Razlog (BG) –Agentia Metropolitana Brasov (RO) –SASTH Salonic (GR) –ALOT (IT) –Municipalitatea Praga-Suchdol (CZ) Buget general: € 1.346.448 Finanare75-85% Interreg IVC - Co-finanare din bugetele naionale i din surse proprii ale partenerilor Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

4 ● 7 funcii principale Reglementare, Planificare, Licitare/Atribuire, Integrare, Promovare, Management, Control ● 1 Ipoteză Reunirea celor 7 funcii cheie în cadrul unei singure organizaii ce acionează în sprijinul autorităilor locale i a organizaiilor relevante ●Bune practici din întreaga Europă vor fi analizate i ulterior transpformate în politici locale/regionale, contribuind la dezvoltarea unui model de Agenie de Transport 11 parteneri Ag de Transport, Autorităi Locale, Universităi, Reele 8 Regiuni Europene i 1 din Norvegia Ideea din spatele EPTA Cum a luat natere proiectul? Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

5 Obiectivele EPTA Ce vrem să facem? ●Schimb de experiene i transfer de expertiză privind dezvoltarea Ageniilor de Transport Public (ATP) prin intermediul sesiunilor de instruire i a workshop- urilor; ●Consolidarea expertizei locale i transferul de bune practici între parteneri/regiuni; ●Identificarea unui MODEL funcional pentru înfiinarea/dezvoltarea unei ATP; ●Promovarea unor instrumente de politică publică i a unui set de recomandări la nivel local, regional i naional pentru înfiinarea de ATP; ●Diseminarea cunotinelor acumulate în cadrul proiectului către actori interesai la nivel local, regional i naional, atât publici cât i din sectorul privat. Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

6 Intrumentele EPTA. Cum facem ce ne-am propus? ●Workshop-uri pentru decidenii din sectorul de transport public i al mobilităii; ●Sesiuni de Instruire pentru experii din domeniu, concentrate pe aspectele tehnice; ●Web site i e-learning disponibile la; ●Schimburi de personal destinate partenerilor din proiect; ●Publicaii i comunicate de presă; ●Buletine informative i materiale de promovare. Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

7 Următoarele evenimente EPTA ●Praga – REPUBLICA CEHĂ– Martie 2014 ► WS7 - “Calitate, eficacitate i eficienă în transportul public” ► TC6 - “Monitorizare i motivare în transportul public” ● Bruxelles – Conferina finală EPTA – Mai 2014 ►“Model European pentru Autorităile de Transport Public: bune practici pentru înfiinarea i dezvoltarea unei ATP” tineti minte!!! Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

8 Rezultatele EPTA 9 Studii de Oportunitate. Praha-Suchdol (CZ) area will change profoundly, because of the development of Prague Ring Road and feeder road "Rybářka" foreseen in the new Master plan designed by the City of Prague. The Feasibility Study elaborated by the city District, mostly based on the planning EPTA pillar, evaluated some European good practices. It investigated new solutions for local needs, in order to design and submit to decision-makers a possible alternative plan, efficient and providing for higher environmental sustainability and accessibility.. Rogaland County Council (NO) believes that to make a trip as easy as possible and to make public transport attractive to travelers, PT has to be comprehensive, user-friendly and transparent for the customer. In this framework the overall objective of the study, which refers to the Integration EPTA pillar, is to evaluate the potential for passenger growth in public transport in Rogaland as a result of coordinated fares and ticketing system, including a review of fares, zoning and ticketing system. A key part of the study is a specific user need analysis carried out through specific interviews with both service planners and transport providers representatives. Consiliul Regional Rogaland ALOT (IT) The aim of this FS is to firstly review European good practices for studying and understanding the basic elements to create a business plan of a PTA, including organizational model, social mission, cost structure. Furthermore, the FS will assess the economic and institutional feasibility of a model of PTA which could be replicated and be part of the guidelines for decision- makers. The main objectives are a preliminary analysis of the activities performed by PTAs (so-called “Pyramid of assets” identified fby EPTA) and a study of some elements used in the subsequent preparation of business plans such as corporate structure, employed human resources and funding schemes. Agenia Regionala Lombardia de Est Municipalitatea Praga - Suchdol Municpality of Razlog (BG) decided to investigate whether the enhancement of an intermodal PT offer, by developing a carpooling and bike-sharing system, along with an integrated management could result in a reduction of private car traffic and improvement of social inclusion. The study, based on the "planning" EPTA Pillars, paid a special attention to both the users' perspective and the financial/management constraints (and related issues) in order to evaluate whether such an initiative is feasible. Municipalitatea RAZLOG Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

9 Rezultatele EPTA 9 Studii de Oportunitate Brasov Metropolitan Agency (RO) will undertake the functions of PTA, as set forth by the review of the national legal framework in 2010. The Feasibility Study was therefore an opportunity to define the best organizational structure to be adopted, with particular attention paid to financial issues and to administrative and technical resources that will be needed. Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority (GR), focused its analysis on the two possible time scenarios for the next PT tender: the current service contract -between the National Government and the Operator, existing since 1957- should expire two years after the conclusion of the new Thessaloniki metro system construction works, scheduled for 2017 (thus it should expire in 2019). ThePTA analyzed both European and National legislation regarding PT service awarding, clearly identifying the different possibilities for the tender. This way ThePTA highlighted positive and negative aspects for each scenario, and identified the most effective tendering procedure. Autoritatea de transport Public din Salomic ALOT, the Eastern Lombardy Agency for Mobility (IT), focused its analysis on the three areas of Brescia, Bergamo and Cremona-Mantova, identifying for each one the best typology of service contract and the most effective tendering procedure. As for Thessaloniki, the analysis of the European and National legal framework played an important role in the study. Furthermore, the analysis of the Good Practices allowed to define which are quantitative and qualitative features to be taken into account and included in the service contract, in order to get a higher quality level PT service. Agenia Regionala Lombardia de Est Agenia Metropolitana Braov SRM, the PTA of Bologna (IT) focused on the service contract with the Operator, with particular regard to the control of the service provided. It is indeed in charge of the Authority to check if the Operator operates the contracted service complying with the standards of quality and quantity provided for by the service contract. SRM developed an ad hoc algorithm for the optimization of this activity, in order to maximize the number of controls performed in a specific time by each controlle, by applying the Theory of Games. The algorithm developed in this study improved and optimized the procedures already used by other Authorities and it can, in turn, be used as a new Good Practice for similar cases. Autoritatea de Transport Public din Bologna Almada City Council's (PT) feasibility study comprises two distinct parts. One is focused on finding a way to improve its local public transport governance, as in Portugal public transport is regulated and awarded by the government, and the Municipality has no power to act directly on it. Thus, Almada's FS dealt with the current and future functions the Municipality may have and defined scenarios and conditions for the creation of a local Public Transport Authority. The second part is a study for the implementation of the "Mobility House of Almada". Also other urban transport modes, like the bicycle and new forms of shared transport, will have a place in the Mobility House of Almada. Consiliul Local Almadan Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

10 Rezultatele EPTA Angajamentul Partenerilor. Colecia de bune practici EPTA 8 Planuri de Implementare EPTA Document de Poziie & Recomandări Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

11 IMPACTUL EPTA in Zona Mtropolitana Brasov. EPTA reprezinta cel mai recent proiect dintr- o seirie de alte demersuri dedicate imbunatatirii mobilitatii S-a creat o A.D.I. sectoriala - Asociatia Metropolitana pentru Dezvoltarea Durabila a Transportului Pubic Brasov 15 UAT + Ag Metropolitana Brasov Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

12 IMPACTUL EPTA in Zona Mtropolitana Brasov. Asociatia Metropolitana de Transport a obtinut autorizarea ANRSC si are rolul de autoritate de licentiere a activitatilor de transport public in ZM Bv S-au initiat studii metropolitane sub coordonarea As Metropolitane de Transport Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

13 STADIUL DEZVOLTARII sistemului de transport metropolitan la Brasov. S-a dezvoltat o masa critica de stakeolderi interesati in dezvoltarea unui sistem de transport competitiv Se analizeaza contextul in care va functiona aagentia de transport public Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

14 Consideratii privind viitorul transportului public in zonele metropolitane din Romania. Este necesara o schimbare de paradigma in transportul public Mobilitatea nu mai este un scop in sine ci devine un instrument de politica urbana pentru cresterea calitatii vietii Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

15 MULUMESC!  Oradea – Noiembrie 2013

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