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From Waste to Resources Implementing Sustainable Resource Management in Your Business Launch Webinar Josh Fothergill Policy & Engagement Lead – Resource.

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1 From Waste to Resources Implementing Sustainable Resource Management in Your Business Launch Webinar Josh Fothergill Policy & Engagement Lead – Resource Management 23 rd July 2014

2 Welcome1 House-keeping Audio Technical Questions Slides Use IEMA Linked-In Group for discussions:

3 Welcome2 Forthcoming IEMA Activities: ISO 14001 Workshops: Aberdeen, Exeter, Leicester, Cambridge BSI webinar: 31 July (11am) GACSO Consultation on Sustainability Lexicon White Paper Skills to drive sustainable business September – across UK Conferences 23 Sept – Sustainability (Cambridge) 16 Oct – RWM (Leeds) 26 Nov - EMS Forum (London)

4 From Waste to Resources Implementing Sustainable Resource Management in Your Business 23 rd July 2014

5 Outline What have we launched? Context: Challenge & Opportunity The Circular Economy - Practical Approach Implementing in Your Business IEMA Supporting Your Actions Our wider activities on RWM Summary

6 What have we launched?

7 Review Your Progress: RAMP

8 Recognising Support: Case Studies Many Thanks to: For sharing their case studies & experience in delivering sustainable resource management

9 CONTEXT: The Challenge & Opportunity of Sustainable Resource Management

10 Sustainable Resource Management is a Business Critical Issue What is it about?

11 Critical – Business Critical OECD Development Centre, Working Paper 285 (Kharas, 2010) 2014 2000

12 Business – Business Critical Clear business benefits: Driving Competitiveness Making Savings and Creating Efficiency Managing Business Risk Securing Supply, Managing Costs and Protecting Reputation Enabling Future Markets Innovative Business Models, Strategic Planning and Capitalising on the Circular Economy

13 Benefiting Business Demonstrable financial benefit: SME’s 63% of respondents saving over £5,000/yr 26% of respondents savings over £25,000/yr Large >20% of respondents savings over £100,000/yr Very Large 19% of respondents saving over £1m/yr

14 CIRCULAR ECONOMY: A Practical Approach for Business Action

15 Our Linear Economy

16 What? - Action to apply waste hierarchy Where are we now? Waste Management Creating a new pecking order Environmentalist Dec 2013 Niall Enright

17 Linear to Circular Economy

18 Sustainable Resource Management CE - Practical Approach Circular Economy = Sustainable Resource Management Resource Efficiency & Effectiveness Resource Security Resource Cycling

19 SRM - Practical Approach

20 IMPLEMENTING: Sustainable Resource Management in Your Business

21 What? - Taking action to optimise the sustainable use of materials Real Results: “We changed waste from a cost of ~£80k a year to a co-product that we sell for an annual income in excess of £200k, this action has acted to meet the supply-chain goals of our key customers.” Andrew Maguire, MIEMA, Kepak RES: Efficiency & Effectiveness

22 Advice on Action Getting Started Review sources of waste, and uses of key materials – with aim to redistribute and reduce purchasing Ramping up Focus on reducing resource intensity (material per unit output) Leading the Way Focus on Effectiveness minimise resource inputs, avoid negative env / soc consequences, provide a net positive contribution RES: Efficiency & Effectiveness

23 What? - Maintaining a reliable supply of key materials Real Issues: “Without a clear view of supply risks and an active and ambitious strategy to manage those risks, businesses will be increasingly vulnerable to price volatility, supply chain disruption and business continuity risks” Susanne Baker, AIEMA, EEF RES: Security

24 RES: Security Advice on Action Getting Started Conduct a resource resilience review – to develop understand key materials business relies upon across supply-chain Ramping up Review supply of current ‘at risk’ materials Research whether alternative materials can be used Leading the Way Act to manage reputational risk related to materials Develop networks to further understanding & co-ordinate action Explore opportunities to improve value of materials Case study: Rolls-Royce REVERT

25 What? - Managing material flows so they replenish supply Real Action: “We see closed loop innovation as a major business opportunity” Becky Coffin, MIEMA, Kingfisher “Collecting recycling from our customers, when delivering orders...helps differentiate our business in a competitive market” Toby Robins, AIEMA, Wiles Greenworld RES: Cycling

26 RES: Cycling Advice on Action Getting Started Build organisational understanding of resource cycling opportunities through review of case studies and value-chain engagement Ramping up Review opportunities for re-use and re-distribution in organisation & supply-chain Take action to enhance products disassembly / recyclability Leading the Way Build circularity / CE into long-term business strategy – establishing ambitous targets to disrupt traditional approaches Case study: Kingfisher – 1000 products with closed loop features by 2020

27 Key People Strategic, Change Agents, Engagement Key Systems Data & Reporting, Procurement and Value-chain Engagement Successfully transitioning to Resource Management Action + People + Systems = Success

28 IEMA: Supporting Your Actions

29 Review their organisation’s progress on sustainable resource management: Resource Action Maturity Planner (RAMP) What next? - You

30 Review Your Progress: RAMP

31 Resource Webinar Series – July/August 30 th July - EEF & KTN 6 th, 13 th 20 th August, Inc: Ricoh, EMG-CSR, ESP Regional Roll-out – July/August/September August: 1 st =London, 6 th =Cardiff, 8 th =Birmingham SRM Conference Y&H – 16 th October What next? - Events

32 Resource Network Join! Email: Activation – email soon Member led activities & initiatives. Keep updated – via the hub What next? – Joint Action

33 Policy action - with Government and others MSWG – Paper ORM (Office of Resource Management) EPSRC Centre for innovative manufacturing in industrial sustainability – Conference 16 & 17 Sept, Cambridge REBUS research – WRAP, KTN, Aldersgate Group, etc WRAP & Green Alliance – Labour Market implications of a Circular Economy CVORR – University of Leeds Resource (Security) Dashboard - KTN What next? – IEMA HQ


35 Summary Clear business benefits Driving Competitiveness Managing Business Risk Enabling Future Markets Action Areas Resource Efficiency & Effectiveness Resource Security Resource Cycling Support People – Leaders, catalysts, broad engagement Systems – Data, Procurements, value-chain

36 Report & Business Briefing

37 Contact: @jfothergilliema @iemanet IEMA Mentoring Workshop 2012 Thanks for listening! Access: From Waste to Resources @

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