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2 2 $6/MMbtu $4/MMbtu Gathering Station Problem: Marginal Production

3 3 Well Production Lifetime ConventionalSeparation Natural Flow WGC Boosted Production

4 Single vs Multiphase Production 4

5 Compression Market Opportunities Sources: EIA, Exterran Annual Report, Dresser-Rand, Compressco (Tetra Technologies) 5 CNG Compressed Air Energy Storage CO 2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Enormous Markets with Large Emerging Opportunities CAGR 12%+

6 6 2010 Reciprocating Compressor $180K (2010 equiv) 300HP (35% eff.) >400 sq. ft. 10 Tons weight 1910 Reciprocating Compressor $220K (2010 equiv) 350HP (30% eff.) >500 sq. ft. 15 Tons weight Incumbent Technology

7 OsComp Technology 7 OsComp 500hp Prototype in Lab Operates with Multiphase Compression 10,000x Heat Transfer Rate Liquid Injection Cooling Fast Rate Heat Transfer Low-Energy Hydraulic Atomization of Liquid Coolant OsComp droplets Surface Area = 450 m 2 Heat Transfer Coefficient = 82 Standard droplets Surface Area = 4.5 m 2 Heat Transfer Coefficient = 0.82 Rate of heat transfer is affected by surface area (exponential)

8 Customer Value - North Dakota Bakken Current Best OsComp Tech Total Costs ($K)875167 Package Efficiency-+32% Skid weight (k lbs)5414 ½ Cost, 32% More Gas, ¼ Weight, Attractive ROI 8 ROI for OsComp = 11 months ROI for Exterran = 62 months

9 Timeline and Milestones 9 2011 2012 2013 2014 Development and TestsMajor Field TrialsCommercial Scaling 1 st Field Trial PO $20M Sales Backlog 3 rd Party Full Validation Series A $12M+ Series A $12M+ 2 nd Gen 300 kW Beta Unit B Growth Round $15M+ B Growth Round $15M+

10 10 Summary of Technology Benefits Near isothermal thermodynamic cycle – Energy savings and simple packaging High pressure in a single stage – Simplicity and cost reduction Small footprint/volume – Small surface installation and lower cost to install 10

11 OsComp Investors OsComp is funded by top tier venture capital technology investors in oil and gas – Energy Ventures (dedicated to upstream technology) Norway, Aberdeen, and Houston >$750M under management – Chevron Technology Ventures 11

12 Management Team Pedro Santos – CEO/CTO Lifetime career in compressors US DOE Airmaster+ Expert Founder and lead inventor Jeremy Pitts – VP Engineering Career in mechanical product development Formerly head of engineering at Raytracker (aquired by First Solar) R&D at Raytheon Defense Ruben Kendrick - CFO Lifetime career in Midstream Companies Former CFO Valerus Compression - $750M+ capital raised Scott Rackey – VP Business Development Serial energy entrepreneur Former CEO of CTP Hydrogen and CellTech Power 12

13 13 Strong Board of Directors Paul Deutch CEO/President, Foro Energy Lifetime in oilfield technology Former president of Flotek Artificial Lift Leif-Andre Skare Senior Partner, Energy Ventures Extensive career in oil and natural gas industry Facilitated exit of Direct Drive Systems and Fluid Devices Kristen Lier Investment Manager, Energy Ventures Extensive experience in energy trading and markets John Hanten Venture Executive, Chevron Technology Ventures 30 years experience, primarily in upstream oilfield technology

14 14 OsComp Awards/Prizes/Grants

15 15 Company Summary Innovation solving shortfalls of current compression Enabling frontier hydrocarbon development Strong validation from customers and partners Strong team and clear milestones

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