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An Overview of the Research Institute 2015

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1 An Overview of the Research Institute 2015
Prof Alicia El Haj Director, Institute for Science & Technology in Medicine, Keele University

2 Keele University
A campus-based university located in the West Midlands of England, offering dual-honours degrees and research in science, social science and humanities. Founded as a University College in 1949, it received its Royal Charter in 1962.

3 Research Institute for Science & Technology in Medicine (ISTM)
A multidisciplinary Institute formed in 2006 to underpin the new Medical School established between Keele and Manchester Universities Keele Medical School ISTM brings together dispersed clinical and laboratory-based researchers from different departments and cultures. School of Life Sciences University Hospital of North Staffordshire (PFI development) Guy Hilton Research Centre RJ&AH Orthopaedic Hospital

4 Facilitating Biomedical Research
ISTM brings together clinicians and bio-scientists across four hospital sites and the Keele campus: University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent The Haywood Hospital, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry Leighton Hospital, Crewe School of Medicine School of Pharmacy School of Health & Rehabilitation School of Life Sciences School of Computing & Mathematics School of Chemistry & Physics ISTM Away Day 2014

5 Translational Research
“bench to bedside” Industrial Partnership Industrial Partnership Potential Clinical application Clinical Trial Basic science Cell biology/ Physics/ Biological Chemistry Bioengineering/ Imaging/ In vitro/ In vivo modelling

6 ISTM - Current Staff 91 full members:
Professors: 27 Readers, Senior Lecturers, Clinical Lecturers: 40 Lecturers: 18 Research Fellows: 6 50+ NHS clinicians run clinical trials through ISTM 27 affiliated members from other Keele RI’s Key chair appointments of senior clinical/non clinical academics to expand capacity ~20 career-young researchers in the Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy and SHAR

7 ISTM – Executive Committee
Director Clinical Co-Director Prof Alicia El Haj Prof Simon Davies Associate Directors Dr Nicholas Forsyth (GHRC) Prof Anand Pandyan (Keele campus) Prof James Richardson (RJ&AH) Director of Postgraduate Studies Dr Paul Horrocks

8 ISTM – Scientific themes Resulting from 2013/14 reviews
Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine Biomagnetics and Nanomedicine Cell & Molecular Medicine Diagnostics, Engineering and Proteomics Health Services Research Unit Neuroscience Rehabilitation Sustainable Pharmacy

9 Bioengineering & Regenerative Medicine
Theme leader: Dr Nick Forsyth Basic research into cell physiology and pathology, to developing new therapies in the laboratory, translating to treatments in the clinic and then assessing their efficacy by running clinical trials. European Centre of Excellence in Tissue Engineering. ARUK Centre of Excellence (+ Newcastle, Aberdeen, York) EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre in Regenerative Medicine (+ Loughborough and Nottingham) Part of 2 UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (UKRMP) hubs

10 Biomagnetics & Nanomedicine
Theme leader: Dr Neil Telling New nanomaterials, surface design and nano-particle formulations, both magnetic and polymer based, coupled to a benchmarking approach in the development of nano-magnetic technology for drug, gene and cell targeting. Peer reviewed grant support from EPSRC, BBSRC, MRC, RCUK, NIH (USA), Royal Society and European FP7 European and US networks

11 Cell & Molecular Medicine
Theme leader: Prof Gwyn Williams Includes genetics and epigenetics, structural biology, cell biology, including apoptosis and the control of cell growth and a wide range of analytical techniques such as proteomics and electromagnetic imaging. Dedicated Human Genomics facility

12 Diagnostics, Engineering & Proteomics
Theme leader: Dr Josep Sulé-Suso Expertise in structural biology, proteomics and synchrotron radiation with a key aim of establishing biomarkers for clinical applications. Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) Microwave Imaging Structural Biology, leads UK Midlands consortium Proteomics facility

13 Health Service Research Unit
Theme leader: Prof Simon Davies A joint initiative between Keele's Research Institutes for Science & Technology in Medicine, Primary Care Sciences and a range of NHS partners in North Staffordshire. To identify and promote beacon pathways of care as exemplars for integrating programmes of education, training, evaluation and applied health research with service development and high quality care.

14 Neuroscience Theme leader: Prof Divya Chari
Specialises in several related basic, translational and clinical areas. Stem cell therapy and implantable materials for neurological disease and injury Mechanisms of brain development including plasticity mechanisms Application of nanotechnology and nanoscale devices for neural repair Development of reductionist models of neurological injury Genetic studies and clinical trials in Multiple Sclerosis & stroke.

15 Rehabilitation Theme leader: Dr Ed Chadwick
Uses science and engineering principles to tackle the physical limitations brought on by neuromuscular and skeletal disease, injury and ageing: Investigating biomechanical and physiological causes Developing Assistive devices to restore function Mathematical and conceptual models for biomedical and rehabilitation engineering research

16 Sustainable Pharmacy Theme leader: Dr David Morgan
Addresses sustainable healthcare and pharmacy issues identified by “Improving the use of Medicines (for better outcomes and reduced waste)”. These priorities include: Involvement of patients in decisions about their treatment to help them use their medicines effectively Reduction of the scale and cost of medicines waste Optimisation of the supply and use of medicines, including optimisation in the synthesis and production of medicines. Reduction in the harm associated with medication use. Enhanced use of the Pharmacist in the community and in the developing healthcare setting.

17 ISTM - Activity Metrics
Manages ~185 live research grants and trials Receives £5m / year income, incl £3.8m in grants Applies for ~150 new research grants / year Outputs ~280 peer-reviewed publications / year RAE2008: 90% of staff rated of international quality in UoA 25 General Engineering REF2014: UoA 15 General Engineering UoA 3 Allied Health Professions UoA 5 Biological Sciences Potentially academics submitted

18 ISTM Current Major Funding Sources
Keele QR funding is +1.5% for 2014/15

19 ISTM – Training Researchers
Mentoring early-career lecturers and fellows Research fellows transition to independence ~35 research assistants and technical staff Support and activities: eg Keele studentships, start-up funds incl. MRC Centenary Awards, HEFCE Capital Equipment funds, workshops.

20 International links to ISTM
Examples incl. China, Malaysia, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Mali and Burkina Faso Masters and PhD / MPhil level Researcher exchanges Funded programmes – eg MRC African Leaders grant, HYANJI SCAFFOLD, NEMO, MagNETicFUN, Fellowships

21 ISTM - Enterprise Activities
Industrial collaborations, eg: Technology Strategy Board collaborative projects MRC and BBSRC CASE studentships, primarily with UK companies European joint projects involving Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Contract research and clinical trials with UK / European industry, eg: 3M Healthcare Abbott Laboratories AstraZeneca Biogen Bose Bristol Myers Squibb Cellon SA ConMed Cordis Endovascular GlaxoSmithKline GW Pharma Merck Sharp & Dohme Novartis Oxitec PepTcell Pfizer Smith & Nephew Surgicraft Syngenta Teva Weleda AG Wella AG Wyeth Research XenoGesis Zimmer Licensing of Intellectual Property Examples of current spin-off companies from ISTM: NanoTherics ( Mica Biosystems (

22 Web pages and contacts:
Director: Prof Alicia El Haj +44 (0) PA to Director: Joseph Clarke +44 (0) Facilities & Administration Manager: Jeanette Forrester +44 (0) RI Manager: Mark Smith +44 (0)

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