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DoD Approved Food Sources

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1 DoD Approved Food Sources
CW5 Ron Biddle

2 DoD Approved Food Sources
The Worldwide Directory of Sanitarily Approved Food Establishments for Armed Forces Procurement. This directory list all food establishments and food distributors that are approved as sources of supply for Armed Forces procurement. It is the official online database of all food establishments and food distributors, that are approved as sources of supply for the Armed Forces according to Army Regulation (AR) Kandahar, Afghanistan RC NEW EQUIPMENT TRAINING TRADOC Soldier Fueling Team

3 Worldwide Directory The Worldwide Directory is consolidated and published by the Deputy to the Commander, U.S. Army Institute of Public Health (AIPH), Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. U.S. Army Veterinary Service personnel have audited Establishments listed in this publication for sanitation. These establishments are subject to sanitary surveillance to ensure continued approval as a source of subsistence for Armed Forces Procurement.

4 USAPHC Public Web Site The Worldwide Directory is updated daily and can be accessed through the USAPHC public Web site at

5 Main View

6 Appendix A-Listing Requirements

7 Listing Exemptions

8 Becoming Approved Source Suppliers
Suppliers proposing to bid on Armed Forces contracts and whose establishments are not approved as sources of supply must submit written requests for audits signed by management through either local or central purchasing agencies.

9 Appendix B- Initial Audit Request

10 Appendix C-Listing by Establishment

11 Listing by Product

12 Listing by State

13 Approved to Supply

14 Point Of Contact The point of contact for this publication is: AIPH Food Protection Program, USAPHC ATTN: MCHB-IP-VF 5158 Blackhawk Road Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD Commercial telephone number: /2627 or DSN: /

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