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1st July 2009 1 Copyright Gospel4Grampian. Gospel4Grampian began in June 2006 from a terraced house in Mastrick, Aberdeen. We set up the Gospel4Grampian.

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Presentation on theme: "1st July 2009 1 Copyright Gospel4Grampian. Gospel4Grampian began in June 2006 from a terraced house in Mastrick, Aberdeen. We set up the Gospel4Grampian."— Presentation transcript:

1 1st July 2009 1 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

2 Gospel4Grampian began in June 2006 from a terraced house in Mastrick, Aberdeen. We set up the Gospel4Grampian radio outreach to make a real difference in people's lives. G4G is motivated by vision, a God-given passion and scripture. The vision was first given in 2000 after a prayer meeting I attended with a close friend. 1st July 2009 2 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

3 Jesus Christ did not just die to bring salvation. “...My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” John 10:10 (NLT) 1st July 2009 3 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

4 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” We do not just wait for salvation but... “Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone.” Mark 16:15 (NLT) 1st July 2009 4 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

5 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” September 2007 - Moved the station to an office at Kings Community Church. June 2008 - Celebrated 2 nd Birthday. December 2008 - Six Trustees appointed from four churches. December 2008 - First live broadcast (carol service). January 2009 - Charity status applied for. Highlights so far! 1st July 2009 5 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

6 Meet the Team 1st July 2009 6 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

7 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” What's the deal with Gospel4Grampian? 1st July 2009 7 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

8 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” Gospel4Grampian Community Gospel Radio Puts listeners in touch with services that can improve lives; community news. Informs: Good news, world news, sport, weather, travel, events. Inspires: real-life stories and uplifting music. With the Gospel at its heart! 1st July 2009 8 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

9 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” How? Working with churches Kemnay Parish Church Kings Community Church Woodside Parish Church And organisations including Christians Against Poverty, Teen Challenge - Drug and addiction rehabilitation Bethany Christian Trust -Haven Lighthoose Passing the Baton Blue Horizons Youth Bus Project 1st July 2009 9 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

10 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” How? Use the talents God has given. Can you listen? Can you draw? Can you play an instrument? Can you cook? You have talent - USE IT for you and your community. “'Yes' the king replied, 'and to those who use well what they are given, even more will be given...” Luke 19: 11-26 (NLT) Encouraging listeners to 1st July 2009 10 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

11 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” How? Every Friday, Gospel4Grampian broadcasts live programmes. 1st July 2009 11 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

12 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” Every Friday tune in for: 8 hours of live broadcasting...from Aberdeen 10 am – 6pm “Gospel Cafe” 10 am - 11 am 3 pm - 4 pm Loaded with the Gospel, music, your Gospel Cafe requests and dedications, uplifting and inspirational Chat and life stories. We'll also give you news, sport, weather and travel. Now there's an offer you can't refuse! Tune in with ITUNES 1st July 2009 12 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

13 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” What's our current position? Guests of Kings Community Church - sharing an office with church manager and student. Unable to fully expand until station moves to a new location and Charity status granted by OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator). We now have 3 core volunteers and 6 Trustees. More volunteers are waiting to start working with us. Until we move, space, resources and time to train volunteers are restricted. 1st July 2009 13 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

14 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” What's our current position? A location has been identified in another area of Aberdeen. Working links are being forged with new churches and organisations across the region, beginning in Aberdeen. We are working towards broadcasting on FM / Digital radio to let people across the North of Scotland know that their lives can be enriched by active application of the Gospel. As a first step, we are looking to get a Restricted Service FM license over Christmas 2009 to let people know we exist and encourage them to tune in on the internet. 1st July 2009 14 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

15 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” A taste of future goals A relevant community Gospel radio station for North Scotland broadcasting a vibrant mix of living Gospel testimony, life skills, youth programmes, music, news, drama, consumer affairs, environmental programmes. Sound working links with churches and organisations working in their communities across North Scotland. Live programmes from across N Scotland (from Aberdeen to Dundee, Perth, Oban, Inverness & Wick). Increased access to the Gospel across N Scotland on FM. 1st July 2009 15 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

16 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” A taste of future goals Churches encouraged to do more together in their communities. Listeners encouraged to help themselves and others in their communities. Giving hope to those without hope. 1st July 2009 16 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

17 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” Tuning in Tune in on-line on ITUNES 1st July 2009 17 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

18 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” How you can help? Tune in and get involved. Spread the word about Gospel4Grampian. Keep in touch - monthly newsletter. Pray for Gospel4Grampian. Financial donations Gift Aid applies for Tax Payers. 1st July 2009 18 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

19 HERE to “ENRICH LIVES” In summary Encouraging listeners to use the gifts, talents and abilities within them to enrich their lives and the lives of those in their community. Working with churches and organisations by publicising and promoting their services to listeners. Broadcasting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 1st July 2009 19 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

20 1st July 2009 20 Copyright Gospel4Grampian

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