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Multi-Service Partnering Using Value Engineering & Function Analysis Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division.

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1 Multi-Service Partnering Using Value Engineering & Function Analysis Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division

2 MAC5ISR 2 Multi-Agency Collaboration for Program Specific Missions Multi-Agency Collaborative C4ISR (MAC5ISR)

3 Mission Assurance Mission Security Energy Resource Mission Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Counter Narcotic Logistics, maintenance & resupply Low intensity conflict Surveillance, analysis & planning Aviation and other transportation modes First Responder & Stakeholder communications Security Deterrence technologies Force Multiplier Presence PSEAG Charter Energy Provide Net + Regional Provide Net 0 for install Re-purpose key technologies Adaptation of Carbon Policies for cost control Maximize the use of the environment to provide energy Collaboration with federal, state & private entities for energy security and assurance Resource Linear & Predictable costs Financial stability & surplus Planned consumption Mitigation of resource deficit Do more with less “People, Finance & Natural Resources” A Mission Assurance System of Systems (SoS) approach. 3 MAC5ISR Concept

4 MAC5ISR Strategy Systems of Systems approach –Numerous Stakeholders are Autonomous and have: Varying mission requirements/needs Overlapping missions and interests Varying degrees of operational authority Varying degrees of program execution authority Varying degrees of procurement/contracting authority Different budget constraints –No single stakeholder (alone) has the capacity to make automated coordination across a region reality –Technical/Non-technical factors must be integrated simultaneously Multi-stakeholder collaboration accomplished by: –Leveraging resources –Communicating through rules based/secure links –Coordinated contracting approach 4 *Doing more with less*

5 5 MAC5ISR CONUS Objectives SW Region SE Region NW RegionNE Region MAC5ISR/Secure Border Initiative MAC5ISR/First Responder Resource System – Gulf Network MAC5ISR/National Capital Surveillance System MAC5ISR/Support of Army Energy Efforts Priority 1a. Priority 1b. Priority 2. As National Needs Dictate

6 NCASS OV 1.0 Andrews AFB Aberdeen Fort Meade NASA Goddard NASA Langley Fort Belvoir National Airport BAFB WNY USCG HQ - ROC Fort Myer Fort McNair USPP Dulles Airport Coordinated C4ISR– USCG HQ Regional Security and Energy Strategy

7 Navy Recognition  Multiple Missions/Needs  Navy Missions Overlap other Services/Agencies/Entities  Shortage of Resources  Need to Partner with other Services/Agencies/Entities 7

8 8 Value Engineering Directives  1993: OMB Circular A-131: All Federal agencies will conduct value engineering studies for all expenditures greater than $1 million  1996: Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act Amended: Requires Value Methodology/Value Engineering at all Federal agencies.  Additional DoD/Navy guidance (but above is enough to justify use of Value Management for all).

9 Army/Navy Partnering  Naval Surface Warfare Center-Panama City (NSWC-PC) approached Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) re-Partnering through Value Management/Value Engineering  Aberdeen Test Center Recognized Similar Needs  Value Study Partnership:  NSWC-PC................. Value Workshop Sponsor  ATC...................... Value Workshop Host 9

10 On-Site Workshop  Over 30 Team/Participants  Atlantic Region of Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM)  Aberdeen Proving Ground Garrison  Aberdeen Test Center  Naval Surface Warfare Center-Panama City  Numerous Subject Matter Experts from various industries 10

11 11

12 On-Site Workshop Outcome  Littoral Mission Brainstorming (common to BOTH entities):  86 Ideas to enhance situational awareness at Aberdeen  221 Ideas to ensure stable energy at Aberdeen  8 Proposals were identified and are being implemented for action 12

13 How does this apply? 13 Value Function Cost = Lean Six Sigma MAC5ISR Requirements

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