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Presented to:. Founded in 1991 Leading manufacturer of Servers and Storage Based in Santa Fe Springs California Industry leading 5 Year Warranty on all.

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2 Founded in 1991 Leading manufacturer of Servers and Storage Based in Santa Fe Springs California Industry leading 5 Year Warranty on all configured custom servers and storage. Delivering exceptional performance, reliability, and outstanding value. Deployed every day by IT departments in many of the world’s largest organizations. Highly rated and reviewed by the media About Us

3 Over 130,000 active customer accounts in every major industry 63% of Fortune 100 companies use Aberdeen custom servers and storage 9 of the top 10 resellers in the USA have partnered with Aberdeen, selling Aberdeen servers and storage units to their valued clients Our Customers

4 The Aberdeen Advantage

5 5 Years from Date of Shipment on All fully configured Servers & Storage o All parts and labor included and covered o Access to the Aberdeen Technical Team  (email/phone) Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PST o Access to Aberdeen Customer Service and Sales Support  Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PST Low-Cost Spare Parts Program Optional Extended Advance Exchange Program pending part availability ( hard drives, power supplies, fans, etc) On-Site Warranty Service Optional Warranty and Support

6 Configure your server and/or storage Provide a PO with the agreed upon price indicating the 30 Day CARES evaluation Your order will be fully assembled and tested before it ships You evaluate the server/storage at your location for 30 days At the end of the evaluation period you may keep the product or send it back to us without incurring any charges to your account If you decided to keep the product, your order will be completed under the agreed upon price and terms Should you wish to return the product, contact Aberdeen for an RMA number and return it within 30 days from the date of invoice. CARES Custom Assembled Rackmount Evaluation Service

7 Custom configuration o Servers o Storage Servers o Network Attached Storage o Workstations Switches, KVMs, UPSs Software installed, and tested Built, tested and supported in the USA Pre-wired, pre-configured, plug and play And shipped anywhere in the world Aberdeen Custom Servers & Storage

8 Whether your requirement are driven by physical size, storage capacity, performance, price or all of the above, Aberdeen stands ready to custom tailor servers and storage servers to precisely meet your exact needs. From a 1U up to an 8U, you can build on one of our barebones configurations or customize your server from the ground up. Complete customization, ultra high performance and unparalleled reliability at a highly competitive price. One Size Does Not Fit All!

9 XDAS RAID Storage The XDAS RAID storage subsystems features design architecture to offer unmatched storage capacities for an unprecedented price. The expandable and highly scalable storage capacity of the XDAS provides dependable storage. Using scalable DAS as a framework for building cost-effective SATA RAID storage systems, the XDAS can be deployed easily via any external SAS, iSCSI or Fibre port allowing integration into any existing IT infrastructure.

10 NAS Optimize productivity and maximize network storage capacity. As an innovator in network attached storage solutions, Aberdeen is proud to be the first company to provide both Linux Powered NAS and Windows Powered NAS. The AberNAS data storage solutions provide OS choice, performance power and easy to use features to support the most dynamic and demanding network infrastructures. The AberNAS Series storage capacity ranges from 4TB in a 1U up to 384TB in a single server. 1U NAS 2U NAS 2U SSD NAS 3U NAS 4U NAS 5U NAS 8U NAS

11 Scalability: With AberSAN Z-Series you can scale by increasing memory or CPU performance or the number of targets available. Multi-level data protection: AberSAN Z-Series protects your organization's data from the smallest per transaction data integrity checks to higher level backup and disaster recovery capabilities. AberSAN ZFS Shared Storage

12 Inherent virtualization: AberSAN Z-Series is built from the ground up on the ZFS file system virtualization is at the core of AberSAN Z- Series. This virtualization enables thin provisioning and also improves performance via I/O pooling. When you add more disks or systems to AberSAN Z-Series the overall solution accelerates. Another benefit of AberSAN Z-Series is that it can run within VMware or other virtualized environments. AberSAN ZFS Shared Storage

13 The AberSAN Z-Series comes standard with: Shared storage from any combination of hardware Unlimited snapshots Unlimited file size Block and file based replication End to end data integrity Thin provisioning Integrated search Hybrid storage pools via automated use of SSDs Virtualization management Cloud ready storage capabilities In-line De-duplication iSCSI Target FC Target Capable TARGET FC Additional AberSAN features can be included at the time of purchase or at a later date. ZFS: Storage Without Limits High Availability Plugin Continuous Data Protection VM Data Center (VMDC) File Sharing Support Advanced Backup Utility

14 The Petarack can be configured under a single Namespace/Volume that doesn't have to stop at its own petabyte of included storage. The Petarack's host capacity can be scaled to 2.3 petabytes of continuous, uninterrupted storage in a single rack under a single namespace/volume. The Petarack's intuitive web based GUI management is employed for both configuring the array(s) and for the control of a wealth of enterprise level software features. These features include, but are not limited to, block level replication, unlimited snapshots and clones, file level replication and management of virtualized storage. Petarack™ Over 1PB of RAW Data Storage in 20U of Rackspace

15 COMPONENTSDual 2U Head Units for High Availability 3 x 5U Dual Controller JBODs Expandable to 7 x 5U Dual Controller JBODs Industry Standard APC Rackmount Cabinet LCD/KVM Control Panel CAPACITY 1008TB or Raw Storage (3 JBOD with 252 4TB Drives) Scalable w/additional JBODs to 2,352TB) PROTOCOL SUPPORTNFS/CIFS/RSYNC/FTP/iSCSI MAX RAID VOLUME CAPACITYZFS supports unlimited single volume capacity (limited only by amount of storage present) SUPPORTED RAID LEVELSStripe, Mirror, RAID-Z1 (Single parity), RAID-(Z2) (Double parity) OPERATING SYSTEMEnterprise-Class NexentaStor 4.0, 128-bit ZFS Platform OpenSolaris kernel with the GNU/Debian user interface HEAD UNIT PROCESSORDual Intel® Xeon® E5 processor 2600 series Sandy-Bridge EP Microarchitecture MEMORY256GB Per Head Unit Up to 512GB ECC Registered DDR3 Supported REDUNDANCYRedundant Head Units Dual Controller JBODs Redundant Power Supplies Redundant Cooling Dual Ported, Dual Controllers, fully HA Ready STORAGE IODual 10GbE iSCSI Ethernet Built-in Fibre Channel Target Optional WARRANTY5-Year Limited Overview Petarack™

16 Custom Built Storage & Servers Affordable Pricing Exceptional Performance Unparalleled Reliability 5 Year Warranty CARES Program Customer Service World Class Support Aberdeen Take Aways

17 Darryl Young Senior Account Executive 10420 Pioneer Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 Sales: 800-552-6868 Ext. 120 Fax: 562-903-1544 Contact Info

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