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SalesLogix Key Analyst and Press Quotes. Table of Contents Awards Slides 3-5 Analysts Endorsing SalesLogix Slides 6-14 SalesLogix versus Competitors Slides.

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1 SalesLogix Key Analyst and Press Quotes

2 Table of Contents Awards Slides 3-5 Analysts Endorsing SalesLogix Slides 6-14 SalesLogix versus Competitors Slides 15-23 –Analyst views –Partner views –Customer views SalesLogix in Press Slides 24-32 Customer ROI Slides 33-41 Trends Slides 42-49

3 Awards

4 SalesLogix Awards CRM Magazine (9/02) −Top 5 Mid-market CRM vendors −Top 5 Customer Installs for Avnet CRN Editor’s Choice Award (9/02) −Best SMB CRM Product −Best SMB CRM Channel Program VAR Business (3/03) −Five Star Partner Program Award

5 SalesLogix Awards PC Magazine Editor’s Choice (11/02) −Best Installed SFA product RealMarket Users’ Choice Award (8/02) −Gold award for CRM Supply Chain Technology News (12/02) −Best Front-Office Solution

6 Analysts Endorsing SalesLogix

7 GARTNER Midsize CRM Magic Quadrant

8 GARTNER on Customer Loyalty Gartner, October 2002

9 GARTNER Direct Sales Magic Quadrant Siebel Systems E.piphany Amdocs Onyx Software Baan SalesLogix SAP Ability to Execute Completeness of Vision As of January 2003 Challengers Leaders Niche Players Visionaries Oracle Pivotal J.D. Edwards Salesforce Gartner, January 2003

10 ABERDEEN Top 10 Customer Installs 2002 Aberdeen, March 2003 Avnet has realized the following improvements in its sales, marketing, and support initiatives: An overall 20% reduction in the time needed to manage customers and customer transactions, purchases, or inquiries; A 23 hour/week savings on the time needed to assemble and consolidate sales forecasts; More effective lead generation and management, based on Avnet’s ability to now pass leads to resellers based on a performance-based Closed/Won Deals metric, and to track the progress of those leads. Avnet has realized the following improvements in its sales, marketing, and support initiatives: An overall 20% reduction in the time needed to manage customers and customer transactions, purchases, or inquiries; A 23 hour/week savings on the time needed to assemble and consolidate sales forecasts; More effective lead generation and management, based on Avnet’s ability to now pass leads to resellers based on a performance-based Closed/Won Deals metric, and to track the progress of those leads.

11 ABERDEEN on Customer Loyalty “Customers who have used ACT! and another of Best Software's offerings – SalesLogix – tend to be loyal and strong supporters,” Aberdeen Group research director Karen Smith told CRM Buyer. CRMBuyer, “ACT! 6.0,” November 6, 2002,

12 IDC on Best Software Strength

13 AMR on SalesLogix v6 The new version (SalesLogix 6.0) represents a real effort to address the issues that plague sales reps the most, AMR Research analyst Joanie Rufo told CRMDaily. “Autosync, mail merge, enhanced integration with Microsoft Outlook tools - these are the things that sales reps really need. They might sound minor, but they represent real concerns that affect sales reps on a day-to-day basis.” CRMDaily, “CRM News: Midsize Vendors with CRM Clout,” November25, 2002,

14 AMR on Financial Strength AMR Research, “The Customer Management Applications Report: 2001-2006”, August 2002

15 SalesLogix versus Competitors

16 ABERDEEN on Microsoft Entry Karen Smith (Research Director, Aberdeen Group) thinks that Best will give Microsoft a run for its market share, due to the large and fiercely loyal installed base of ACT! and SalesLogix users. “There is opportunity for them both,” said Smith. “Some people like the Microsoft name and like Outlook. But I don’t think that Best’s installed base is going away. Most people are resistant to change, especially when they’re asked to do more with fewer employees and smaller budgets.” CRMDaily, “CRM News: Small Biz Needs Full Functionality,” November26, 2002,

17 AMR on SalesLogix vs. MSCRM Down the road, Microsoft's subsequent releases could present a challenge for SalesLogix, but Joanie Rufo of AMR said she believes the software monolith's threat is overblown at this juncture. "SalesLogix will be a much more feature-rich application compared to Microsoft CRM's first release," she noted.

18 Yankee on SalesLogix vs. MSCRM The product (Microsoft CRM) is weak on workflow, for instance, a feature that triggers users to take the next step and automatically shuttles data to other applications, according to Sheryl Kingstone, an analyst at The Yankee Group. Kingstone said the product also lacks the ability to be customized and features fewer integration points to Microsoft's line of accounting applications than anticipated. Most analysts do not expect a radical realignment of the small and mid-size CRM market, at least for the first release. "Initially, there will be a lot of buzz, but not that much change," Yankee Group research analyst Sheryl Kingstone told CRMDaily. "It will take Microsoft CRM at least a few product cycles to be much of a threat to SalesLogix, and ACT!-the vendors most likely to be threatened by Microsoft. CRMDaily, “Microsoft CRM on the Brink,” December 18, 2002,

19 AMR on SalesLogix vs. MSCRM

20 Partners on SalesLogix vs. MSCRM Not everyone is sure Microsoft CRM will live up to the hype, though. Chris Finnecy, product line manager for CRM at Centerprise Information Solutions Inc., in Akron, Ohio, said he plans to evaluate the software when it becomes available and see if it fits into the mix of products his company offers. A Microsoft Great Plains partner, Centerprise resells SalesLogix to customers considering CRM, including those who use Great Plains applications. eWeek, “ Microsoft CRM Smoothes Integration,” June 24, 2002,3959,246591,00.asp

21 Customers on SalesLogix vs. MSCRM “The fact that Microsoft CRM won't provide a whole lot of customization in its first release should limit their market from the start,” said John Meyer, CIO of Code 3 Collectibles LLC. Meyer described SalesLogix CRM software as a "nebulous product" defined differently from company to company. “Having extensive, yet easy, customization capabilities is key to making the software work properly.” eWeek, “CRM Providers Go Custom,” December 23, 2002,3959,797901,00.asp

22 ACT! and SalesLogix vs. MSCRM “Products like ACT! and SalesLogix from Best Software…have large market shares and offer small-medium sized business management solutions of one form or another…Microsoft has a lot of work cut out for it, if it wants to de-throne the existing kinds (or princes) of CRM. ACT! and others are marquee brand names with loyal user bases.”, “Microsoft CRM - Will it work?” April 30, 2002, (password required)

23 SalesLogix vs. Goldmine

24 SalesLogix in Press

25 SalesLogix v6 “The Best Tools Available: For small to medium-sized businesses looking to provide tools for sales, marketing and support automation, Best Software has released SalesLogix 6.0. Tim Fargo, SalesLogix general manager, said that version 6.0 brings breakthrough levels of architectural enhancements to the popular sales automation software. In all, there are more than 200 new feature and architectural enhancements in SalesLogix 6.0.” Customer Inter@ction Solutions, “Gallimaufrey,” December 19, 2002,

26 SalesLogix v6 Best Software, for example, displayed the newest version of its SalesLogix CRM software for the midmarket [at COMDEX]. SalesLogix 6.0, released last month, features both Java and Microsoft.Net support, a new sales client user interface, an ‘AutoSync’ component that synchronizes mobile users’ data, and improved Web client technology. VAR Business, “Reflections From Comdex, Part 2,” December 6, 2002,

27 SalesLogix v6 – Partner Support Ryan Farley, lead application developer for Customer FX Corporation, a SalesLogix business partner, says of the package, "The new SalesLogix Provider gives unlimited flexibility to integrate existing Web services, Web applications, or desktop applications into a complete solution to fit a customer's needs. With SalesLogix 6.0, I can build applications and services with.NET or other development environments and have it appear as a built-in part of SalesLogix. Developing CRM solutions has never been easier." CRM Magazine, “Best Software Launches SalesLogix 6,” October 28, 2002

28 SalesLogix v6 – Customer Feedback Companies that participated in a beta test of the new package, such as Code 3 Collectibles, a retailer of scale-model replicas, are attesting to the product's efficiency and overall capability. "The single biggest feature our end-users like so far is the new mail-merge capabilities," says John Meyer, CIO at Code 3. "We do a lot of e-mail marketing, so I'll be using the HTML capability often. In addition, SalesLogix 6.0 is even easier to use, because of the refined user interface and more accessible location of the menu options and toolbars." CRM Magazine, “Best Software Launches SalesLogix 6,” October 28, 2002

29 SalesLogix – Top product/partner programs “The Editors' Choice award for this CRM software roundup goes to Best Software's SalesLogix 5.2 for exceptional features such as easy activity tracking, graphical sales forecasting reports, a highly customizable interface and various remote clients.” “Best Software's unrivaled channel program offers nearly every benefit solution providers value, including extensive support, generous margins, product training, several partnership levels and business coaching. The company's top-notch program likely results from its frequent communication with partners regarding its products and channel program.” CRN Magazine, “CRM for the SMB Market,” September 26, 2002,

30 SalesLogix - Customization “If you judge an SFA package solely by the number of features it offers, SalesLogix stands in a category by itself among the products reviewed here. It matches the other solutions feature for feature but goes even farther: Its interface is a model of usability, and it's built on a framework that's completely scalable, extensible, and customizable. The result is an application that's powerful and versatile.” “For all its power and complexity, SalesLogix is surprisingly easy to use. The tabbed interface borrows heavily from ACT! and lets you view specific data in list or detail mode with a couple of mouse clicks. Salespeople can create custom views simply by building filters in a query- by-example window. The administrator can release views for sharing across teams or enterprise-wide, as needed.” PC Magazine, “An Easy Sell,” October, 2002,,4149,653088,00.asp

31 SalesLogix QuickStart

32 “Tight integration between front-end sales, marketing, and support activities and back-end accounting, manufacturing, and distribution operations is seen as the key for unlocking CRM’s enormous potential....In the six months following the launch of SalesLogix QuickStart, Interact and its resellers signed up more than 65 customers for the program.” Accounting Technology, “CRM: The Momentum Builds,” June 1, 2002, Content&fuseAction=DISPLAY&numContentID=7730&numTaxonomyID=179

33 Customer ROI

34 SalesLogix Satisfaction vs. Competitors

35 CUSTOMER ROI - Cost “Two years into its SalesLogix implementation, consulting outfit ARC Advisory Group, in Dedham, Mass., cheerfully acknowledges saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on faster workflow, and assorted implied savings through faster management of email lists and marketing materials.” CRM Magazine, “Can You Have Your CRM Cake and Eat It, Too?” July 2002,

36 CUSTOMER ROI - Cost “Previously the company operated with a lot of poor processes like running a weak Access database for sales leads and scheduling,” Jess Hartman, CIO and vice president says... “So far we are breaking even on our CRM integration, but we are confidently optimistic that this project will soon be a money-maker.” CRM Magazine, “The Road to Success Is Paved With Determination -- And a Bit of Tweaking,” December 30, 2002,

37 CUSTOMER ROI – SalesLogix KnowledgeSync A team from SalesPath a SalesLogix business partner, created checkboxes in SalesLogix (for Seattle Times) that sales reps now use to note when customers want to advertise. Then, about 60 days before their advertising time arrives, a BusinessAlert is generated in SalesLogix and sent to each advertiser's salesperson, reminding him or her that it's time to contact that customer. BusinessAlerts are also generated in SalesLogix for advertisers who have been inactive for a certain period of time, encouraging sales reps to get in touch with them. "Sales reps have had that information available to them through various business system reports, but they didn't look at them," Jonas says. KIM World, “KM on the go--sales force automation tools drive business,” January, 2003 hard copy issue

38 CUSTOMER ROI – Mobile SalesLogix “Dennis Assad, vice president of sales and marketing for UniFirst, said that during his company's first sales mobility trial laptops were used, but they were found to be too cumbersome for UniFirst's "high-contact" salespeople. ‘With Vaultus Mobile Sales for SalesLogix we're able to use lighter, more compact handhelds that are better-suited to our sales team's work style. We're getting lower sales costs and improved productivity, and our sales team is benefiting from up-to-date account information at their fingertips, less time on paperwork and more time making high-quality sales calls.’” iSource, “A Smarter Salesperson,” July 31. 2002,

39 CUSTOMER ROI - Flexibility “It’s a much more robust package than people with one office would typically have, but it has a lot of flexibility for us,” said Scott Wood, president of True North Advisors in Dallas. “It gives you a blank template, and you can say ‘In my office these are the steps to be taken when opening an account.’ You can diagram it out and program it into the software package. It’s very much user-driven. “We have clients outside of Dallas,” he says “so when we visit them, we can dial in to access SalesLogix, assign tasks, and have task fulfillment while we’re on the road.” Bloomberg Wealth Manager, “La Crème de la CRM,” January 2003

40 CUSTOMER ROI – Ease of Use When a member prospect enters a Gold’s facility, his personal information is entered into SalesLogix. If the prospect doesn’t join, the associate uses the think client to enter the application information for follow-up communications. If the prospect does become a member, his personal information, membership number and contract data is filtered into the Legend management system for activation. Associates use the thin clients to access the CRM tool for member communication. “They use the application to create e-mails, thanking members for joining Gold’s Gym, acknowledging their birthday,even congratulating them on milestones in their work,” said Jeff Skeen, CIO for Gold’s Gym. The Citrix metaframe also enables remote access. “If the sales team is in the filed, they can access the network through their laptops to remotely view the applications in real time,” notes Dave Rand, director of corporate marketing. Stores, “Thin-Client Technology Trims IT Maintenance Costs, Adds Flexibility for Growth,” November 2002,

41 CUSTOMER ROI – Back Office Integration “ At the push of a button salespeople can view sales by week, month, year over year," says Greg Stoner, Avnet CM's director of CRM architecture.” That base of account information and the 360-degree view of the customer that SalesLogix and its integration with Avnet CM's homegrown EPR system creates, has let to significant gains for Avnet CM. “Having built the central data repository, we can build systems on top of it,” Dave Stuttard says. “We will be able to let customers see their own data; we can go into areas we never would have dreamed of. The benefits are huge.” CRM Magazine, “Top Midmarket CRM Companies,” September 2002

42 Trends

43 Channel Strategy Advantage “With its content management package, ACT!, and now with SalesLogix, Best has built a strong network of channel business partners. ‘Those partners provide front-office services, CRM implementation, back-office integration, and an array of other services that include market research, marketing consultation and sales methodology," Tim Fargo, SalesLogix General Manager. CRMBuyer, “SalesLogix: Still Right in the Middle,” December 30, 2002

44 Mobile CRM “SalesLogix has partnered with Vaultus, a provider of mobility enterprise software, to provide mobile CRM applications for pocket PCs and handhelds. Among other capabilities, the software allows users to access both front-end CRM data from SalesLogix and back-end information that resides in a company’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.”, “SalesLogix Extends CRM App to Handhelds,” July 29, 2002,

45 Mobile CRM “Lastly, DemoMobile became the launch pad for mobile CRM implementations from SalesLogix and Upshot. SalesLogix, in combination with Vaultus, offered up a highly sophisticated PocketPC-based implementation of the SalesLogix system. It's expensive, but never before has their been such a rich CRM implementation on a handheld device.” eWeek, “Round-up DemoMobile 2002,” October, 2002,,3959,545600,00.asp

46 Front/Back Office Integration “Alltech is in the process of installing the SalesLogix customer relationship management system and rolling it out to all the international offices. SalesLogix has an interface to the Macola system that will make linking the two systems easy. When the job is complete, Alltech's sales staff, no matter where they are located, will be able to access one common customer data for information and reporting. Almost three-quarters of the Alltech operations are running SalesLogix now.” Alchemy Magazine, “Centralized Control; Local Responsiveness,” December 4, 2002,$$search?openform

47 Front/Back Office Integration “Made2Manage on the other hand is one of the vendors playing the same card for mid-to-small size organizations. The company partnered with CRM pioneer SalesLogix.” “The name SalesLogix carries a lot of weight in the space for companies considering CRM. Chris Smith, manager of information systems for American Tank decided to wait for the release from Made2Manage due to the good things he heard about the integration with SalesLogix and because it was the right fit for a mid-market manufacturer such as American Tank.” Start Magazine, “Strategies for the Self-Employed,” December 2, 2002

48 Front/Back Office Integration “Best Software will now be able to deliver CRM, integrated accounting for commercial and non-profit organizations, business management, HR/Payroll and fixed asset solutions to small and mid- sized organizations, enabling the company to continue to penetrate and gain market share among SMBs,” said Smith [Karen Smith, research director of CRM at Aberdeen Group]. Interact (Best Software), which has 400 employees and is based in Scottsdale, Ariz., will lose its name but continue to operate in much the same way, collaborating closely with Best Software's other sales and product groups.” - CRM Magazine, “ Gunfight on the CRM Frontier,” July 1, 2002

49 Outlook Integration “Outlook integration is critical for many customers, said Joe Basile, director of CRM for e-Partners, an Acton, Mass.-based solution provider. ‘I'm at a sales site now, and the sales force is ecstatic about that [capability]. They can now use the application they want to because they're in Outlook all the time.’ CRN, Microsoft’s CRM Play Stirs Up Market at SMB Level,” March 12, 2002,

50 Gartner on Technology analysts typically recommend for small businesses and as an experiment or stop-gap solution for large enterprises. But they predict that eventually, when the economy improves, many of its large customers will graduate to more function-packed traditional software products. "If budgets free up, sales managers will again focus on the broader tools that aren't available from Not everyone needs a Mercedes Maybach, but most at least want a Camry, and they don't get that from," says analyst Michael Maoz of Gartner.

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