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1 Handheld Contact for ACT! Enter Presenter’s name.

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1 1 Handheld Contact for ACT! Enter Presenter’s name

2 2 What is Handheld Contact? Handheld Contact is a service enabling two-way, wireless data sync integration between your wireless handheld device and your ACT! CRM software.

3 3 What Need Does It Answer? Handheld Contact is a system for extending and simplifying the ACT! contact management for the mobile workforce. Handheld Contact makes it possible to manage critical customer contact and relationship information on a handheld device while out of the office.

4 4 Target Market Handheld Contact is designed for small to medium sized businesses using ACT! or planning to implement a CRM solution. It is a horizontal solution. Sectors include:  Transportation  Insurance  Education  Government  etc…  Financial  Real Estate  Manufacturing  Technology

5 5 Description of solution / application Handheld Contact is a service enabling two-way, wireless data sync integration between your wireless handheld device and your ACT! CRM software. Automatic two-way, wireless syncing between your ACT! database and your BlackBerry Smartphone every 15 minutes ACT! data storage directly on your handheld device Automatic identification and syncing of your important contacts Customizable sync settings so YOU determine what is synchronized and what isn’t Day, week, or month views calendar viewing, activity and task scheduling, and notes and histories logging for calls and emails with automatic time-stamping

6 6 Description of solution / application Console for ACT! “Communicate to ACT!” Client Software “ACT! on the Smartphone” Secure Sync Server “Store and Forward”

7 7 Solution / Application Features Access accurate and current ACT! data anytime, anywhere on your mobile device –View your ACT! Contacts, Calendar Items, Notes, Histories, and Activities on your handheld device –Call and email ACT! contacts from your handheld device –ACT! data is synced automatically so your data is always up- to-date –ACT! data is stored directly on your handheld device Update ACT! data directly from your handheld device –Enter contacts, schedule activities and tasks, and log notes and histories for emails with automatic time-stamping on your handheld device –Take notes directly in Handheld Contact eliminating the need for pen-and-paper note-taking and redundant data entry

8 8 Client Pain Points No ability to get ACT! customer contact information when out of the office. Incomplete or inaccurate customer relationship records due to reliance on taking notes and entering details into the database later. Unable to access up-to-date customer relationship information while not at the office. Ineffective communication between team members due to lag in updating customer relationship data.

9 9 Benefits for the client Enables employee collaboration and data sharing –Manage sync privileges for multiple users –Centrally monitor and change sync settings and add an unlimited number of users –Customize users’ sync settings so you determine what is synced and what isn’t Increases employee productivity –Increases employees’ contacts, time with customers, and time in the field –Reduces employees’ dependence on the office with ACT! data directly on their handheld devices –Easily integrates with existing infrastructure –Easy to install and use with no training –Provides a secure, fully-hosted solution using patent-pending technology with all the IT syncing infrastructure you need Cost predictable –Ensures you pay only for the users you need with a subscription model to accommodate your changing business –needs without surprises –Receive free product upgrades and notifications, installation support, and access to toll free and online technical support

10 10 “Day in the life” Example Before Customer relationship data only updated when mobile worker updates database at the office Notes taken manually throughout the day and updated when returned to the office No access to up-to-date records while mobile After Results Customer relationship data updated throughout the day as the mobile worker updates it on his or her mobile device Notes recorded throughout the day on the handheld device CRM data is accessible, accurate, and up to the minute Better informed More accurate records Saved time Better informed Better contact relationships OfficeMobile

11 11 Value Proposition / Positioning Save time and effort in maintaining customer relationship information Easy way to collaborate with team members Simplifies and reduces error in recording customer relationship information Easy set-up – no costly system integrations

12 12 ROI Measurements Accelerated adoption of Mobile SFA has now begun 79% of firms are in decision-making cycle to acquire mobile SFA solutions in the next 12 months (Aberdeen, 2007) Top three drivers for Mobile SFA (Aberdeen, March 2007) –Timely collaboration between field sales and sales management –Access to virtual real-time content –Reduced downtime for field sales reps 70% of firms say Mobile SFA will have a Significant or Major impact on the company over next five years (Aberdeen, 2007)

13 13 ROI Measurements Source: Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Applications 2006–2010 Forecast and Analysis (IDC #204115, December 2006) 2006 2010

14 14 ROI Measurements Handheld Contact users report an average time savings of 2.5 hours / week

15 15 Sample Qualification Questions Is your business using a contact or customer relationship management solution? Does your mobile workforce have access to up- to-date contact relationship data? Do you have a solution to ensure accurate CRM records? Does your mobile workforce have the ability to update the CRM database while away from the office? Do you encounter problems with team members maintaining accurate contact records?

16 16 Sales Tools Available Dedicated product web site: –http://www.handheldcontact.com Product data sheets:

17 17 Testimonials “Mobile access to customer and prospect information is essential for today’s business professionals, sales teams and larger workgroups,” Joe Bergera, Senior Vice-President and GM for ACT!

18 18 Testimonials “If I’m not in the office, it saves me hours. It saves me a minimum of an hour a day - that’s a conservative estimate.” Bill Holsman, CEO, Sign-Lite, Cleveland, OH

19 19 Testimonials "Customer information is transparent for everyone. I co-ordinate all information and schedules using ACT! between our US staff and colleagues in Europe. ACT!, BlackBerry and Handheld Contact – it just works!" Charles Remsberg, General Manager and CEO of Hocoma,

20 20 Vendor(s) Contact(s) J2X Business Contact: –Wesley Worsfold, General Manager – –1.519.895.6174 Product and Marketing Contact: –Attila Schmidt, Product and Marketing Manager – –1.519.579.1408 x 705 Support: –

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