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High School Business Idea Competition

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1 High School Business Idea Competition

2 The Middle Border

3 History Previous Business Competition Discussions Gathering of Stakeholders (2007) Find Common Understanding Creating a Workable Project  Youth Focus (Grades 9-12)  Regional Scope to Start (~40 schools first year)  Build on Existing Programs (fall semester fit)  Use Local Web Design Firm to Create Online App

4 To expose youth to new ideas and innovation in the hopes that they will view entrepreneurship as an option for their future. Rather than leaving the region to look for a job, they can have the confidence to create their own opportunities close to home and know that there is support for them should you choose to do so. To expand the reach of the competition to more schools, continue to integrate the competition with other entrepreneurship education opportunities at the high school level and beyond, and explore partnerships with interested groups to accomplish these goals. Committee Goals

5 Competition Process Submit Your Plan Online: Students create a login at website ( Students must cover these important points in their entry: Concept Overview (75) Product or Service (250) Market Opportunity (250) Competition (250) Management & Operations (250)

6 Competition Process Submit Your Plan Online: Students choosing to compete in the optional BIG Idea Marketing Design Competition must submit a logo and an ad for their idea. All submitted applications will be reviewed and scored by a panel of judges and the top eight submissions will advance to the final competition.

7 Final Competition: The eight finalists will be required to make a 5-minute maximum presentation with a visual component to a panel of judges Winners are determined by a combination of their written and verbal scores. Marketing Design winner is based on scoring alone – scored separately. Competition Process

8 Award Ceremony: All schools and students participating in the BIG Idea Competition are invited to the Awards Ceremony. The ceremony includes a panel discussion with successful entrepreneurs, and the eight finalists deliver their elevator pitches. Final Competition viewable on DDN

9 Competition Process Award Ceremony: The winner of the Marketing Design Competition is recognized and invited to display their marketing pieces and give a brief description. Awards are presented to the top three winners in the Business Idea Competition.

10 Prizes 1 st Place $1,000 Cash Scholarship from Presentation College Scholarship from Northern State University 3 rd Place $250 Cash 2 nd Place $500 Cash Scholarship from Presentation College Marketing Design $500 Cash

11 Marketing the Program Letters to teachers, principals, counselors Emails – Youth Business Adventure, past entrants, reminders Posters and Flyers Local Economic Development Groups Facebook Department of Education Staff and Events Other Events Website

12 BIG Idea Homepage

13 Previous Winners Page

14 Entry Form

15 Entry Form

16 Participation History 200720082009 2010Total Entries 101137103148489 Marketing Design NA 302757 Students 133179150204665 Schools 1016101825 Judges 3660456988

17 2011 BIG Idea Participation Expanded Marketing to Eastern South Dakota Approximately 130 schools Implementing Online Judging System 169 Written Idea Entries 47 Marketing Design Entries 21 Schools (7 new) 200+ students ~125 judges

18 Flexible Program Ways to incorporate BIG Idea: Extra Credit Required Assignment Team Project (up to 3 students/team) Collaborate with other teachers Student Organization Project FBLA, FCCLA, etc.

19 New Features Enhanced Entry Form (2008, 2009) Advisor Dashboard (2009) Marketing Design Competition (2009) Slightly Expanded NE Region (2009) Expanded to Eastern SD (2011) Online Judging Feature (2011) Statewide Marketing (2012)

20 Advisor Dashboard



23 Online Judging





28 Student Comments “This whole process has been a great learning experience that will certainly help me in my future career” - Cody “It was a lot of fun and the experience was great. I hope younger students continue with this competition and have fun with it.” - Tory “It was fun putting together a proposal.” – Alex

29 Teacher Comments “Wow! What a wonderful competition you have created for high school students! I am so glad I got my students to take part in the “Big Idea” competition and I can’t believe how much they learned about starting up their own business.” – Janet Hallberg “ It’s an exceptional experience with great incentives and rewards.” – Brenda Merkel

30 Thank you! Kelly Weaver Aberdeen Small Business Development Center 416 Production Street North Aberdeen, SD 57401 Phone: 605-626-2565 Julie Johnson Absolutely!Aberdeen/ Prairie Vision 416 Production Street North Aberdeen, SD 57401 Phone: 605-725-5070 Website: Facebook: BIG Idea SD

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