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What is Transportation Outlook 2035? Long-range transportation plan for the Baltimore region Updated every 4 years Includes major capital projects from.

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2 What is Transportation Outlook 2035? Long-range transportation plan for the Baltimore region Updated every 4 years Includes major capital projects from 2013 to 2035 Highway Transit Bicycle and pedestrian Management and operations Prepared by the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU)

3 What is the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board? Metropolitan Planning Organization 10 member board looking at transportation issues across the region

4 BRTB Members Anne Arundel County – County Executive John R. Leopold Baltimore City – Mayor Sheila Dixon Baltimore County – County Executive James T. Smith Carroll County – Commissioner Dean L. Minnich City of Annapolis – Mayor Ellen Moyer Harford County – County Executive David R. Craig Howard County – County Executive Ken Ulman MD Dept. of Transportation – Secretary John D. Porcari MD Dept. of Environment * - Secretary Shari T. Wilson MD Dept. of Planning * - Secretary Richard E. Hall * Non-voting members

5 Making Tough Choices

6 Goals & objectives Demographic projections Project costs and funding availability Project evaluation (Policy & Technical) Performance & air quality analysis Public involvement Development of the Plan

7 Improve Safety Maximize Transportation System Management and Operations Increase Accessibility and Mobility Preserve the Environment Improve Transportation System Security Link Transportation Investment to Land Use and Economic Development Foster Inter-jurisdictional Participation and Cooperation Goals of Transportation Outlook 2035

8 The Challenge: Planning for Tomorrow Population and Employment trends for the Baltimore Region 1990, 2000, and 2035

9 $ 33.4 billion = Total amount projected to be available through 2035 –Operations ($17.9B) –Preservation ($6.8B) –Expansion ($8.7B) Transportation Outlook 2035 includes 93 projects Funding Availability

10 $ 8.7 billion worth of system expansion projects included in the draft plan Plan Focus ─ Expansion –Highway ($6B) –Transit ($2.2B) –Bicycle and Pedestrian ($62M) –Management and Operations ($40M) –Air Quality related ($398M)

11 A regional emissions analysis was conducted for the years 2008, 2009, 2015, 2025, and 2035 For daily emissions of: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides (NOx), & carbon monoxide (CO) For yearly emissions of: Direct fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) and NOx The mix of projects in Transportation Outlook 2035 is within the approved emissions limits The Impact on Air Quality

12 I-695, widen to 8 lanes from I-83N to I-95N, 2015 I-695, widen to 8 lanes from I-95S to MD 122, 2015 I-95S, add 2 managed lanes from Arbutus to Baltimore/Howard County line, 2020 I-95S, widen to 10 lanes from Baltimore/ Howard Co line to Howard/PG Co line, 2020 US 50/301, add 2 managed lanes from I-97 to Bay Bridge, 2020 Red Line, construct east-west rapid transit system from Patterson Park through downtown Baltimore to Woodlawn, 2015 Regionally Significant Projects

13 Harford County

14 *MdTA is not a member of the BRTB; however, due to the significance of the I95 projects, they are shown.

15 Highway & Interchange Projects 27 2015MD 24 Singer Rd. to Business US 1Widen from 4 to 6 lanes 28 2020MD 22 MD 543 to I-95Widen from 2 to 4 lanes 29 2020US 1 Bypass Hickory Bypass to MD 147/Business US 1 Widen from 2 to 4 lanes. Interchange improvement. 29 2020US 1 MD 147/Business US 1 to MD 152 Widen from 4 to 6 lanes 31 2020MD 715 US 40 to MD 22New 4 lane road 32 2025 Perryman West US 40 at Mitchell Lane to Canning House Rd. New 2 lane road 33 2030MD 22 I-95 to APG GateWiden from 4 to 6 lanes Map #

16 MARC Penn/Camden line improvements General transit improvements MARC Aberdeen: Relocate and improve station, 2015 Transit Initiatives

17 Bicycle & Pedestrian Projects 212013Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway Trail Conowingo Dam along the Susquehanna River to Havre de Grace along the Susquehanna River Bike/Pedestrian Path 222015Aberdeen Area Bikeway (MD 132) Ripken Stadium to Aberdeen MARC StationBike/Pedestrian Path 232015Havre de Grace Bikeway Juniata Street to Tydings ParkBike/Pedestrian Path 242015MD 152 Corridor Bikeway Hess Road to Trimble RoadBike/Pedestrian Path 252015MD 24 BikewayUS 1 to Bel Air South ParkwayBike/Pedestrian Path 262015Trimble Road BikewayEdgewood Rec Park to Flying Point ParkBike/Pedestrian Path 272015Winters Run Greenway Tollgate Road to Winters Run, Along Winters Run, under I-95 to MD 7 Bike/Pedestrian Path 282016Woodsdale Road/Waldon Road Bikeway Woodsdale Road @ MD 924 to Edgewood Road @ Waldon Road Bike/Pedestrian Path 292020Colonial Joppa Greenway Trail Foster Run Stream Valley Corridor - US 40 to Mariner Point Park Bike/Pedestrian Path Map #

18 July 2 to August 29 – Public review and comment period for Draft Plan July 24 to August 17 – Public meetings Aug 21 – Regional Public meeting on Draft Plan/TIP/Air Quality Plan Aug 28 – Elected officials hear comments at BRTB public meeting Oct 23 – BRTB votes on Transportation Outlook 2035 Next Steps

19 Submit a comment online: Visit to submit your comments using our public comment form Mail comments to: Monica Haines Baltimore Regional Transportation Board 2700 Lighthouse Point East, Suite 310 Baltimore, MD 21224 or Fax 410-732-8248 or E-mail Share Your Thoughts…

20 To get involved with transportation planning, contact: Monica Haines Public Involvement Coordinator 410-732-0500 ext. 1047 Citizens Advisory Committee Mailing lists (B’More Involved, BRTB Notes) Request a speaker for your community or business group Get Involved…

21 Learn more about the BRTB, transportation planning, and how to get involved at Contact your BRTB member or empowered representative: –Tony McClune, Transportation Rep. – 410/ 638-3103 –David Craig, County Executive – 410/879-2038 For More Information…

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