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Scottish weather facts!. Sunniest Scottish month?

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1 Scottish weather facts!

2 Sunniest Scottish month?

3 Sunniest Scottish month= 329 hours at Tiree, Argyll in May 1946

4 How much rain does Edinburgh get compared to Glasgow?

5 Edinburgh receives less than half the rain of Glasgow per year

6 Warmest day in Scotland?

7 Warmest day= 32.9°C (91.2°F) at Greycrook Lothian and Borders, 9 th August 2003

8 Wettest day in Scotland?

9 Wettest day= 9.52 inches of rain (238mm) at Sloy Main Adit, Loch Lomand, 17 th January 1974

10 Dullest month in Scotland?

11 Dullest month- 36 minutes of sunshine at Cape Wrath (Highland) in January 1983

12 How much rain does Scotland get each year?

13 Scotland gets enough rain in one year to be able to fill Loch Lomand

14 Highest wind speed?

15 Highest gust of wind= 173mph at Cairngorm Automatic weather station on 20 th March 1986

16 Coldest day?

17 Coldest day- 27.2°C, Braemar Aberdeenshire, 10 th January 1982

18 How much highland rainfall is there per year?

19 Highland rainfall can exceed 63 inches/1600mm

20 How many snow days on average does Braemar have each year?

21 On average Braemar has 59 snow days per year.

22 Can Scotland grow Palm trees?

23 Yes! In the small fishing village of Plockton, the harbour is surrounded by palm trees, due to the protruding headland protecting the village from gale force winds and the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.

24 What is the average rainfall in Aberdeen per year?

25 608mm (24 inches)

26 What is the average temperature in July in Aberdeen?

27 14°C

28 What is the average temperature in January in Aberdeen?

29 3°C The minimum temperature is usually 0°C.

30 Which months have the highest average number of sunshine hours in Scotland each year?

31 May and June

32 Which months have the lowest average number of sunshine hours in Scotland each year?

33 December and January

34 How much rain was there in 30 minutes at Eskdalemuir (Dumfries & Galloway) on 6 th June 1953?

35 80mm!!

36 On average how many snow days are there in the Hebrides each year?

37 10

38 On average how many months of the year is Ben Nevis covered with snow?

39 6-7!!

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