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Oil and Gas Industry – Higher Education Agenda Setting Event Aberdeen – November 6/7 2008.

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1 Oil and Gas Industry – Higher Education Agenda Setting Event Aberdeen – November 6/7 2008

2 Context: The Oil and Gas Academy, representing the bulk of UK offshore operators recognised in 2006 that it needed a better relationship with HE if it was to solve ‘pinchpoints’ in recruitment. One ‘pinchpoint’ identified was geoscience; companies were finding it hard to recruit staff with 5 years experience The industry is seeking a ‘long thin feeder pipe’ by outreach and engagement with schools (Chris King) and HE

3 Three meetings were held with representatives of HE between September 2006 and January 2008, leading to the meeting in Aberdeen last week The aim of the meeting in Aberdeen was to set a shared agenda for employability and skills. Participants were limited to ~ 30, a mix of industry (60% and HE 40%). The HE representation was wide ranging.

4 Three outcomes were sought Creation of an employability skills profile for the Oil and Gas industry Evaluation of how to engage today’s students (Generation ‘Y’) – recruitment, development and retention. A set of prioritised interventions appropriate and deliverable through action by the oil and gas industry

5 Employability skills profile Soft skills identified would be immediately recognised by HE, e.g. communicating effectively, ability to work independently, interpersonal skills. There was emphasis on an ability to be self critical and modify behaviour accordingly i.e. reflection (PDP) One group offered the view that an ability to work with others in teams should have an equal weighting to subject specific knowledge and skills

6 Generation ‘Y’ (born 1982-2001) Presentation by Paul Redmond (Univ. Liverpool head of Careers and Employability Service) Guardian article ‘Poorer Prospects’, Nov 4 2008 Categorized the attributes of the ‘helicopter parent’ to HE students (Guardian Mortarboard Blog, 2 Jan 2008)

7 Are you a helicopter parent?. 1. University administrators know you by your first name; 2. You attend jobs fairs. On their behalf. On your own; 3. You see it as your job to phone in to say they're not going to be at work; 4. You're an unpaid chauffeur; 5. You take responsibility for their bank account; 6. You complain to the manager if they are passed over for promotion - you see nothing wrong in negotiating with their employer on their behalf; 7. It's left to you to surf the web, checking out recruiters' websites; 8. It's you who stays awake at night worrying about their careers, not them; 9. You take responsibility for formatting their CV, even though they have a degree in IT; 10. You still have a 'Baby on Board' sign in your window... even though your 'baby' has just turned 21.

8 Generation ‘Y’ From the industry perspective, Generation Y need nurturing More transparency about the job they will do More motivation More effort to retain (mentoring)

9 Interventions Industry can reinforce employability in the curriculum by Facilitating work based learning Participating in programme review Participating in the accreditation process

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